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Norfolk: Heacham

Census: 1842

Heacham is one of the few places in the county for which an early census containing a large amount of additional information to that taken in 1841 survives.

General Notes

The Census Document

This 1842 Norfolk Record Office document [Ref FX 135/1] covers a number of pages and includes a list of people at a Christmas Dinner in 1843 at the end.

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

This contains the following information (with the exclusion of the "Notes" column) :-

Census of the Population of the Parish of Heacham taken by the Revd S. C. E. Neville Rolfe M.A. Christmas 1842

[Page 1]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Spencers Field Barn
Howlett George-L'Estrange Cant read
Spencers Shepherd
Howlett Elizabeth-Can read - has fits
Howlett George¼
Servant Girl
Leach Maria15 Can read
This family came wth
Spencer from Carlton Forehoe

[Page 2]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
The Lodge
Wright John60RolfeMy Coachman
Wright Anne-
Donoughue John46Rolfe
Donoughue Ellen (Webb)38
Webb Thos (Son of Ellen)13
Spencers Field Barn
Pearce William35L'EstrangeCant read1
Pearce Susan30Can read
Pearce Jane10Can read
Rolfe's End Cottages
Grice James55RolfeCant read
Grice Anne52Cant read2
Bowden John28Rolfe
Bowden Maria29
Bowden Edward5

[Page 3]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
[Heacham Hall]
Rolfe Revd S C E Neville563
Rolfe Dorothy-
[Rolfe Henry26]Died in China4
Rolfe Helen28
Rolfe Fanny26
[Rolfe Edward22 ] Married and settled at
Amwell, Herts
Rolfe Arthur23
Rolfe Johnny19
Rolfe Agnes Caroline18
Rolfe Elizabeth Anne16
Reave Martha-
Vincent Davis31
[ Johnson Frederick16]4
Coe Richard66
Lutkin Maryanne37
[ Smith Sally26]4
Towler Hannah35Widow (Minns)6
Fox Lydia37Do (Whitley)7
Skipper Sarah22
[ Robinson Emma17 ]4
Duffield Elizabeth20
Wright Revd Henry-Rolfe
Wright Susan-
Wright William4
Wright Anna Charlotte2
Wright Bertha-
Robinson Jane24Runcton
Mitchel Maria21Fring

[Page 4]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Crispe William70Rolfe7
Crispe Susannah66
Crispe William28India
Crispe Anne26Tottenhill wth her uncle
Young Elizabeth-Resides wth Duffield
Foulsham James29RolfeSchoolmaster
Foulsham Elizabeth27
Morgan Robert28Mr RowlandTailor
Morgan Sophia26
Morgan John William¼

[Page 5]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Wright Timothy-RolfeDissenter
Wright Anne-
Wright Timothy William4
Wright Mary Anne2
Powell Robert-RolfeWidower
Powell Sarah Jane1
Forster Mary (Wifes Sister)20
Staines Robert33RolfeCan read8
Staines Sarah41Dissenter
Staines Maria12
Staines Anne8
Flight Robert7Nephew from
Lord John-Rolfe
Lord Lucy-
Lord Emily (Burrell)14Base born
Lord Richard12
Lord Hannah10
Lord Dinah7
Lord Charlotte4
Lord John3
Lord Martha Anne1

[Page 6]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Lake Miles59Rolfe
Lake Sarah59
Lake Sarah (Starn)34Married at Narborough
Lake Elizabeth32Keeps a day
School at Lynn
Lake Robert30Married at Barnet
Lake Miles28Shoemaker in London
Lake Edmund27At Sea
Lake Dorothy25Lame at home
Lake Hannah23 lives wth Mr Browne
Lake Richard19At Home
Lake Rachael17Do
Lake Sarah8Natural Child of
Sarah Starn
Cory Anne. Widow76Rolfe
Cory Abraham51
Cory Robert48Wagg Beer Shop
(Curse to the Parish)
Cory Anne (Cooke)40Married at Hunston9
Lake Mary (Widow)57RolfeCan Read. Drunkard11
Lake Daniel (her son)20Can read
Downing -- (Brother to Mary)61Can Read. Drunkard

[Page 7]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Rix Henry. Widower52Rolfe
Rix Robert. Married32Farm at Ringstead
Rix Mariane. Married, &30Resides at Dunham
Rix Henry. Married at29Gayton
Rix Elizabeth (Curle)28Married in London
Rix James (Single)26Has a Farm at Dunham
Rix Maria24Married Wm Rix at Thurning
Rix John (Single)22Has a Farm at Dersingham
Rix Benjamin (Single)20At home - a Sad Fellow
Rix Sarah18At home
Rix Charlotte16At school at Hunston9
Newton Mary17 Daugr Robt Newton
- Can read
Newton William (Mary's Brother)15
Nourse Robert56Rolfe10
Nourse Frances (Joyce)52
Nourse Robert (Parish Clerk)28R. Bradfieldmarried 14
Nourse Avis26Service at Scole
Nourse Mary24Service at Lynn
Nourse George22Yaxley Mard at Heachm
Nourse Esther, Single at home20
Nourse Jane, Do Do18 Bad Health
Nourse John, Do Do16
Nourse William, Do Do14
Nourse James, Do Do12

[Page 8]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Bowden Mark (Sexton)51Rolfe15
Bowden Verula45
Bowden John28RolfeMarried
Bowden Mary Anne (Chapman)-married at Mildenhall
Bowden Elizabeth (Wilmerson)-married at Snettisham
Bowden Susan (Bell)-married at Snettisham
Bowden Jane19Wormegay
Bowden Edward16Apprentice to Granger
Bowden Ellen14at home
Jacob Charles43RolfeCan read
Jacob Elizabeth-Can read
Jacob Sarah Anne16
Nourse Robt (Parish Clerk)28R. Bradfield
Nourse Anne (Roythorne)27
Nourse Elizabeth7
Nourse Roythorne5

[Page 9]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Bradfield Robert. Single-His own
Bradfield Martha (his Niece)-
Wright Fredrick20Ringstead
Duffield James15
Bloy Mary22Massingham
Browne Robert-His own
Browne Mary-
Lake Hannah23
Tooke William30RowlandCant read
Tooke Eliza27Can read
Tooke Anna5
Jickling Martha (Widow)70Rowland Mother to
Susan Chapman
Chapman John28Can read
Chapman Susan27 Daugr to Martha

[Page 10]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Moore Edmund55RowlandCan read
Moore Susannah56Can read
Moore James20
Rowland George-His own
Yaxley Terrace
Dawes William28Yaxley
Dawes Betsey (Winter)-
Winter Richd Clement4Base Child
Williams Elizabeth72YaxleyWidow fr Lynn
Moore Edmd (her Nephew)24 Farrier fr Sporle
Oughton Saml (Shoemaker)26Yaxley Son to Oughtons
Wife of Sedgeford
Oughton Anne Robson24(Spooner W. Newton)
Oughton Sarah1
Godfrey Mathew16Apprentice - Can read

[Page 11]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Yaxley Terrace
Godsall John40YaxleyCant read
Godsall Elizabeth57
Godsall John16Can read
Godsall Tom77Father to John
Godsall Senr
Cant read
Chapman John32YaxleyCant read
Chapman Frances29Can read
Chapman Robert John5
Frarey Charles26YaxleyCan read
Frarey Mary (Vincent)26a little
Frarey Charles5
Frarey William2
Lord Richard30Yaxley
Lord Rose (Bunting)-
Lord Maryanne6

[Page 12]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Yaxley Terrace
Howard Mary (Widow)55Yaxley (Creed's Daugr)
Howard Rose28
Howard Annamaria11Base Child of
Rose Howard
Howard Sarah4Base Child of
Rose Howard
Atto Charles22Moderate Chap
Green Robert29YaxleyCant read
Green Ellen (Bunting)27Can read
Green Matilda4
Green Maryanne1
Chesney Maria. Widow57Yaxley
Chesney James. her son11
Cruckle Rose (Widow)4216
Page ----
Nourse George23Yaxley
Nourse Jane24
Nourse George1

[Page 13]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Yaxley Terrace
Yaxley Catherine (Widow)-Her own
Frarey Maria (her Niece)-
Heley William26Yaxley
Heley Catherine (Frarey)31
Bussey Mary18Holme
Godsall Edmund60Cant read

[Page 14]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
L'Estrange Row
Rust Sarah (Widow)70L'EstrangeCanting old Cat
Bunn George30Can read
Bunn Hannah-Can read (Barrat)
Rust Clara (Grandchild)11Base Child of
Susan Rust
Rust Mary (Renault)38Married at Docking
Rust Sarah (Felton)36Married at Lynn
Rust William34Married at Heacham
Rust Jane (Anderson)33Married at Heacham
Rust Elizabeth28Service in London
Rust Susanna26Service in Lancashire
Rust Rosetta (Frarey)24Married at Heacham
Rust Edward. Single22Miller at Upwell
Rust Maria20Service N. Runcton
Neave Annamaria (Widow)58L'Estrange
Neave Anne (Boothsby)25Married at Hunston9
Neave Elizabeth22Service at home with
2 Base Childr by Wm Lord
Neave Mary - Single19Service at home
Neave William Edward2{ Base Children of
Neave Infant1{ Elizabeth Neave
Bond Edward (Widower)65Can read

[Page 15]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Staines William33L'EstrangeCan read
Staines Dinah (Lord)32Cant read
Godby Thomas25Shepherd to Rix
Can read
Dawe William (Snettisham)24 Shoemr at Oughtons
Can read
Twiss Saml (lived wth Rowland)23 Drives the Telegr(aph)
Can read
Godsall George63L'EstrangeSold msls?5
Carter Maryanne. Widow-L'Estrange
Howlett Charlotte-{ Sisters to
Howlett Elizabeth. Bedridden- Mrs Carter }
Stratton Robert-
Baldwin Mary23Can read
Smith Ellen19Can read

[Page 16]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Wagg James-His own
Wagg Sarah (Crisp. Sedgford)-
Wagg David (London)24
Wagg Maryanne22
Wagg Elizabeth (London)21
Wagg James William17
Wagg William14
Wagg Louisa12
Wagg Lucy10
Wagg Richard7
Wagg Emily6
Wagg Susannah Sarah2
Wagg Harriet1
Mouncey James. Sedgeford18Can read
Wheatsheaf Street
Andrews (or Anderson) John34RobertsonCant read
Andrews Jane (Rust)33 Has been very bad
Can read
Andrews Thomas16
Andrews Fredric13
Andrews Robert John10
Andrews Edward4Twins }
Andrews Susannah4Twins }
Andrews William3
Andrews Betsey1

[Page 17]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Wheatsheaf Street
Crispe Esther (Widow)88Robertson
Crispe Thomas (Grandson)31Buckenham Dissenter
Crispe Mary-
Crispe William5
Crispe Mary Anne3
Terry James25 Miller at Norgates
Married to Waggs
Daugr & lodges
at Richardsons
Doughty Nicholas60BuckenhamCan read
Doughty Mary52Can read
Doughty Robert14Cant read
Doughty William12reads a little
Robertson William54His ownButcher
Robertson Mary Anne49
Robertson John17
Robertson Elizabeth15
Robertson George13

[Page 18]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Wheatsheaf Street
Simmonds John40Benj. BlyCarpenter - Reads
Simmonds Anne30Can read
Simmonds Frank5
Simmonds Tom3
Moore Anne (Widow)77 Grandmother to
Anne Simmonds
Hooks Robert44Benj. BlyShoemaker
Cant read
Hooks Jemima43Can read
Bly Benjamin43His ownWheelwright
Bly Maryanne-
Bly Thomas16at Grimstone
Bly Maria12
Bly Sarah Anne11
Bly Benjamin6
Barrett Willm (Lodger)36Norgate's Mill
Vincent Thos (Prentice)2019
Riches James (Do)19 Lodges at
Lambert Taylors

[Page 19]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Infant School
Burrell Rayner32Churchwarden
Burrell Anne (Bussey)34Keeps a
Dames School
Burrell John11
Burrell Richard9
Burrell William7
Burrell Anne. Widow73Mother to Rayner
Granger Robert50His ownBlacksmith
Granger Anne (Frost)-
Granger Elizabeth1
Mallet Wm Granger28 Nephew to
Robt Granger
Makemead John90
Bly Francis39Granger
Bly Mary35
Bly Robt Francis8

[Page 20]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Ellis Elizabeth (Widow)29Wagg
Ellis Rose Anne8
Ellis Betsey6
Rowe Charles (a Sawyer)32from Sculthorpe
Vincent John24WaggCan read
Vincent Susan (Baldwin)24Do
Vincent Mary Anne2
Maystone Mary (Single)-Wagg
Bunn Peter (Widower)63
Maystone James8Nephew to
Mary Moore
Skoiles Jacob (Butcher)40Wagg Can read - has
been a Genl Servant
Skoiles Elizabeth-
Skoiles William16
Skoiles Betsey4
Skoiles Jacob2

[Page 21]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Waggs Square
Draper William83Wagg
Draper Mary51
Festibend Fredrick (German)58 Carpenter &
good Scholar
Chapman Robert60WaggCant read
Chapman Anne60Cant read
Chapman Rose - Single at home21
Chapman Sam (Grandson)12son of Elizabeth
(Pearson) in Yorkshire
Burrell Richard40Wagg Once my tenant
Can read
Burrell Anna41Cant read
Waggs Square
Frarey Robert24WaggCan read
Frarey Mary (Chapman)24
Frarey Mary Anne3
Frarey Sarah Childers1
Jarrett John-
Jarrett Hannah (Roythorne)30Wagg
Roythorne Edwd (her Brother)20 In a decline

[Page 22]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Heugh Henry Potter42His ownTailor
Heugh Martha (-36
Heugh Henry Crisp10
Heugh Robert John8
Heugh Anne6
Heugh Thomas James2
Heugh Michael Caller1
Loose Thomas (Widower)30HeughCarpenter
Farrer John23at sea. Reads
Farrer Mary Anne (Loose)28 Sister to
Thomas Loose
High Richard. Carrier46Mrs Yaxley awful - Can read
High Susan (Jones Sedgeford)34Can read
Spooner Lewis. Servant17Snettisham
Can read

[Page 23]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Rhodes Robt (Pensioner)49 Mrs YaxleyCan read
Rhodes Sarah (Dye Swaffham)43Cant read
Rhodes Thomas18
Rhodes John13
Rhodes James8
Rhodes Robert5
Rhodes Elizabeth2
Hardy Frances64
[Boyd William Oudleg?21]Dead - Tailor4
Chapel Row
Rust William (Miller)30Mrs Yaxley Can read
Rust Anne (very nervous)40Do
Rust William13
Rust Sarah Anne11
Silcock Mary (Miss)-Dissenter
Stapleton Mary (Servant)-Burnham

[Page 24]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Chapel Row
Lake Lydia (Widow)63Mrs Yaxley
Lake Robert { (her son)29
Lake Lucy {30
Lake Edward19
Taylor Lambert46Mrs Yaxley
Taylor Jemima (Newton)47
Taylor Elizabeth (Dress Maker)23
Taylor William18Service
Taylor Robert5
Taylor Wm. Base Child of Elizabeth1
Parsons Robert24 Snettism Shore
Cant read
Father of
Elizabeths Child
Riches James. Dersingham18Works for Bly
Newton Jane (Mother to Jemima)65 Widow & Mother
the Sheep Stealers
Murrell Elizabeth (Widow)66Mrs Yaxley
Wilmerson Robert37
Wilmerson Elizabeth29
Wilmerson John1
Melton James (Pensioner)83
Lord William23 Father to Elizabeth
Neaves Base Children
Cant read
Monument Edmund25Can read

[Page 25]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Roythorne Edmund55Mrs Yaxley
Roythorne Susannah34
Roythorne Hannah. mard to Jarrett30
Roythorne James (Bushel & Strike2812
Roythorne Anne. mard to Nourse26
Roythorne Edmund, lives wth his sister21 a Decline
Roythorne Maria. Service Sedgfd19
Roythorne Catherine. Do at Do17
Roythorne Elizabeth wth Grandmother16 Mrs Lewis of Ingoldisthorpe
Roythorne Susanna7
Roythorne Robert3
Applegate Martha. Daughter of16 Susanna Roythorne
by a former husband
Monument James24Robt Browne Cant read
Monument Elizabeth (Howlett)20Can read
Monument Robert1
Arnold Francis66Robt Browne Rat Catcher

[Page 26]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Chesney Henry32Robt BrowneCan read
Chesney Sarah (Monument)32Can read
Chesney Maria14
Chesney Sarah9
Chesney William8
Chesney Robert John5
Chesney Benjamin4
Chesney Elizabeth3
Gregory John37Robt Browne Never goes to
Place of Worship
Can read
Gregory Mary (Alcock)33Cant read
Gregory Betsey7
Gregory Mary Anne4
Gregory Susanna2

[Page 27]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Cookes Row
Walden James56Cookes ExecutorsCan read - Deaf
Walden Sarah(--
Mott Thomas (Sedgeford)30Soldier - Can read
Mott Ellen (Irish) Papist27Can read
Hurley O Peggy. Single40 Irish Papist
(Sister to Bunn's
first wife
Bunn Arthur (Peggy's nephew)4lives here
Bunn Henry38Cookes ExecutorsCan read
Bunn Frances (Pitcher of Shernborne31 very little
Bunn Anna by first wife8
Bunn Henry Do6
Bunn Arthur Do4at Waldens
Hall Joseph50Cookes Executors Late Gents Servant
Cant read
Hall Mary (-49Washerwoman
Can read
Hall John. my Gardener20Can read

[Page 28]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Cookes Row
Howard Frances (Palin)70Cookes ExecutorsWidow
Palin Robert (her son by her40 first husband
lives Drapers Hole
Howard Frances (mard Chapman29 Lives at
Yaxley Row
Howard Elizabeth Single24At home- Can read
Malt House Cottages
Monument William34Robt Browne Can read
Dodmans Shepherd
Monument Susan (Sands Hunston)26Can read9
Monument Elizabeth3

[Page 29]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Malt House Cottages
Monument William55Robt BrowneCant read
Monument Sarah55Cant read
Monument Parnell18
Monument Thomas16
Monument Henry13
Not Wth the Parents
Monument William - Mard to Sands34 Robt BrowneShepherd to Dodman
Monument Sarah. Mard to Chesney32 Robt Browne
Monument Sophy. Service at Sedgford28 Miss Weatherhead
Monument Robert at Sea26
Monument James. married at Heachm24 Robt Browne
Monument Edward. Single22 Lodger at Murrell's
in Cooke's Row
Monument Willm Senior87 Father of the
above Wm Monument. Blind
Allen Elizth (Niece of Sarah. Docking21 Attends to Old Man
Lord Alice. Widow66Robt Browne Dirtiest house
in the Parish
Lord John. Marrd (Burrell34 Lives on the Green
Lord Dinah. md Staines32L'Estrange
Lord Richard. Mard Bunting29Yaxley
Lord James. Service at home28
Lord Tom. Do Do26
Lord William. Single24 Lodges with Murrell
Neaves Paramour
Lord George. Single at home22
Lord Edmund. Do Do19

[Page 30]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Baxter James Senr-Priestly
Baxter Hannah-
Baxter James Bainbridge-Surgeon
Baxter Matilda-
Melton Anne19Can read
Bushel & Strike
Roythorne James Lewis34Muggeridge LynnCan read
Roythorne Susannah (Glasswell of28 Syderston
Can read
Vine Cottages
Langford William50PlowrightCant read
Langford Elizabeth (Greaves- of Sedgford
Cant read
Langford John34 1st wife was a Langford
-2nd a Boothsby
Lodges at Jarretts Shoemr
Langford Robert. single26Bradfields Ship
Langford Mary. Mard Fenton33of Hunston9
Langford Anne (Mard Jarrett25
Burrell Henry46PlowrightCant read
Burrell Mary (Green)45
Burrell Mary Anne. filt? drops23Can read

[Page 31]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Vine Cottage
Boothsby John (Gardener)60PlowrightWithout God! Widower21
Boothsby James - a widower at40Westacre
Boothsby Sarah. Md Woods of38Snettisham
Boothsby Emanuel. Mard at Harpley37
Boothsby Emma. Service J.Coldhams35
Boothsby Angelina. md to W. Clarke- of London
Boothsby Walter. Md at Hunston to- Anne Neave9
Boothsby Alonzo. Md Painter & lives- at Heacham
Boothsby Amanda. Md to Johnson-of London
Boothsby Leonora - single lives at-Stamford Hill
Boothsby Octavius - Single at home21
Duffield Thomas63Rolfe
Duffield Mary Anne (Shirley)-
Duffield Anne22
Duffield Jasper21Journeyman to
Duffield Thomas19
Duffield Elizabeth17
Duffield Mary16
Duffield James at R. Bradfield14
Youngs Elizabeth. Aunt to Duffields
  first Wife

[Page 32]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Drapers Hole
Palin Robert38Henry Bradfield
Palin Anne (Burrell)39Cant read
Palin Maltilda9
Palin William7
Palin Robert5
Burrell Maryanne - Single at19 home (by first marriage
Cant read
Subj. to fits)
Burrell Rayner (Soldier)18 Endeavd to hang
himself twice
Burrell Harriet14
Burrell Martha11
Langford Robert. Sails in26 Bradfields Ship
Can read
Langford Mary Anne (Roythorne26Can read
Langford James6
Langford Betsey3
Drapers Hole
Boothsby Nichs. Widower66Hy Bradfield Can read - Brother
to the Gardener
Baney Mary. Housekeeper66
Doughty James35Hy BradfieldCan read
Doughty Rhoda (Burrell)36Do
Doughty Elizth Anne7
Doughty Jemima5
Burrell Elizth. Mother to
  Mrs Doughty & Mrs Bradfield
78Cant read

[Page 33]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Drapers Hole
Bradfield William50Hy Bradfield Can read -Bricklayer
Bradfield Mary Anne (Burrell)38Cant read
Bradfield Charlotte14
Bradfield Mary Anne12
Bradfield Robert John8
Bradfield Elizabeth6feet in irons
Bradfield Thomas4
Large Thomas41Hy BradfieldCant read
Large Mary Anne (-)46Can read
Large Elizabeth12
Large Sarah9
Large Eliza7
Collinson Sarah. Widow70Hy Bradfield Cant read. late
Housekeeper to
Robert Bradfield's father
Collinson Phoebe. Base
  Child of Mary Anne Langford
(dead) daugr of Collinson13
Creed John. Widower73Keys College Widow Howard is
his daughter
Boothsby Francis. Widow79Keys College
Boothsby Henry. mard on the Common35
Boothsby James. in London41
Boothsby Sarah. mard to King in44 London
Boothsby John-
Boothsby Nicholas-

[Page 34]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Wells Rob. Widower29Keys College
Wells John7
Wells Henry1
Jarrett Susan27Keeps Robt Wells's house
Denny William-Keys College
Denny Anne-
Denny Mary Elizabeth16
Denny Robt13
Denny Bertha12
Denny Anna10
Collinson Ellen (Governess)19
Pratt Caroline (Snettisham)-Can read
Chapman William. IngoldisthorpeCant read
Land William-Keys College
Land Catherine-
Land John (Prentice Curson)1819
Land Elizabeth14
Land Anne10
Land Lucy8
Land Harriet5
Melton George85Keys CollegeCant read
Melton Elizabeth (Tufts of81Weasenham
Land John70Keys College Can read. Miss Davys Gardener
Land Eleanor (Whisson58Can read
Whisson Anne13 by Eleanors
first husband

[Page 35]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Rix William-Keys CollegeNaval
Rix Charlotte (Fowle-
Rix Mary Anne16
Rix Martin14
Rix Robert Fowle9
Flagg Elizth. Dersingham-Can read
Melton John40BuntingCant read23
Melton Jane (Chapman)29Can read
Melton Mary Anne10
Melton Elizabeth6
Melton Thomas4
Melton Robert1
Beer Shop
Bunting Robert-his ownCan read
Bunting Elizabeth-
Bunting Thomas. Mard at Anmer31
Bunting John. Single29Not heard of
for 5 years
Bunting Rose (Md Richd Lord)27
Bunting Mary. Single at home25
Bunting Hannah. Single at Lynn23
Bunting Susannah. Single at home20
Bunting Elizabeth base Child1of Mary Bunting

[Page 36]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Staines Edmund Senr61Mrs Minns Cant read
Staines Mary (57Can read
Staines Robt. md on the Green33Rolfe Do
Staines Willm. mard32L'Estrange Do
Staines Francis. Sailor Lynn30
Staines Edmund. Do Do28
Staines Susan. Service at home23
Staines John. Do Do19
Staines Thomas. Do Do18
Staines Sarah. Do Do16
Minns William45Mrs Minns
Minns Elizabeth (Lassen of37Massingham24
Minns Anne. Service at Hunston18 Dressmaker wth
Anne Boothsby
Minns William14
Minns Mary9
Minns Harriet3
Minns Robert32Mrs Minns
Minns Martha (Sheldrake of29Dersingham
Minns Mary Anne8
Minns Lucy5
Minns Charlotte4
Minns Harriett1
Minns Rose. Widow66her own
Minns Mary. Service at Lynn47
Minns Anne. Service at Clowes's of43Snettisham
Minns Rose Mary. Service London41
Minns Jane. Service at home39(.X.)
Minns Hannah (Towler Widow37Service at the Hall
Minns Robert. Mard at Heacham32
Minns Susan (Pearce at Spencers29Field Barn
Minns John } Base Children of15
Minns Elizth } Jane Minns (.X.)6

[Page 37]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Minns's Yard
Bradfield Charles Taylor40Mrs Minns Can read
Bradfield Elizabeth40
Bradfield Elizabeth. Single45 Sister to Charles
- not right
Collen William65His own
Collen Elizth (Grice)-
Collen John wth a Carpenter at24Rudham
Grice Henry. Bricklayer55Brother to Elizabeth
Cage Street
Jacob Henry. Widower85Mrs Yaxley Stone Blind
Jacob Tom. Mard48Cant read
Jacob Sarah (-)47Cant read
Jacob Hannah13
Jacob Elizabeth10
Jacob James7
Jacob Robert5
Old Jacobs Family
Jacob Betsey. Mard Bird of Appleton50
Jacob Tom - as above48
Jacob Mary. Mard Sooley. farrier46 at Gayton
Jacob Charles. Mard38Rolfe
Jacob Robert. Mard at Heacham27Heughs
Jacob Anne. Mard Harrison Lynn36

[Page 38]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Newton Tom. Transported33Mrs Yaxley Cant read18
Newton Ellen (31Can read
Newton Mary Anne Wright6
Newton Rebecca Norton4
Frarey John38Mrs YaxleyCan read
Frarey Hannah (Wickes of41Fring
Cant read
Wix William son of the21 above Hannah
lives at Spencers
Godsall Edward. Pensioner45Mrs Yaxley Cant read
Awful Char!
Godsall Lydia39 Sister to Edward
the Vilest of the Vile
Base Childr(en) of Lydia
Godsall Edward16
Godsall Sarah9
Godsall Fanny3
Grimes Richard50Mrs YaxleyCan read
Grimes Anne (-)49Can read
Grimes Mary. Md Shred of Anmer25
Grimes Lucy. Md Barrett of Heachm23
Grimes Stephen. Service at home20Cant read
Grimes Richard. Do Do18
Grimes Edmund. Do Do15
Grimes James. Do Do13 Cant read
Grimes Elizabeth10
Grimes Caroline4

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Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Godsall James25GrangerCan read
Godsall Anne (Parnell of21Hunston - Can read 9
Godsall Sarah Anne2
Strangleman Hamond53GrangerCant read
Strangleman Margaret (-53Cant read
Strangleman Robert. A Soldier21Can read
Strangleman Richard. Service at Mr18 Stantons Ling House
Strangleman James16Can read
Strangleman Henry14Can read
Strangleman Hamond12Can read
Jarrett James25GrangerCan read
Jarrett Anne (-Can read
Nichols Mary. Widow69GrangerCan read
Vincent Anne. Widow54
Hensby Sarah. Widow80
Anne Vincents Family
Vincent Thomas-
Vincent Mary. Md to Charles Frarey26
Vincent John. Md to Susan Baldwin24
Vincent Anne21

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Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Pigge Square
Russell John (Miller for Wagg31Wagg
Russell Mary (Wagg)37
Richardson Clement55Browne
Richardson Rose Mary (Wagg44
Richardson Thomas15
Richardson John13
Richardson Clement11
Terry James (Norgates Mill)25{ Recently married
Terry Mary Anne (Wagg)22{& lodge here
Jarrett Willm Senr57Browne
Jarrett William {Mar Langford28
Jarrett Anne { Langford25
Langford John. Widower33Can read
Langford Sarah7
Peacock Martha. Widow63Mrs Heugh
Peacock Mary. md to Cole of32 Ingoldisthorpe
Peacock Robert works for Lewis30Cant read
Peacock Sarah. Single28Cant read

[Page 41]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Heugh's Yard
Buck Susan. Single64Mrs Heugh
Jacob Robert34Mrs Heugh Shepd to Spanton
Jacob Mary (Shaul of Rudham34
Jacob Charles12
Jacob Susan11
Jacob David8
Jacob Henry2
Jacob Robert1
Baldwin William. Widower54Mrs Heugh Cant read
Duffields Team
Baldwin Mary. Daugr & Housekeeper30 Bad health
Baldwin John. Md in London28
Baldwin Sarah. Md to Howard26
Baldwin Susan. Md to Vincent22
Baldwin Dinah. Service at Lynn20
Baldwin Robert. Service at L'Estrange18
Stannard William26Mrs Heugh Can read
Stannard Jemima (Parnell of25Hunston- Can read9
Stannard Mary Anne4
Stannard John2
Stannard Elizth. Widow71 Mother to William
Cant read

[Page 42]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Heugh's Yard
Heugh Faith. Widow71Her ownCan read
Heugh Henry - Tailor42
Heugh Anne (Frost Widow- Mard to Granger
Kitton Mary Anne. Widow-Mrs Heugh
Plowright Martha her Daugr- her Husband James in Service N.S.W.
Plowright Lucy her Child6
Towler Thomas (Carrier)38HeughsCan read
Towler Anne (-)30Can read
Towler Anne4
Towler Michael John1
Clements Stagg70PiggsCan read
Clements Anne (-)-
Howard Hannah. Snettisham18Can read
Pigge Andrew-His ownDestructive
Pigge Curtis Anne. Servant-

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Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Pigges Court
Crispe Thomas48PiggeLittle Farm - Can read 22
Crispe Dove (44Can read
Crispe William. Single23
Crispe Emily. Single21Dressmaker
Crispe Thomas17
Crispe Martha14
Crispe Elizabeth9
Burcham Mary. Widow-Davy
Burcham John. Exiseman-
Burcham Elizabh. Mard Farnell in- London
Burcham Fanny - Service at Home-
Burcham Charles. Heralds Office-
James Betsey. Hillington20Reads
Beer Shop
Cory Robert40David WaggHeathen
Cory Sarah (Edmunds of41Heacham
Cory William. Single at home18
Cory Elizabeth13
Cory Anne12
Cory James10
Cory Lucy8
Cory Sarah6
Cory Amelia4
Cory Abraham1

[Page 44]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Dawes William Senr61Rolfe Carpenter
Dawes Mary (Daniel Snettisham56
Dawes William. Md in Yaxley Row28Yaxley
Dawes Samuel. Service Snettisham25
Dawes John. Service L'Estrange21
Dawes Lucy with her Brother Sam19
Dawes Mary. Service at home17
Dawes Edward12
Daniel Giles. Nephew to Mrs Dawes16
Newton William. Transported35James Bradfield Can read18
Newton Alice (Woods of Holme)45 her first husband
was Woods. Reads
Newton Francis7
Newton George8
Woods John16First family
Howard Robert26James BradfieldCan read
Howard Sarah (Baldwin)26 (sister to sick
Baldwin in Heugh's Court
Howard Maryanne2

[Page 45]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Fox Henry (Bradfields Ship)32James Bradfield
Fox Anne (Emerson Brancasr)-
Fox George at Sea16
Fox Mary13
Fox Ellen6
Fox Harriett4
Fox Henry2
Frarey Abel Senr56James Bradfield Cant read
Frarey Anne (-)54Cant read
Frarey Sarah. Service at home31Keeps a School
Frarey Abel. Mard at Heacham27 } Twins
Frarey Hervey. Do Folgate27} Twins
Frarey Robert. Md at Heacham24 Md Chapman -Wagg Sqr
Admirer of Rix's Girl
Frarey William. Single at home18 7 Yrs with Duffield
Studd John. Lodger72

[Page 46]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Late Town Houses
Bunting Henry27Boothsby.LondonCant read
Bunting Elizabeth (Frarey)24 Orphan -Reads a little
(Took Marys child)
Bunting John4
Cooper William64Boothsby.LondonCant read
Cooper Tabitha46Cant read
Cooper Edward. Single at Dodmans22 Worked in my Garden
Cant read
Cooper Mary Anne. Single at home19Can read
Cooper Ellen. Single at home17Can read
Cooper Elizabeth. Single at home12{ Twins
Cooper John. Single at home12{ Twins
Cooper William8
Cooper Henry6Decline
Cooper James59Boothsby.London Brother to William
Cant read
Cooper Mary (Lewis Thornham46Can read
Cooper Maria. Service at Lynn25
Cooper Anne. Service at Downham21
Cooper Harriett. Service at Lynn17
Cooper Saml. Single at home16
Cooper Robt. Boards wth Harrison15
Cooper Thomas at home13
Cooper Charlotte10
Boothsby Alonzo25Boothsby.London Bad fellow
Base by Monument
neither of them read
Boothsby Charlotte (Painter33
Boothsby Charlotte1

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Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Late Town Houses
Barrett John35Boothsby.London Cant read - Drinks
Barrett Lucy (Grimes)22Cant read
Barrett Mary1
Lee George42Boothsby.LondonCant read
Lee Alice (Wells. Dersingham)39Can read
Lee William (lives at Spencers)17
Lee Emily14
Lee Henry12
Lee John10
Lee George8
Lee Emanuel6
Lee Sarah4
Lee Edward2
Lee Mary Anne1
Frarey Abel Junr27Boothsby.London Can read
Dealer in Testamts
Frarey Rosetta (Rust Heacham)31
Wilton Tom - Bad Fellow52Boothsby.London Never goes to Church
Wilton Winifred (Wales Hunston48 1st Husbd was James Rogers9
Wilton Eliza6
Rogers Charlotte20 Service in London
Childr by
first Husband
Rogers Rose Mary Anne- Service in Suffolk
Childr by
first Husband

[Page 48]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Leech Pit Houses
Newton John27Boothsby.LondonCan read
Newton Mary (Sands Hunston)26 Sister to W. Monuments
wife & Harvey
Frareys Wife
Newton Susan5
Newton William1
Leggett Edmund. Widower41Rolfe Can read
Leggett Mary2
Fakenbridge Decimy- { Sisters of his late
Fakenbridge -----{ wife. Castle Rising
Hickman Charles-Dissenting Minister

[Page 49]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Harrison John54Rolfe
Harrison Rebecca (Thorbone)60
Harrison Elizabeth16
Thorbone William (Guernsey)42
Howlett Jane (Snettisham)19Can read
Cooper Robert15
Fishing Lodge
Bussey Thomas76L'EstrangeCant read
Bussey Anne (Newman of73 Swannington
Cant read
Bussey Sarah. Md Simmonds of51 Brancaster
Bussey Anne. Md Roome of Lynn46
Bussey Mary. Md Greenacre of45 Dersingham
Bussey James. Md at Snettisham43
Bussey Thos. md at Loughboro'42
Bussey John. md at Cambridge31
+ Bussey Esther. md Evans at Do28
Bussey William. Base Child of Esther12

[Page 50]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Heacham Lodge
Davy Emily Miss-Keys College
Bocking Mary-
Pratt Elizabeth-
Flood Henry-
Wells Robert60Keys College
Wells Mary58
Wells John-Service(at) L'Estrange
Wells Robert. Widower Md Collinson- On the Common
Carter Elizabeth. late House-keeper- to Dr Davy
Roythorne James52Rolfe Cant read
Heathenish Chap
Roythorne Sarah (53Can read
Roythorne James. md next door27
Roythorne Mary Anne. Md Langford26
Roythorne Hannah. Single25} Laundrasses
Roythorne Maria. Single21} at Lynn
Roythorne Sophia. Single at home19
Roythorne Robt. at home. Prentice18 to Minns19
Roythorne William. at home16
Roythorne Whiting12
Roythorne John9
Roythorne James27RolfeCan read
Roythorne Eliza. Pitts of Shernborne26
Roythorne Anne4
Roythorne James John3
Roythorne William2

[Page 51]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Fowle Robert-Rolfe
Fowle Mary-
Fowle Charlotte. Md to Wm Rix-
Sharpen Elizabeth18Cant read
Bradfield James-his own
Bradfield Sarah-
Bradfield Sarah. md Desbro'- of Southgate
Bradfield Mary. md Chapman27 N. Elmham
Bradfield Martha. wth Robt B. her uncle25
Mill Cottages
Vincent Thomas-L'EstrangeCant read
Vincent Jane-Can read
Vincent Louisa6
Mallett William58L'EstrangeCan read
Mallett Elizabeth (Blind)60
-X- Mallett Elizabeth. Single at home22
Mallett Benjamin. Single at home18Can read
Mallett Mary Anne. Base child of1Elizabeth

[Page 52]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Old Mill
Ellis Robert-L'Estrange
Ellis Mary his sister-
Boyce Anne-
Benstead John. Base Child of
 Folker's wife Heacham Bottom
15Can read
Norgate William27L'Estrange
Norgate Louisa26
Norgate William Carter1
Harris Jane (Widow)-
Harris Jane8

[Page 53]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Brick Kiln House
Bond William. Widower-L'Estrange
Bond Sophy. md to Sadler Snettisham34
Bond Anne. md to Timothy Wright32
Parsons Willm20gone for soldier
Parsons Susan18 Grandchildren of William Bond
Towler John. Widower70L'Estrange
Towler Thomas37Norwich Carrier
Towler Mary. Single at home35
Towler Betsey. Single at home30
Towler Joseph. Single Lynn 25Shoemaker
Towler Maria. Single at home22
Heacham Bottom
[ Diggins James29L'EstrangeCan read4
Diggins Rose (Hancock of Snettisham)28Can read ]
  - Note that Diggins entry was
replaced by the following Woods entry:-
Woods Robert40 Works at Nortons
Parishioners of Snettisham
Brother to L'Estrange's keeper
Woods Elizabeth ( )37
Woods Thos19
Woods Jane17
Woods Elizth11
Woods Mary10
Woods John4
Woods William3
Hensby William27L'EstrangeCan read
Hensby Elizth (Wilmerson)29
Hensby James8
Hensby William John5
Hensby Henry3
Hensby Ellen1

[Page 54]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
[ Matsell James. Widower54L'Estrange4
Matsell Mary Anne24Single at home
Matsell James (Cripple)21Single at home
Matsell Sarah15Single at home ]
  - Note that Matsell entry was
replaced by the following Woods entry:-
Woods James-L'Estrange Can read
formerley Gamekeeper
to L'Estrange
Woods Sarah-Dissatisfied Grumbler
Woods Georgiana11
Woods Emma10
Hensby Benjamin55L'EstrangeCant read
Hensby Elizabeth (Johnson50 of Dersingham)
Cant read
Hensby William. (md Wilmerson)27
Hensby Mary11
Johnson Zilpah75 Mother to Elizabeth
Can read
Crisp John54L'EstrangeCan read
Crisp Sarah (Ashley)49
*. Crisp Mary - Single at home27Bad legs
Crisp Maria - subject to fits19 Can read
[Service at Mr Davies
Crisp Thomas William13
Crisp Edward11
*. Crisp Alfred. Base Son5of Mary Crisp
Folker Richard40L'EstrangeCant read
Folker Elizth (Benstead46
Folker William9
Benstead John18 Son of Elizth lives at
[Ellis' Mill] Mr Bishops

[Page 55]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Heacham Bottom Farm
Spanton William-L'Estrange
Spanton Mary-
Spanton Mary Anne19
Spanton Robert John18
Spanton Emily17
Spanton Edward13
Spanton Fredric12
Spanton Eliza11
Spanton Catherine9
Spanton Thomas7
Spanton Albert4
Spanton Ellen2
Farrer Lucy. Dersingham20
Heacham Folgate
Collinson Thomas63Monument Beer Shop
Cant read
Collinson Anne (Diggins of Burnham)48
Collinson Thomas2
Parsons Mary. daugr16 of Anne Collinson
by former marriage
Frarey Harvey27MonumentCant read
Frarey Rose (Sands of Hunston)29read a little 9

[Page 56]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Heacham Folgate
Boothsby Henry40MonumentCan read
Boothsby Anne (Harrison of Stanhoe)41Can read
Boothsby Susan9
Boothsby James6
Bunting Charles28Keys CollegeCan read
Bunting Mary (Riches of27West Newton
Cant read
Bunting John8
Bunting William6
Jewell Edmund37Keys CollegeCant read
Jewell Jane (Crown of Ringstead)27
Jewell Susannah4

[Page 57]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Heacham Folgate
Frarey John64Keys Collegeread a little
Frarey Anne (Farrer)60
Frarey Maria (Post Office)43
Frarey John - Service at Mr40 Norgate's
Frarey Catherine. Mard to Wm37 Heley
Frarey Charles. Mard in Yaxley26 Terrace
Frarey Robert. Single at home21
Frarey Elizth. Service at20 Geyton Thorpe
Frarey Thos. Single at home18
Frarey Farrer. Single at home13
Frarey Anne8
Carston Winifred55Keys College Widow. Drew
of Docking
Bunting Thomas75Keys CollegeCant read
Bunting Elizabeth76Do

[Page 58]

Surname Christian name(s)
Age Landlord Remarks Notes
Bunting William66Keys CollegeCant read
Bunting Ellen (Hamment)54 Yellow Bunting
Can read
Bunting Susan. Md Chilvers of34 Snettisham
Bunting Charles. Mard Riches31 of West Winch
lives at Folgate
Bunting Henry. Mard Frarey29 lives at Poor Houses
Bunting Ellen. Mard Robt Green27 Lives at Yaxley Terrace
Bunting Mary Anne. Single at home25 Two base Children
Bunting Jane. Service at Lynn22
Bunting Eliza. Service at Lynn19
Bunting William. Single at home15
Manor Farm
Spenser William-L'Estrange17
Spenser Marian Augusta-
Spenser William-
Spenser Marian-
Spenser Henry-
Spenser Edmund-
Spenser Susan-
Spenser Jane-
Spenser John-
Spenser Lucy-

[End of Census Document]

[Census was followed by]

Christmas Dinner

-- at the --
Wheatsheaf Inn

1Henry Grice15Old Widow Cory
2--- Rhodes16Widow Nichols
3Miles Lake17William Cooper
4Richard Lake18William Draper
5Edmund Moore19James Grice
6James Doughty20John Hall
7James Melton21Peggy O'Hurley
8George Melton
9George Lee2/- each for dinner
10William BuntingBeer extra 1 pint to
11Elizth Buntingthe women 1 quart to
12Ann Burrellthe men 3d a pint
13Sarah Hinsby
14Old Monument

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