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Norfolk: Hickling

Kelly's Directory of Norfolk 1904

This is the list of the most prominent residents. It has been extracted from the directory by, and is copyright to, Ray Martin.

	Atkins      Rev. Alan        vicar of Palling and rector of
	              Garway, B.A.     Waxham
	Crosse      Rev. Arthur Adam vicar, Vicarage
	Edgell      Herbert          Broad House
	Mills       Rev. Cecil       Lord of the Manor and principal
	Myhill      Edward           parish clerk
	Ridgway     Edward           Red House

	Abagail     William          shopkeeper and butcher
	Amies       Robert           farmer, Eastfield
	Balls       William James    farmer
	Barber      George Hudson    farmer, Willow Farm
	Bates       Benjamin         carpenter
	Beales      George           farmer and coal dealer, Green
	Beales      George (jun.)    vict. Pleasure Boat
	Beevor      George           pork butcher
	Bell        James            carrier
	Bilby       Frederick L.     farmer and landowner, Poplar Farm
	Borrett     Arthur           farmer, Hickling Hall
	Burton      Charles Henry    farmer, Winmere Hall
	Chapman     Ernest           farmer, Heath
	Chapman     George           farmer
	Chapman     Josiah           farmer, Green
	Chapman     Rueben           gamekeeper to N. H. Smith Esq.
	Chase       Charles          farmer
	Clarke      Daniel           farmer
	Deary       Arthur           thatcher
	Dunham      Herbert          farmer
	Fox         Peter            butcher
	Gaze        John             farmer
	Gaze        Juby             farmer
	Gibbs       - & son          farmers
	Gibbs       Frederick        vict. White Horse and blacksmith
	Gibbs       Herbert Henry    draper and farmer
	Lambert     John             bricklayer
	Markin      Mrs K. E.        butcher
	Martin      John William     grocer
	Myhill      Edward           carpenter, builder, wheelwright,
	                               general contractor, assistant
	                               overseer and collector of rates
	                               and taxes, parish clerk, The Hollies
	Myhill      Lewis            farmer
	Neale       George William   farmer, Brightmere Farm
	Newman      John             farmer and landowner, Priory Farm
	Nudd        Alfred           marshman
	Nudd        Thomas           marshman for the commissioners of
	Parker      John             farmer
	Pollard     Robert           blacksmith, Green
	Powles      Edward George    vict. Greyhound
	Saddler     Matthew          farmer, Winmere
	Skipper     John             farmer, Heath
	Taylor      William          vermin destroyer
	Trory       William          farmer, Heath
	Turner      James            grocer, draper, flour and offal
	                               dealer, general stores and
	                               Post Office
	Turner      Richard Frank    farmer, Green
	Turner      William          carpenter, etc.
	Vincent     Robert           vermin destroyer
	Whittleton  Leonard          farmer, Heath
	Woolston    Benjamin         boot maker
	Wright      Henry            farmer
	Wright      Robert           vict. Bull

See also the Hickling parish page.

Copyright Pat Newby.
September 1999