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Norfolk: Holt

William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1883

[Transcription copyright Juanita Hadwin]

HOLT is a neat market town, pleasantly situated on rising ground at the junction of several public roads and on the Eastern and Midlands Railway (now constructing), 21 miles N.N.W. of Norwich, 12 miles N.W. by N. of Aylsham, 18 miles N. by E. of East Dereham, 4 miles S.S.E. of Blakeney and Cley, 10 miles W. by S. of Cromer, and 119 miles N.E. by N. of London. It is in Erpingham union, Norwich bankruptcy district, Norwich archdeaconry, and is the head and gives name to a hundred, a petty sessional division, a rural deanery, and a county court district. It has much improved of late years, and its population increased from 1004 in 1801 to 1535 in 1881; the area is 2991A.

The rateable value is 6430 12s. 6d., and the gross estimated rental, 7244 15s. The parish is generally fertile and arable, but has some ancient woods and several extensive plantations upon the heath, which was enclosed by an Act passed in 1807, when 120A. were allotted to supply those parishioners with fuel who do not rent above 10 a year. The soil belongs to a number of proprietors, the largest of whom are the lords of the four manors: viz. Holt, Holt Market, and Holt Hales, belonging to the trustees of the late Hudson Gurney, Esq.; and Holt-Pereers, of which the Fishmongers' Company, in London, are owners, as trustees of the Grammar School. The two first are subject to arbitrary fines on admission, and the others to certain fines. Robert Cooper, Esq., of Norwich, is steward for Mr. Gurney's manors; and S. Cozens-Hardy, Esq., of Norwich, is steward for Holt-Pereers. A court leet is held on or about St. Thomas's day for the former. The other principal landowners are the Marquis of Lothian, John Rogers, George Barker, and W.H. Cozens-Hardy, Esqs.

From its high situation the town of Holt is remarkably salubrious. The Market Place and High Street contain many spacious and well-stocked shops, and the streets are well paved and are lighted with gas. In the vicinity are numerous thriving plantations and several handsome seats, amongst which may be mentioned the Grove, the Lodge, occupied by J.A. Hardcastle, Esq., M.P. for Bury St. Edmunds, the Woodlands, and the Hall, a large red brick mansion in the Tudor style, enlarged and improved in 1864 by its present owner and occupier, John Rogers, Esq., J.P.

Gas works were erected in 1841 by the late Mr. John Randall, and now belong to the Holt Gas Company (Limited), who charge at the rate of 6s. per 1000 cubic feet.

On May day, 1708, a great part of the town was destroyed by an accidental fire, which burnt with such fury 'that the butchers could not save the meat on their stalls.'

On Spout Common, on the south-west side of the town, a copious spring issues out of the gravel hill, and affords an ample supply of pure soft water, which is carried in carts to the town, where there are also three public pumps. The spring head is walled round, and is visited by many as a natural curiosity, and for the purpose of enjoying the fine prospect which it commands over the romantic valley of the Glaven.

The Market, held every Wednesday, is well supplied with corn, &c.; and here are two annual stock fairs, on April 25 and November 25. The Corn Hall is a brick and flint building, originally erected for a Baptist chapel, but converted to its present use in 1857. Petty sessions are held on the fourth Saturday in every month at the Shire Hall, where Quarter sessions were formerly held. The division comprises the parishes named on pages 34 and 35. [This is the section about Petty Sessional Divisions]. The magistrates are W.H. Cozens-Hardy, Esq., E.B. Sparke, Esq., J. Rogers, Esq., Rev. T.J.G. Marsham, J.A. Hardcastle, Esq., M.P., and C.W.H.C. Hardy, Esq. H.S. Ransom, Esq., is clerk to the magistrates.

The Police Station, on Hempstead Road, is a brick edifice, erected in 1855, and containing two cells and residences for the inspector and one constable. The County Court is also held every alternate month for a district, comprising the parishes enumerated on pages 40 and 41. [This is the section about County Courts]. E. Plumer Price, Esq., Q.C., is judge; G. Wilkinson, Esq., registrar and high bailiff; and William Groom, assistant bailiff.

The CHURCH (St. Andrew) is an ancient structure in the Early English style, comprising nave with aisles and clerestory, south porch (used as a vestry), chancel, and square tower containing one bell and a clock. It was thoroughly restored in 1864, and fitted with new open seats, but there is still an old gallery in the north aisle. A new organ, built by Bryceson of London, was placed in a new organ chamber in 1882, at a cost of 500, raised by subscription. Many of the windows are enriched with beautiful stained glass, several of them at the expense of John Hales, Esq.; the east window, by the widow and friends, was inserted to the memory of the late Rev. Humphrey Jackson. The sedilia and piscina still remain in the chancel, and there is another piscina in the south aisle.

The communion plate includes a flagon, the gift of 'George, Prince of Wales'; a silver alms dish, given by Lord Townshend; another alms dish, the donor being Robert Walpole; a silver cup, the gift of Dr. Briggs, a former rector, and chaplain in ordinary to George III. There are no dates upon these pieces, but the plate marks indicate the period between 1718-1725. Here are tablets of the Holmes, Hobart, Butler, Briggs and other families.

The rectory, valued in the King's Book at 11 17s. 3d., is in the patronage of St. John's College, Cambridge, and incumbency of the Rev. Edward Brumell, B.D., who is also rural dean. There are 57A. of glebe and a handsome rectory house, with pleasant grounds, commanding picturesque views. The tithes were commuted in 1839 for 585 per annum.

The Methodist Free Church, at the end of High Street, is an ornamental brick and flint building in the Early English style, erected in 1863 at a cost of 2000, and comprises a nave with aisles and clerestory, and a bell turret at the north-west angle. The Rev. John Wesley Worth is the minister. The Wesleyans and Primitive Methodists also have chapels here, the latter built in 1872.

The FREE GRAMMAR SCHOOL is an imposing pile of red brick in the Elizabethan style, comprising a commodious and elegant schoolroom, 60 feet long, a class-room, and a house for the master. It was erected at a cost of more than 3000, in 1858, in lieu of the old manor house of Holt Pereers, which was converted into a school, in 1554, by Sir J. Gresham, Kt., a native of Holt and an alderman and citizen of London. Sir J. Gresham endowed it with this manor and the Prior's Grove, and vested the management in the Fishmongers' Company for the education of 50 free scholars, to be chosen by them from the town of Holt and its neighbourhood, and instructed by a master and usher in reading, writing, arithmetic, English grammar, and the Latin, Greek, French, and German languages, free of charge. Attached to the school is an extensive playground, &c.

The endowment, which produced about 500 per annum, has considerably increased in amount. The master has a yearly salary of 350, and is allowed to take boarders. The second master, J.H. Howell, Esq., M.A., has a salary of 150 per annum. Books at one-third of the cost price, and stationery are provided out of the funds for the use of the scholars. There is an exhibition of 20 for four years to any University in the United Kingdom. B.C. Brough, Esq., is writing and English master. The Rev. R.J. Roberts, M.A., is the present head master. The Fishmongers' Company are governors of the school, and appoint visitors to inspect it. The governors grant additional exhibitions to deserving pupils on the recommendation of the master and visitors.

The NATIONAL SCHOOL was established in 1835, and the present building was built in 1843. It is attended by about 100 boys and girls, and 60 infants. A SCHOOL BOARD for the united district of Holt and Letheringsett was established in December 1877, and consists of W.H. Cozens-Hardy, Esq., J.P. (chairman), William Leggatt (vice-chairman), John Rogers, Esq., J.P., Rev. E. Brumell, B.D., and Mr. J.E. Jones. Mr. James Simmons is their clerk. The Board School use what was formerly the British School, in Withers Street, a neat flint building with red brick dressings, built by W.H. Cozens-Hardy, Esq., J.P., in 1851, at a cost of 600. It is attended by about 200 children.

The poor have four yearly rent-charges: viz. 2 10s., left by Blanche Schuldham, in 1738, for fortnightly doles of bread; 10s., left by Stephen Feake, in 1661; and two of 20s., left by Mr. Fitt and an unknown donor. For distributions of bread they have the interest of 178, left by the Rev. Joshua Smith in 1828; also the interest of 200, left by Wallace Mallett in 1852.

The Literary Society, in Withers Street, was established in 1854, and has upwards of 100 members, and a well-supplied newsroom and a good library of more than 3000 volumes. Mr. William Leggatt is librarian. Holt horticultural show is held annually. The Holt rifle corps comprises about 45 men, and was established in 1861. Rev. Charles Norris, Briston, is captain, and George Fisher, sergeant-instructor. Here are several friendly and benefit societies and lodges of Oddfellows and Foresters. The Working Men's Club and Coffee Rooms are at the Shire Hall, and were established in 1877. Here is also a fire engine station. Mr. William Randall is superintendent. In the town is a Nurses' Home.

Alice Pereers, of the family which formerly held Holt-Pereers manor, was the mistress of Edward III., who, in 1374, granted her all the jewels of Philippa, his late queen, to whom she had been maid of honour. After the death of Edward she was attainted, and her estates and goods forfeited; but on her marriage with Sir William de Wyndesore in 1380, Richard II. restored to her various manors and lands.

William Withers, Esq., of Holt, who died in 1848, was author of 'A Memoir addressed to the Society of Arts on the planting and rearing of Forest Trees, demonstrating the necessity of Trenching,' &c. For this production he received a silver medal. He afterwards published letters on the same subject to Sir Walter Scott and Sir H. Stuart, and a work on the acacia-tree. John Holmes, who was thirty years master of the Grammar School, died in 1760. He was author of 'A New Grammar of the Latin Tongue,' 'A Greek Grammar,' and several other elementary works. Thomas Girdlestone, M.D., was born here in 1758, and died in 1820, after acquiring a high reputation as a physician at Yarmouth, where he spent the last twenty years of his life.

POST OFFICE at Mr. S.C. Clare's, High Street. Letters arrive at 6.15 a.m., and are despatched at 5.45 p.m., by mail cart to East Dereham. This is also a Money Order Office, Savings Bank, and Telegraph Office.

	AINGER      Mrs Mary          grocer, High street
	AUSTIN      Robert            fish dealer and greengrocer, Bull street
	BAKER       Charles Thomas    ironmonger, iron merchant, iron &
	                                tinplate worker, brazier & bellhanger,
	                                agricultural implement agent, oil &
	                                colourman, kitchen range, gas, hot
	                                water, pump worker & plumber, gunsmith,
	                                ammunition and fishing-tackle dealer,
	                                &c. Market place; and brick, tile,
	                                sanitary pipe and tube merchant; agent
	                                for the Norwich Union Fire and Norwich
	                                Union Life Insurance Cos.; the Norfolk
	                                Farmers' Cattle, the General Hailstorm,
	                                the Accident, the Norwich & London
	                                Accident and Casualty and Plate-Glass
	                                Insurance Cos.;
	                                h The Acacias, Hempstead road
	BAKER       John Sales        grocer and draper, Chapel street
	BAKER       William Custance  brewer & wine & spirit merchant,
	                                High street
	BALDRY      Mrs Cecilia Ann   baker & confectnr. Shirehall plain
	BARNINGHAM  James             market gardener, Grove lane
	BARNINGHAM  Thos.             yeast & marine store dlr. Market place
	BARNEY      Miss Sophia       National schoolmistress, Norwich rd
	BARNEY      Samuel            shoemaker and vict. Star Inn, Fish hill
	BASHAM      Luke              saddler, High street
	BATTRICK    James             coach builder, Withers st.; h Thornage
	BERESFORD   Mr Henry Moore    Shirehall plain
	BERESFORD   John              hay dealer & market gardener, Withers st
	BERESFORD   William           coach painter and trimmer and parish
	                                clerk, White Lion street
	BIRD        George            corn miller; h Beckham hall
	BLADE       William           butcher, Bull street
	BOND        Henry             photographer, Letheringsett road
	BONE        Henry             glass, china, &c. dealer, Shirehall plain
	BOWLES      Robert            grocer and draper, High street
	BROUGH      Bertram C.        third master, Grammar school
	BROWNSELL   Mrs Harriet       Shirehall plain
	BRUMELL     Rev. Edward, B.D. rector and rural dean, Rectory
	BUCK        James             foreman, Chancery buildings
	BUDDEN      William Herbert   railway contractor, Obelisk plain
	BULL        Mrs Annie         The Shrublands, Hempstead road
	BURRELL     Mrs Ann Elizabeth dressmaker, Shirehall plain
	BURRELL     Edward Elden      basket mkr. & cooper, High street
	BURRELL     Mr John Holmes    Shirehall plain
	BURRELL     Wm. H.            painter, plumber & paperhanger, High st
	BUTCHARD    Hy. Newton        National schoolmaster, Withers st
	CANNEL      Palmer F.         horse trainer & vict. New Inn, Market pl
	CASE        Cubitt            pork butcher, Fish hill
	CATON       Joshua            inspector of police, City Police Station,
	                                Hempstead road
	CHASTNEY    Miss Ann          Shirehall plain
	CHASTNEY    William           cooper, Cornhall street
	CLARE       Samuel C.         hatter, tobacconist & postmstr. High st
	COLMAN      Rev. Joseph       Cromer road
	COOKE       Henry             carrier, cowkeeper, farmer, horse
	                                and trap letter, King's Head;
	                                h Cley-next-the-Sea
	COOKE       Thomas            chemists, Market place
	              (Executors of)
	COOPER      Edwin Carter      wine & spirit merchant, & mineral water
	                                & horehound [sic] beer mfr. High st.
	                                & East Dereham
	COOPER      Mrs Hannah        Cromer road
	COOPER      Wilson            joiner, &c. Cromer road
	CRASKE      Samuel            chemist, wine and spirit agent, and agent
	                                for Crown Insurance Co. High street
	CROWE       Richard           carrier, Shirehall plain
	DACK        Charles           bird and animal preserver and
	              Blunderfield      tobacconist, Market place
	DADE        Mrs Harriet       pork butcher, Bull street
	DADY        Henry             miller's manager, Cornhall street
	DADY        William           surgeon's assistant, Cornhall street
	DENNIS      James             horse, cab and carriage proprietor,
	                                and earthenware dealer, Bull street
	DIGGENS     Isaac             butcher, Norwich road
	DOUGHTY     Henry             shoemaker, Hempstead road
	DOY         James             gas foreman, Spout hill
	DUSGATE     William           baker and confectioner, Fish hill and
	                                Market place
	EARL        Geo.              farmer, horse dlr. & vict. Feathers Hotel
	                                (posting), & agent for the G.E.R.
	                                parcels receiving office, Market pl
	EDWARDS     Zacchariah        chimney sweeper, Norwich road
	EDWARDS     Mrs Maria         dressmaker, Withers street
	ELLIS       John Dennis       farmer, Norwich road
	ENGLAND     Thomas Waller     farmer, Pippin's heath
	FALLER      John              watchmaker, High street
	FIRMAGE     George            shoemaker, High street
	FRY         Thomas            ironmonger's clerk, Bull street
	FULLER      Mr Cooke          East grove, Cromer road
	FUNNELL     Richard           bank agent, High street
	GIBSON      Jph. Jno.         outfitr. High st. & at Aylsham, & Reepham
	GOOCH       James King,       and shoeing forge, Market place
	GOULD       Mrs Mary Ann      Shirehall plain
	GRAND       Charles           grocer and draper, Fish hill
	GRAND       William           shoemaker and shopkeeper, Market place
	GURNEY & Co.                  bankers, High street; R. FUNNELL, agent
	GROOM       William           sub-county court bailiff, Cromer road
	HALES       John,             surgeon, poor law medical officer for
	              M.R.C.S.,       Holt & Briston district, The Lawn,
	              L.S.A.            Norwich rd.
	HALES       Robert Turner,    medical officer Beckham district, & West
	              M.D., M.R.C.S.,   Beckham Workhouse, Erpingham union,
	              L.S.A.            and public vaccinating officer,
	                                The Lawn, Norwich road
	HARDCASTLE  Joseph Alfred,    (for the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk
	              Esq., M.P., J.P.  and Essex), The Lodge; and 54
	                                Queensgate terrace, London, S.W.
	HARE        Miss Kate         Board schoolmistress, Withers st
	HARRIS      Frederick William miller, Hempstead road
	HERRING     Mrs Lucy          matron, Nurses' Home, Fish hill
	HORNE       William           shoemaker, Withers st.; h Obelisk plain
	HOWELL      John Henry, M.A.  second master, Grammar school,
	                                Church house
	HUDSON      George            solicitor's clerk, Withers street
	HUTCHENS    Fras. Thos.       Board school master, Withers street
	IVES        George            butcher, Market place
	IVES        James             farmer, Cley road
	JACKSON     Miss Martha       Cromer road
	JACOB       George            tinner, brazier, & ironmonger,
	                                High street
	JACOB       William           painter, Withers street
	JERMY       Edward            vict. Bull, Bull street
	JEX         Charles           greengrocer, Bull street
	JORDAN      Miss Sarah Ann    boarding school, Ben Ha house,
	                                Hempstead road
	KEYMER      James             millwright, Withers street
	KING        Mrs Rosa          Berlin wool & fancy repository, Market pl
	KNOWLES     Chas. John        tailor, hairdresser, & general dealer,
	                                and school attendance officer,
	                                Market place
	LAKE        Fredk.            solicitor's clerk, secretary to
	                                the Alexander Lodge M.U.I.O.O.F.
	                                No. 3443, and correspondent for
	                                Holt district, Cornhall street
	LARNER      George            grocer and draper, and agent for the
	                                Atlas Insurance Co. silk mercer,
	                                milliner, &c. Market place
	LEE         Alfred            tea dealer, Cromer road
	LEGGATT     John              victualler, Angel Inn, Bull street
	LEGGATT     William           victualler, White Lion Commercial Inn,
	                                brewer, maltster, auctioneer, valuer,
	                                house, land, & estate agent, brick &
	                                tile maker, agent for the Guardian
	                                Ins. Co. secretary to Gas Co. limited,
	                                & librarian to Literary Institute,
	                                White Lion street
	LEWIS       Mrs Charles       Hempstead road
	LEWIS       Charles           assistant librarian, Withers street
	LEWIS       Charles jun.      shopkeeper, Hempstead road
	LOVE        Mr John           Cromer road
	LOYNES      Mrs Elizabeth     Obelisk plain
	LOYNES      Robert            blacksmith, Obelisk plain
	MASON       Bartholomew       police constable, Hempstead road
	MILLETT     Henry Michell,    resident engineer (Eastern & Midlands
	              C.E.              Railway), The Grove
	MOBBS       Mr John           Obelisk plain
	MOORE       William           gardener, Fish hill
	NEWTON      Mrs Sarah         Withers street
	NICHOLS     John James        relieving officer, registrar of
	                                births & deaths & vaccination
	                                officer, High street
	NICHOLS     Thomas James      hairdresser & tailor, Market place
	OUTLAW      James             vict. King's Head Inn, High street
	PALMER      John Herbert      stonemason, Obelisk plain
	PARDON      Robert            cart owner, coal dealer, & water
	                                carrier, Cornhall street
	PARFITT     Edwin Richards    brewer, wine and spirit merchant,
	                                ale and porter bottler, corn
	                                dealer, &c. Bull street
	PASHLEY     William           painter, paper hanger, plumber,
	                                glazier, &c. and registrar of
	                                marriages, Withers street
	PAYNE       Alfred            coach builder (Vince & P.);
	                                h Shirehall pln
	PAYNE       William           sexton
	PILCH       Richard           tailor and draper, Market place
	PLAYFORD    Robert Jones      bookslr, stationer, binder, printer,
	                                newsagent, paper-hanging dealer, &
	                                fancy repository, & agent for the
	                                Sun Insurance Co. High street
	PERRETT     Mrs Elizabeth     Withers street
	POTTER      Henry             poultry dealer, Grove lane
	PRESTON     Arthur            printer, professor and teacher of music,
	                                organist parish church, and bandmaster
	                                3rd Norfolk R.V.C. High street
	PRESTON     Thomas            Berlin wool & fancy repository, assistant
	                                overseer and rate collector, Market
	                                place; and farmer, Pippins heath
	PRESTON     William           bookseller, stationer, & newsagt.
	                                paper-hanging dealer, and fancy
	                                repository, teacher of music,
	                                farmer and surveyor of highways
	                                and stamp distributor, High street
	PUXLEY      Thomas            hay dealer, Shirehall plain
	RAINSFORD   Henry             inland revenue officer, Withers street
	RANDALL     William           watchmkr. gunsmith, bellhngr. plumber,
	                                gasfitter, &c., engineer, optician,
	                                and superintendent of fire engine,
	                                Withers street
	RANSOM      Henry Starling    solicitor, com. in all courts, clerk
	                                to commissioners of taxes, clerk to
	                                magistrates, agent for Edinburgh Life,
	                                Law Union, & the Norwich Equitable
	                                Insurance Co., High street
	RANSOM      Horatio           tailor and outfitter, Market place
	RANSOM      Miss Jane         milliner, Market place
	RANSOM      William           bootmaker, Market place
	READ        Isaac             market gardener, Withers street
	REEVE       John              watchmaker, High street
	RICHMOND    Joseph            tailor, High street
	RISEBOROUGH James             corn dealer and greengrocer, Fish hill
	ROBERTS     Rev. Reginald     head master Grammar school
	              Jolliffe, M.A.
	ROGERS      John, Esq.,       (for Norfolk and Lincolnshire),
	              M.A., J.P.        barrister-at-law, Holt hall
	ROGERS      John Henry        Holt hall
	              Burcham, Esq.
	RUDKIN      Mr William Allen  Market place
	RUST        Misses            ladies' school, High street
	SANTSCHI    Carl              foreign master, Grammar school
	SEARLES     Mrs Betsy         stone mason, Obelisk plain
	SEARLES     Miss Frances      new and second hand clothes dealer,
	              Jane              Church street
	SEARLES     Mrs Sabra         Church street
	SEXTON      Mrs               Obelisk plain
	SIDLE       Robert John       solicitor's clerk, Norwich road
	SKRIMSHIRE  John Truscott,    medical officer to Blakeney district
	              M.D., M.R.C.S.,   of Walsingham union, and public
	              L.S.A.            vaccinator, Wansbeck house, White
	                                Lion street
	SLANN,      Thomas Holloway   solicitor (Wilkinson & S.);
	                                h Attleborough
	SPALL       Miss Fanny        Cromer road
	STIMPSON    James             farmer, Heath farm
	TAYLOR      James Brockwell   tailor, Weston square
	TUCK        Miss Marion       milliner and dressmaker, Withers st
	TUCK        Mrs Sarah Ann     victualler, Queen Adelaide Inn,
	                                Withers street
	TUCK        Mrs Susan         fishmonger, Shirehall plain
	TURNER      Miss Hannah Jane  boarding school, Withers street
	TURNER      Isaac             blacksmith and cartowner, Chapel street
	VINCE       Alfred            coach builder (V. & Payne); h Cromer road
	VINCE                         coach builders, Cromer road
	  & PAYNE
	WADE        Miss Elizabeth    dressmaker, High street
	WALLER      John & Son        bakers, Withers street
	WALLER      John Benjamin     baker (John & Son); h Withers street
	WARD        Henry             fish dealer, greengrocer, and
	                                shoemaker, Bull street
	WATTS       James             cutler and umbrella maker, High street
	WEST        George Robert     railway timekeeper, Cromer road
	WESTON      James             beerhouse and builder, Shirehall plain
	WILKINSON   George            (W. & Slann), com. in all courts, and
	                                for taking acknowledgements of deeds,
	                                registrar of county court, and
	                                conservative registration agent for
	                                the polling districts of Holt,
	                                Aylsham, Cromer, and Aldborough;
	                                h Heath house, Norwich road
	WILKINSON                     solicitors, and agents for the Phœnix
	  & SLANN                       Fire, the Liverpool, London, and
	                                Globe, and the Royal Farmers'
	                                Hailstorm, &c., Insurance Cos.,
	                                Church street, and Attleborough
	WILLIAMS    Mrs Rebecca       currier, leather seller, earthenware &
	                                general dealer, agent for the Scottish
	                                Union Insurance Co., and Temperance
	                                Provident Building Society, and the
	                                Religious Tract Depôt, High street
	WILLIAMS    William           bootmaker, High street
	WILSON      James & Peter     saddlers, High street
	WILSON      Mrs Emily         Cromer road
	WINKLEY     Miss Elizabeth    Cornhall street
	WITHERS     Mrs Eliza         confectioner and lodgings, Church st
	WORTH       Rev. John Wesley  Hill house
In the original, the following entries are placed alphabetically in the list above.

Excise Office
Market Place; Henry Rainsford, Inland Revenue officer
Literary Institute
Withers street; Wm. Leggatt, secretary
Nurses' Home
Fish hill; Mrs Lucy Herring, matron
Police Station
Hempstead road; Joshua Caton, resident inspector
Religious Tract Society's Depôt
High street
Stamp Office
High street; William Preston distributor
Working Men's Club and Coffee Rooms
Shirehall plain. C. Baker, secretary; W. Leggatt, treasurer; T.G. Fisher, manager

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