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Norfolk: North Elmham

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North Elmham is about 5 miles N. of East Dereham.
South Elmham is in Suffolk.


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Church Directories

Church History

Church of St Mary
Description and pictures.
Church of St Mary
Description, services, etc.
The Church
North Elmham: Church of St Mary the Virgin.
[North Elmham, The Church, 1980s]
Wade-Martins, Peter and Wade-Martins, Susanna
St Mary's Church, North Elmham.
[North Elmham, North Elmham Parochial Church Council, 1979]
Reeve, Ken
Elmham Methodist Church, 1876-1976: Centenary celebrations and reunion: October 1976.
[North Elmham, The Church, 1976]
North Elmham and South Elmham
The Mystery of the Two Elmhams.
The Saxon Cathedral
Sketch of a possible reconstruction.
Bishop's Chapel
Description and pictures.
Clapham, A.W.
The Saxon Cathedral of Elmham.
[Norwich, Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society, in "Norfolk Archaeology" vol.23, 1929]
Cranage, David Herbert Somerset
The "Cathedra" of the Bishop of Norwich.
[Norwich, Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society, in "Norfolk Archaeology" vol.27, 1941]
Holbeach, H.D. (editor)
The First 1300 Years 673-1973: North Elmham.
[Brisley and Elmham Deanery, 1973]
Howlett, Richard
The Ancient See of Elmham.
[Norwich, Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society, in "Norfolk Archaeology" vol.18, 1914]
Rigold, Stuart Eborall
North Elmham, Saxon Cathedral.
[ISBN 1850740100, English Heritage, Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission, 1985]
Wade-Martins, Peter and Wade-Martins, Susanna
The Anglo-Saxon Cathedral, North Elmham.
[North Elmham, North Elmham Parochial Church Council, 1977]

Church Records

Legge, Augustus George
The Ancient Register of North Elmham, Norfolk, 1538-1631.
[Norwich, Agas H. Goose, 1888]
[Facsimile reproduction on CD, 2008?]
Archdeacon's Transcripts or Bishop's Transcripts
Baptisms, Marriages and Burials.
These are included in Boyd's Marriage Index.
They are not included in Phillimore's Marriage Registers.
Extracts from Parish Register Transcripts
Some surnames, vicars and churchwardens.
Legge, Augustus George
Ancient Churchwardens' Accounts in the Parish of North Elmham, from AD 1539 to AD 1577, with descriptive notes and a glossary.
[Norwich, Agas H. Goose, 1891]
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Civil Registration

For the civil registration of births, marriages and deaths between 1837 and 1930 (and for the censuses from 1851 to 1901), North Elmham was in Mitford and Launditch Registration District.

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Description and Travel

North Elmham News
News, parish council, etc.
Rose, Edwin J.
A New Guide to North Elmham.
[North Elmham, 1990s]
County School Railway Station
Description, history, pictures, etc.
This is a link to an archived copy.
North Elmham Water Mill
Description, history and pictures.
North Elmham Post Mill
Short description.
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Historical Geography

North Elmham is in Launditch Hundred.
Parish outline and location.
See Parish Map for Launditch Hundred
Description of Launditch Hundred
1845: White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk

Land and Property

Macnair, Andrew Duncan
Foulsham and North Elmham: the landscapes of two Norfolk parishes at the time of Parliamentary enclosure.
[Norwich, Norfolk and Norwich Archaeology Society, in "Norfolk Archaeology", vol.44, part 2, 2003]
Great Britain. Inclosure Commissioners
Statement of claims: North Elmham.
Drawn up in pursuance of the Act of Inclosure, 1829.
North Elmham 79 claims; Brisley and Gateley 11 claims Includes lands from the parishes of Brisley and Gateley forming part of North Elmham Great Heath.
Great Britain: Statute
North Elmham Inclosure Act, 1829.
An act for inclosing lands in the parish of North Elmham in the county of Norfolk: 13th April 1829.
[London, George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1829]
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Modern and Historical Maps
Maps of the parish.

Military Records

Roll of Honour
World Wars 1 and 2.
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Names, Personal

Sondes (Lord)
See Norfolk People and Families

Poorhouses, Poor Law, etc


These figures are from the population tables which were produced after the 10-yearly national censuses. The "Families" heading includes families and single occupiers.

Year   Inhabited
Families Population
1801122163  836
1811127190  896
Year   Inhabited
Families Population
1901243247  999
1911---252  919

There may be more people living in detached parts of the parish (if there were any) and, if so, the number may or may not be included in the figures above. It is quite difficult to be sure from the population tables.

1861 Census
"The return for North Elmham in 1861 includes 89 strangers attending a fair."
1901 Census
"Including Broom Green and Great Heath."

Other population figures


Dodds, Matt and Virgoe, Norma
The village school, North Elmham (edited by Peter Wade-Martins).
[North Elmham School and Home Association, 1978]
Watts Naval Training School
Description, pictures, etc.
Gibbs, A.W.
Watts Naval Training School, North Elmham, Norfolk.
[Norwich, Typescript in Norwich Local Studies Library, 1999]
Watts Naval Training School
Focus on Watts Naval Training School.
[The Guild Messenger, 1973]
(no author)
The Watts Naval Training School: What it is and what it is doing.
[Printed at the press of Dr. Barnardo's Homes, 1913]
Norfolk County School Association
Elmham: Norfolk County School.
[Fakenham, T.J. Miller, 1890s]

Voting Registers

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