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Norfolk: Gasthorpe

Census: 1841

The National Archives (was PRO) ref is HO/107/775/4

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Surname Index

The following surnames are contained in the document. The numbers following each are the Page numbers 4 to 8 in Folios 2, 3 and 4 [the census is contained entirely in three Folios] which contain one or more occurences of the name.

Barsham (p8)
Bickers (p6,p7)
Blake (p6)
Brame (p6)
Colman (p5)
Culhem (p5)
Cutter (p7)
Goold (p5)
Green (p7)
Harvy (p4)
Hinnels (p5)
Hinnells (p5,p6)
Houghton (p6,p7)
Howe (p4)
Hunt (p4)
Kerrage (p4)
Ladle (p7)
Land (p7)
Ling (p4)
Lovack (p5,p7)
Marley (p7)
Merton (p4)
Noble (p6)
Norton (p6)
Powel (p7)
Riches (p4)
Ruddock (p6)
Saunders (p4)
Seamans (p8)
Sheldrake (p4)
Skinner (p7)
Smith (p5)
Snare (p7,p8)
Tyler (p4)

The Census

F(olio) 2 - Page 4

PLACE Un In Names Age/
S, I
or F
1John Riches30GamekeeperY
Caroline do25Y
Jeremiah do  4Y
John do  2Y
George do  1Y
1Mary Hunt60IndependentY
do1Edward Tyler40CarpenterY
Elizabeth do30Y
William do  2Y
Farm1Edward Sheldrake35FarmerY
Catherine do30Y
Katherine do  2Y
Hannah Merton20F. S.Y
Hannah Saunders20F. S.Y
Mary Howe20F. S.Y
George Harvy15M. S.Y
Solomon Ling12M. S.Y
Cottage1Robert Howe50Ag LabN
Ann do50N
Elizh Kerrage24Y
James do  4Y
Robert do  2Y
Ellen Howe15Y
TOTAL in }
  Page 4     }
  [See Notes]
F(olio) 3   Page 5
1Robert Smith35BlacksmithY
Harriett do40N
Frances do  7Y
Robert do  3Y
Robert Goold35JY
Cottage1Jeremiah Colman70IndeptY
Do1William Lovack50Ag LabY
Eliza do20N
Mary do18Y
Ann do16Y
James do  6Y
Mary Ann do  4Y
do1Robert Hinnells30Ag LabY
Emma do30N
Joseph do  8Y
Robert do  6Y
Caroline do  2Y
Selina do3 MonY
do1Joseph Hinnels40Ag LabY
Sarah do39Y
Charles Culhem  8Y
David Hinnels  5N
Mary do  3Y
do1John Hinnels65Ag LabY
Eliza do18Y
TOTAL in }
  Page 5     }
F(olio) 3   Page 6
Cottage1William Brame60Ag LabrN
Mary do60N
Maria do25Y
William do20Y
Cottage1James Noble30CarpenterN
Maria do30Y
Harriet do10N
Isabel do  9N
do1John Hinnells35SawyerY
John do11Y
Harrett do  9Y
Mary Ruddock30HousekeeperY
Mary do10N
Rachel do  8N
Sarah Bickers50[Widow]Y
do1Edward Norton65GrocerY
Frances do65Y
William do  8Y
do1Obadiah Houghton35Ag LabY
Fanny do34N
George Blake14N
Mary Ann Houghton  8Y
Emma do  7Y
Walter do  4Y
TOTAL in }
  Page 6     }
F(olio) 4   Page 7
Oliver Houghton  2Y
Mary Houghton2 MonY
Christopher Land35Y
Eliza Green15Y
Cottage1Francis Snare70Ag LabrN
Patricia do68N
Charles do25Y
Robert Snare12Y
Louisa Bickers  6Y
Robert Ladle60Ag LabY
William Lovack23Ag LabY
do1Samuel Skinner30Ag LabN
Elizabeth do30Y
Ann do12Y
Sabina do  7Y
Bathsheba do  5Y
Rebecca do  3Y
Samuel do13Y
James do11 MonY
William Marley24Ag LabY
Jane Skinner18Y
do1William Cutter24ShepherdN
Mary do25Y
Edward do  6Y
Isac (sic) Powel15LodgerN
TOTAL in }
  Page 7     }
F(olio) 4   Page 8
Cottage1James Barsham70Ag LabrY
Elizabeth do58Y
do1George Snare28Ag LabY
Eliza do27N
Robert do  8Y
Maria do  6Y
Reuben do  4Y
Ann do  1Y
do1Phillip Seamans70Ag LabN
Pheba do59N
Samuel Seamans30Y
Sarah do18Y
Ann do17Y
John do15Y
TOTAL in }
  Page 8     }
  3  7  7
Page No Inhabited
Building Males Females
Total on Page 4    4  12  11
Total on Page 5    6  13  12
Total on Page 6    5  10  14
Total on Page 7    3  14  11
Total on Page 8    3    7    7

Totals  21  56  55

Total of Persons 111

[End of Census Document]


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