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Norfolk: Hockwold cum Wilton

William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1864

[Transcription copyright © Pat Newby]

The description of the parish has not been transcribed because it is similiar to that in White's Directories for 1845 and 1883.

These are the names in the text that are not included in the list of residents and tradespeople, below:

	  Adamson    Rev. Wm.
	  Blackerley Thos.
	  Clough     Robert
	  Gover      Messrs.

This is the list of the tradespeople and the most prominent residents.

POST OFFICE at Wm. Rolfe's. Letters despatched, via Brandon, at 8 p.m.

	  Badley     Sarah            vict. Red Lion
	  Balding    Wm.              vict. Black Horse
	  Carpenter  John E.          schoolmaster
	  Green      William          vict. Anchor Inn
	  Greenfield James            wheelwright
	  Greenfield William          brickmaker
	  Hutt       Rev. William     rector of Hockwold, & senr. Fellow
	               Wayman, M.A.     of Caius College, Cambridge
	  Jacob      Mr.
	  Johnson    James            joiner
	  Leonard    John             vict. Ball
	  Morley     Wm.              lime burner
	  Newcome    Mrs. Catherine   Hall
	  Pearson    Henry            vict. New Inn
	  Pearson    Geo. senr.       nursery man
	  Petitt     John             tailor, and parish clerk
	  Pymer      William          vict. Ferry Boat
	  Rolfe      John             saddler
	  Woolsey    Mrs Alice
	  Wortley    Thomas           corn miller

	     BLACKSMITHS.                BEERHOUSES.

	  Coates     Samuel           Cock      R. (& carpenter)
	  Palmer     Mark             Cock      Grimmer

	                   (* are owners.)

	  Addy       Edward         * Morley    William
	  Algar      R.             * Palmer    Mark
	               Black dyke     Pearson   Henry
	* Bloomfield Chas.            Pearson   Ambrose,
	* Cossey     James                        Cloud Farm
	  Cock       Mary             Pearson   John
	* Enefer     Joseph         * Pearson   Robert
	  Green      John           * Rolfe     William
	* Jacob      George           Spinks    John
	  Johnson    Edward         * Thompson  Robt.
	* King       Cyril            Thompson  William
	  Kent       Lewis


	  Curtis     Robert
	  Pearson    George

	     SHOEMAKERS.                 SHOPKEEPERS.

	  Bell       John             Secker    George
	  West       John             West      Elizabeth
	                              Woolsey   Susan

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