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Norfolk: Feltwell

William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1864

[Transcription copyright © Pat Newby]

The description of the parish has not been transcribed because it is similiar to that in White's Directories for 1845 and 1883.

These are the names in the text that are not included in the list of residents and tradespeople, below:

	  Clough     Robt.
	  Clough     Miss Pleasance
	  Jecks      Wm., Esq.
	  Mundeford  Sir Edmund
	  Mundeford  Francis and Osbert
	  Mundeford  Margaret
	  Newcome    E. Clough, Esq.
	  Newcome    Rev. Wm.
	  Newcome    Rev. Wm. Cyril
	  Rawlins    Rev. Thos.
This is the list of the tradespeople and the most prominent residents.

POST OFFICE at Hy. Rudland's. Letters despatched, via Brandon, at 7.55 p.m. Money Orders are granted and paid.

	  Addison    Henry             shopkeeper
	  Archer     George            surgeon
	  Ashton     William           brazier, &c.
	  Bumstead   William           cabinet maker
	  Churchyard James             land steward
	  Cock       Robert            joiner (& Wilton)
	  Day        Rev. Theodore
	               Hy. C., B.A.    curate
	  Field      William           horse breaker
	  Grimmer    Robert            wheelwright
	  Heading    Hy. & Wm.         corn millers
	  Hunt       Wm.               hairdresser and glover
	  Isaacson   W. & Son          solrs. (Mondays only)
	  Lambley    Mr. Josa.
	  Leach      Miss Susan
	  Moore      John              corn & coal merchant
	  Newcome    Edw. Clough, Esq. Hall
	  Pells      J.C.              falconer to Duke of St. Albans
	  Petitt     Daniel H.         bricklayer
	  Prior      Susan             druggist and stationer
	  Richardson John              millwright
	  Richardson Robert            veterinary surgeon
	  Rudland    Hy.               par. clerk & tax collector
	  Smith      Mr Jno.
	  Sparke     Rev. Edw.         rector of Feltwell, vicar of
	               Bowyer, M.A.       Littleport, and canon of Ely,
	  Upcraft    William           watchmaker
	  Walden     Hy.               steam machine propr.
	  Young      Mr Chpr.
	  Young      Miss Mary Ann


	  Jaggard    Rt. Lock          (& confectioner)
	  Oliffe     Rt.               cattle dlr.


	  Drake      Evans
	  Stallon    John

	     BLACKSMITHS.                 BUTCHERS.

	  Banham     John              Harwin     Richard
	  Drake      Evans             King       Francis
	  Palmer     William           Lubbock    Henry
	                               Oliffe     Charles

	                     * are owners.

	* Andrews    Thomas            Mitchell   Benjn.
	  Barton     Geo. & Rt.        Place      John
	  Brown      Anthony         * Plowman    James
	* Brown      Philip          * Prior      John A.
	* Cock       James             Prior      Thomas
	  Cock       John              Pryor      Robert
	  Desforge   Samuel            Riches     Samuel
	  Feetham    William           Rudland    Henry
	  Flower     Isbla. Place      Rudland    Joseph
	  Forster    Joseph          * Rudland    Mrs My.
	  Gilson     Cook              Russell    Robert
	  Gilson     Thomas            Spencer    Elizabeth
	  Griffin    Chas. Manor     * Stallon    Henry
	  Grimmer    Robert          * Stallon    John
	* Heading    Henry             Stokes     Jabez
	* Hudson     John            * Turner     John
	* Jacob      John            * West       J., Elm Fm.
	* Lambard    Daniel          * West       J., Cross Fm.
	* Lambard    William         * Whitemore  John
	* Leach      Thomas            Whitemore  Wm.
	                             * Young      Jthn. Holix


	  Brand      William
	  Johnson    Fras.             (& insurance agent)
	  Palmer     Jonathan
	  Spencer    Susan


	  Feetham    W                 Anchor
	  Bitson     Hy.               Bell
	  Constable  Mary              Chequers
	  Spencer    Eliz.             Cock
	  Rice       Robt.             Oak
	  Cock       John              Ship


	  Arnold     My. Ann
	  Lambert    Ellen

	     PLUMBERS, &c.                SADDLERS.

	  Hendry     Cornelius         Foster     Joseph
	  Spencer    Francis           Whittle    George


	  Clarke     Roderick J.
	  & Macnalley  My. A.          Endowed
	  Smith      Eliza
	  Spencer    Ann

	     SHOEMAKERS.                  TAILORS.

	  Brewington Shadh.            Bitson     Henry
	  Caney      William           Richardson Walter
	  Hudson     John              Spencer    Wm. (& land
	  Upcraft    Walter                         surveyor)
	  Watts      Joseph            Whitmore   Henry

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