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Norfolk: Hindolveston

William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1864

[Transcription copyright © Pat Newby]

The description of the parish has not been transcribed because it is similiar to that in White's Directories for 1845 and 1883.

These are the names in the text that are not included in the list of residents and tradespeople, below:

	Bulleye    John and Beatrice
	Durnford   Rev. Arthur Gifford, M.A.
	Hastings   Lord
	Hunt       Sir Thomas

This is the list of the tradespeople and the most prominent residents.

POST OFFICE at Ann Page's. Letters despatched via Thetford.

	Bastard    Robert               plumber, glazier, &c.
	Durnford   Rev. Arthur G., M.A. Vicarage
	Ling       John                 brazier and tinner
	Pank       Wm.                  bricklayer
	Philpott   Rev. Geo. Newnham    curate
	Walter     Mrs Eliz.


	Chapman    William              Chequers
	Pegg       John                 Fox and Hounds (& glover)
	Beckham    Cyrus                Maid's Head
	Neal       John                 Red Lion


	Cooper     Benjamin
	Smith      John


	Bastard    Benjamin
	Bastard    Robert
	Brett      James
	Bloomfield Thomas               (and butcher)
	Dobson     Henry                Manor House
	Dobson     John
	Fulcher    Thomas
	Johnson    Thomas
	Martin     Charles
	Leamon     Barnabas
	Lewis      Richard
	Olley      Nicholas
	Pegg       John                 (and baker & miller)
	Pratt      Charles
	Tipple     George


	Adkins     Samuel
	Haylett    John
	Taylor     John


	Balls      Mary Ann
	Aberdein   Samuel
	 & Strike    Mrs                National [See note below]
	Philpott   Rev. Geo. N.         (boarding)


	Dack       Robert
	Freary     Fenn
	Harmer     Robert
	Patrick    Robert


	Aberdein   Samuel
	Dodman     William
	Pegg       George


	Dent       Samuel
	Dent       William
	Doy        John
	Pegg       Matthew
	Smith      John
CARRIERS. Wm. Gunton & Wm. Page to Norwich, Wednesday and Saturday
Note: In the original this is:
     National, Samuel Aberdein & Mrs Strike

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