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Norfolk: Hunworth - 1776-1781 - Overseers' Payments

Hunworth raised money at various times, to either support its poor (from the Overseers' Rate) or to pay for other parish expenses (from the Churchwardens' Rate). This rate was levied on the occupiers (who may not have owned the land) and based upon the value of the property (which was usually a rental valuation). Both occupiers and owners are found living in and outside the parish.

For more information on these records see the Parish Accounts page.

This Norfolk Record Office document [with the reference NRS 10134,22 F 7 and microform MF 1795/157] is part of the Overseers' accounts book for 1770-1791. Note that only names have been extracted and more information can be found on the original. Many people in need also received multiple handouts but may only be noted once in these extracts.

Other accounts available

- Overseers' Accounts -
Rates 1770 1780-81 1792
Payments 1776-81 1787-88
- Land Tax Accounts -
Payments 1785-86

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The Disbursements of John Peck Overseer from the Feast of Michaelmas 1776 to Easter 1777.

Dec 15Paid Thomas [H]Umphry's daughter
Feb 24Paid Thomas Dagless for a coal grate 4/-
Paid Richard Funnell for shoes for the poor

The Disbursements of Richard Funnell Overseer from Easter 1777 to Michaelmas 1777.

Paid Thomas Humphrey
May 20removing Jarvis
27Paid Valintines Lownd Poor Rate
July 27Paid Elizabeth Belding for Burial of her Child
Paid Mr Girdlestone for taking John Pitchers examination
Paid Mr Theodoricks Bill
Paid Mr Harcourt as per bill for attending John Pitcher
Paid Thomas Lound with girl Towell 14 weeks at 1s per week

The Disbursements of Valentine Lownd Overseer from the Feast of St Michael 1777 to the Feast of Easter following 1778.

For Thomas Colls Collection 27 Weeks at 3s per week4/1/0
Robertsons Children's Collection 27 Weeks at 4s per week5/8/0
Margaret Pitcher's Collection Wks 2 at 18/6d, 12 at 4/6d, 13 at 3s5/11/6
The Widow Youngmans Collection 27 Weeks at 1/6d per week2/0/6
Dorothy Chapman's Collection 27 Weeks at 6d per week13/6d
Mary Chapman's Collection 27 Weeks at 6d per week6/0d
Jane Chapman's Collection 27 Weeks at 1/6d per week4/6d
Elizabeth Belding Collection 27 Weeks at 2s per week2/14/0
Wm Christmas Collection 27 Weeks at 2/6d per week17/6d
Wright Robert Collection 27 Weeks at 2s per week18/0d
Wm Christmas on need1/0/0
Dorothy Chapman1/0d
Half a Hundred of Faggots for John Pitcher7/0d
A Shroud for Do7/6d
Thomas Howes's nonpayment in the Rate5/0d
Robert Wrights Do in the Poor & Land Tax Rate6/0d
Burying Richard Jarves, Robert Wright and Mary Chapman
and washing their things
James Lakes Journey for the Coroner9/-d
Thomas Boldings Journey - Witness at the Inquest2/6d
My Journey to Hingham, Norwich and Clay [Cley] each from Home18/6d
My Journey to Thetford and Expences four days, Self and Horse2/0/0
my four times going to Justice and twice Mr Curties3/0d
The Coroners Bill24/3/0
John Goodmans Do4/1/8
John Peck's Bill2/1/6
Richard Funnell Do-/14/5
Cloathing for the Poor2/5/10
Merchants Wegg and Hagon's Bill for Coals for the Poor4/2/0
Mr Cole's Bill8/0d
Doctor Harcourts Bill1/10/6
Killing a Fox, paid Thomas Waller1/0d
Another bill of Mr Cole's17/0d
The Selling? at Easter16/6
Writing the Rates and entering Accompts4/0d
The Widow Pitchers Appeal1/0d
Making the Window Duplicates2/0d
The Carriage of a letter by Wright to Mr Curties2d
The Carriage of three Chaldrons of Coals & Porterage-/16/6

Total Disbursements£72/14/4

The Disbursements of Andrew Cole and Valintine Lound Overseers from Easter 1778 to Michaelmas following.

Names include :- William Chapman/Sam Platten/Margaret Chapman
            Sue Howes/Mary Dunn
Paid Massingham for a pair of stockings for Howses
Paid Thomas Jenkins for Land tax rates making
Paid Mary Dunton for a pair of stays for Sue Howes
Margaret Chapman Burial of her child
Paid Mr Bringloe's Bill - Norwich11/17/5

The Disbursements of Andrew Cole and Valintine Lound Overseers from Michaelmas 1778 to Easter 1779.

Summons for William Waller and Examination3/-

[signed] Jno Curties
Andrew Cole
Thos Curties
Nevil Fuller
Vale Lound
Richd Funnell

The Disbursements of Richard Weed Overseer from Easter 1779 to Michaelmas 1779.

Examination of Elizabeth Rouse
paid for two men being Charged with Charles Smith and Expences6/6d
Paid John Peck for a substitute for Henry Peck2/2/-
Paid for Mary Dunn being at Giles
Paid Mary Moy

The Disbursements of John Peck and Richard Weed Overseers from Michaelmas 1779 to Easter 1780.

[In Need] Mary Scot/Elizabeth Youngman/Martha Farmer
            Nicholas Applegate/Thomas Topney/Elizabeth Rouse
Joseph Woodcock as per bill
Paid Mr Farthing for a Chaldron of Coals
Burial of Widdow Youngeman
Burial of Mary Scot
March 11 - Setting up the Coal range at the Town House3/-d

The Disbursements of Andrew Cole & John Peck Overseers from Easter 1780 to Michaelmas 1780.

Paid Mr John Theodoric for a pair of very neat Constable Staffs1/1/-
Paid Mr Sales for a shirt for William Christmas3/6d
Paid Leonard Fyll for ten Thousand Flaggs for the Poor3/15/-
Paid Mr Thos Theodric for attending Pitchers child &c17/6d
Paid Val Lound part of Thomas Topneys rent10/-s
Paid Wm Wade for carriage of Cash & a letter to Norwich8d
Paid for attendance of Charles Knowles with John Crask
    and Jane Chapman, self and Mr Weeds at Holt & Walsingham
    Quarter sessions, three different times as per Bill

The Disbursements of Andrew Cole & John Peck Overseers from Michaelmas 1780 to Easter 1781.

Paid Joseph Woodcock five bills for Cladding the Poor
1781-Jan-13 -- Conveying Thomas Richmond to
    Walsingham Bridewell with Mary House's Examination &c
Paid Mr Wade for the carriage of cash to Norwich & School money-/2/7
Feb 27 - Paid upon Accpt of John Bunting's having the small pox1/5/6
Paid John Bunting in Need sundry Times 6/6d & Journey to Lynn-/15/6
Samuel Knowles in need
Paid for journey's after John Bunting to Blakeney &c

The Disbursements of Andrew Cole & John Peck Overseers from Easter 1781 to Michaelmas 1781.

Paid John Collines for gitting a Substitute to serve on the Militia4/14/6

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