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Norfolk: Hemsby

William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

HEMSBY, or Hemesby parish, extends to the sea, and has a pleasant village, on a declivity, half a mile from the beach, and 6 miles N. by W. of Yarmouth. It has 608 inhabitants, and 1627 acres of land, belonging to a number of proprietors, among whom are Thomas Clowes, Esq., Mrs. Glasspoole, and Robert Copeman, Esq. The latter resides in the Hall, and is patron of the Church and lord of the manor, which anciently belonged to Norwich Cathedral; for we find that the prior, in the reign of Henry III., claimed homage of the tenants, and gave two palfreys to have a market; and in the 32nd of Edward I., he claimed here "wreck at sea, view of frankpledge, assize, free-warren, pillory, and tumbrel."

The Church (St. Mary) is a vicarage, valued in the King's Book at £4. 6s. 8d., and in 1831, at £180; and now enjoyed by the Rev. Robt. Hales, M.A., of Herringswell, Suffolk. The corn tithe is mostly redeemed, and the glebe is 36A.

The old Poor's Land, 10 acres, was exchanged, at the enclosure, in 1810, for an allotment of 10A. 22P., which is let, in small lots, to the poor, at rents amounting to about £16 a year, which is divided in small sums on Plough Monday. The Poor's Allotment, awarded in 1810, consists of 15A. 3R. 35P., let for about £30 a year, which is distributed in coals, together with £2, the rent of 2R. 30P., allotted to a cottage, formerly used as a poor-house.

The National School, with a house for the teachers, was built in 1841, chiefly at the expense of R. Copeman, Esq. It is attended by about 100 children.

	Bellman    Rev Augs.     curate, Vicarage
	Bishop     John          gentleman
	Boulton    Robert        gardener
	Copeman    Robt. Esq.    Hemsby Hall
	Copeman    Robt. jun.    Hemsby Lodge
	Daniel     Benj.         beerhouse, Cliff
	Dow        Samuel        blacksmith
	Emmerson   George        wheelwright
	Ferrier    Mrs Elizabeth
	Grymes     James         shoemaker
	Gunn       Henry         grocer and draper
	Hind       Robert        National School
	Johnson    Richard       blacksmith
	Lound      John          shoemaker
	Myhill     Wm.           gardener
	Page       John          bricklayer and beerhs
	Parish     Mrs Elizabeth
	Starling   George        corn miller
	Thurtle    Thomas        vict. Blue Bell
	Waller     John          surgeon
	Woolston   George        joiner, &c.


	Bowers     Thos.         Juby       William
	Dunham     J.            Johnson    Richard
	Durrant    Edmund        Littlewood John
	English    Thos.         Pettingill Edmd.
	Gallant    James         Shilcock   Cubit
	Gibson     Benj.         Turner     George
	Green      Robert        Watson     Robert
	Harbord    Griffin       Wilson     Mark

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