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Norfolk: Hickling

William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1836

This is the list of the most prominent residents. It has been extracted from the directory by, and is copyright to, Ray Martin.

	 Adam        J.             vict. White Horse
	 Bates       Benjamin       Green
	 Bates       Benj. (jun.)   joiner and beer house, Green
	 Beane       Benjamin       shopkeeper and tailor, Hickling
	 Canell      Thomas         tailor, Green
	 Clipperton  John           butcher, Hickling
	 Frankling   Dionesius      wheelwright, Stubb
	 Gaze        George         freeschool, Hickling
	 Harbord     Robert         schoolmaster, Hickling
	 Layton      T.             wherryowner, Staith
	 Mack        Miss Sarah     Heath
	 Neave       Jacob          blacksmith
	 Sandell     William        corn miller, Green
	 Thain       Robert         blacksmith, Hickling
	 Tuck        Rev. John
	               Johnson      Green
	 Tuck        John           vict. Bull, Hickling
	 Wiseman     W.             grocer and draper, Green
	 Young       Rev.Ts. Drake
	               B.A.         Green

     Farmers (* landowners)

	 Beaumont    Abraham        Green
	 Bell        William        Stubb
	 Bishop      Benjamin       Heath
	*Brackenbury William        Stubb
	*Burton      John           Stubb
	 Derry       Thomas         Stubb
	 Durrant     William        Stubb
	 Gibbs       George         Hickling
	 Gibbs       Phillip        Green
	 Gibbs       Phillip (jun.) Heath
	*Mack        Edward         Heath
	 Mack        T.             Priory
	 Money       William        Heath
	 Moor        Robert         Stubb
	 Myhill      John           Green
	 Neale       William        Eastfield
	*Newman      Samuel         Green
	 Nudd        Robert         Heath
	 Page        Cubitt         Hickling
	*Plummer     Charles        Stubb
	 Slipper     Benjamin       Winmore Hall


	 Gaze        John           Green
	 Gibbs       Samuel         Hickling
	 Trory       William        Green


	 Daniel      G.             from Stubb to Yarmouth on Saturday

See also the Hickling parish page.

Copyright Pat Newby.
September 1999