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Norfolk: Halvergate

William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

HALVERGATE, a parish and well-built village, 7 miles W. of Yarmouth, has 495 souls, and 2675A. 2R. 35P. of land, two-thirds of which are marshes. Though now distant about 3 miles S. of the Bure, and 4 miles N. of the Yare, Halvergate was a sea port, before the land was formed on which Yarmouth is built. (See page 236 [which is part of the history of Yarmouth].)

Robert Fellowes, Esq., is lord of the manor, and owner of part of the soil; and the rest belongs to Robert Howard, Esq., C. and R. Gillett, and a few smaller owners.

The CHURCH (St. Peter and St. Paul,) is an ancient fabric, but the chancel has been rebuilt of brick. The vicarage, valued in the King's Book at £5, has 43A. 1R. 14P. of glebe, and a yearly rent of £236. 9s. 4d. in lieu of tithes. The Rev. George Burgess is the incumbent; and the Bishop of Ely is patron, and also appropriator of the rectorial tithes, which have been commuted for £330. 9s. 10d. per annum.

The Fuel Allotment, 16A. 3R. 12P., awarded at the enclosure in 1805, is let for £21, which is distributed in coals among the poor, who have also a yearly rent-charge of £5, left by Judith Lambe, in 1735, out of her estate here.

	Beck      James          bricklayer
	Belson    William        shopkeeper
	Farman    Robert         basket maker
	Gillett   Wm.            gent
	Howard    Rt. Esq
	Ives      Robert         vict. Lion
	Ives      Barzilia       farrier, &c
	Lincoln   John           vict. Crown
	Mallett   Robert         joiner, &c
	Messenger Rev John       curate
	Rushmer   Edward         corn miller
	Shepherd  S.             overlooker of marsh
	Smith     Helena         beer seller
	Turner    Joseph         schoolmaster
	Wales     John           parish clerk
	Willgress James          gentleman
	Wyand     Eliz.          vict. Hare & Hounds

	   Blacksmiths.             Butchers.

	Smith     Robert         Rumble    Benj
	Wyand     Alfred         Smith     Samuel
	                         Wyand     Philip


	Dawdy     Edward         Howard    Benj.
	Gillett   Richard        Rushmer   James
	Gillett   Robert         Sharman   Henry
	Gillett   Wm. jun.       Walnes    Robert

	   Joiners.                 Shoemakers.

	Gooch     Robert         Jones     Thomas
	Jones     Edw. shopr     Mallett   James
	                         Turner    Charles

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