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Norfolk: Eccles - 1841 Census

The National Archives (was PRO) ref is HO/107/781/12

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Surname Index

The following surnames are contained in the document. The numbers following each are the Page numbers 5 to 9 in Folios 3, 4 and 5 [the census is contained entirely in three Folios] which contain one or more occurences of the name.

Abrey? (p8)
Balls (p5)
Barnard (p7)
Beales (p6, p7)
Bunn (p5)
Bunton (p8)
Bussey (p9)
Claxton (p5)
Collings (p5)
Cooke (p5)
Crook (p6)
Crooke (p7)
Gant (p9)
Howes (p7)
Knock (p7)
Lambert (p5)
Ling (p9)
Lubbock (p5)
Norton (p5)
Orsborn (p5)
Pack (p9)
Park (p8)
Pigg (p8)
Reeve (p8)
Renolds (p7)
Rout (p5)
Rudd (p7, p8)
Russels (p6)
Saunders (p9)
Sewel (p6)
Trew (p7)
Williams (p6, p9)
Willingham (p8)
Willimont (p8)

The Census

F(olio) 3 - Page 5

PLACE Un In Names Age/
S, I
or F
1Wm Orsborn60Ag LabN
1George Collings35J. BlkSmithY
Sophia Do25Y
John Do  9Y
Mary Do  5Y
Elizbth (sic) ---  4monY
1Richard Lubbock40RectorY
Emmia (sic) Do30Y
Catherine Do  4Y
Ellen Do  3Y
Richard Do  1Y
Elizbeth (sic) Do  3 monY
Charles Rout15M. S.Y
Sophia Claxton25F. S.Y
Charlott Bunn20F. S.Y
Sophia Norton20F. S.Y
Susan Balls15F. S.Y
1Wm Lambert45Baskt MakerY
Maria Do45Y
Edward Do15Y
Isaac Do14Shoem ApY
Wm Do10Y
George Do  8Y
Maria Do  5Y
1Wm Cooke45Agr LabY
TOTAL in }
  Page 5     }
F(olio) 3   Page 6
Ann Do45Y
John Do20Agr LabY
Thomas Do15BlksmithY
Wm Do15Agr LabY
Charlotte Do11Y
George Do10Y
Isaac Do  4Y
Sarah Do  2Y
1Sarah Williams60WasherwomanY
Charlotte Do25WasherwomanY
Jane Do20Y
1William Beales40Agr LabY
Rebecca Do45Y
John Do20Agr LabY
Maria Do15Y
Sarah Do  9Y
1John Russels45Agr LabN
Sarah Do40Y
Robt Do15Agr LabY
John Do14Y
Frances Do10Y
James Do  7Y
1Wm Sewel55Agr LabY
Mary Do55Y
1Jonas Crook55Agr LabY
TOTAL in }
  Page 6     }
F(olio) 4   Page 7
Mary Do55Y
Susan Do20Y
David Do20Agr LabY
George Do14Agr LabY
Stephen Do15Y
1Benjm (sic) Barnard54GardnerY
Charlotte Do54Y
Joseph Do22GardnerY
1John Howes50FarmerY
Mary Clarke35F. S.Y
1John Crooke25Agr LabY
Susan Do25Y
Walter Do  9Y
1Reuben Renolds65Ag LabY
Mary Do60Y
Sophia Smith20Y
Wm Do  1Y
Mary Watson55N
1Joseph Trew48FarmerN
Ann Do53N
Joseph Do15Y
Jane Do13Y
Wm Rudd20M. S.Y
James Beales20M. S.Y
Harriet Knock15F. S.Y
TOTAL in }
  Page 7     }
F(olio) 4   Page 8
1Elizbt Pigg20F. S.N
Harriot Do11Y
Robt Clark25M. S.Y
1John Willimont35M. S.Y
Elizabeth Do31Y
Mahala Do11Y
Elizebeth Do  4Y
James Do12Y
Noah Do9Y
1James Abrey/Abere?50ShepperdY
Mary Do50Y
Thomas Do13Y
Frances Do11Y
1James Park20ShepperdY
Elizebeth Do20?Y
Sarah Do  3Y
John Do  1Y
Overy1John Willingham27FarmerY
Sophia Do26Y
Sarah Do  5Y
Mary Do  3Y
Sophia Do  1Y
Robt Rudd25M. S.Y
Rebecca Reeve21F. S.Y
Hannah Bunton18F. S.Y
TOTAL in }
  Page 8     }
F(olio) 5   Page 9
OveryMary Gant16F. S.Y
1George Ling45Agr LabY
Frances Do43Y
Leonard Do20Y
Charles Do13Y
Mary Do  8Y
1Ambrose Williams30ShepperdY
Mary Do30Y
Charlotte Do  8Y
Sarah Do  4Y
William Do  2Y
1George Pack50Agr LabY
Rachel Do50Y
1Wm Bussey30Agr LabY
Mary Do22Y
Mary Do  3Y
1John Saunders47Agr LabY
Mary Do47Y
Stephen Do25Agr LabY
Mary Do24Y
Susan Do18Y
John Do15Y
Philip Do12Y
James Do  5Y
TOTAL in }
  Page 9     }
Page No Inhabited
Building Males Females
Total on Page 5    5  12  13
Total on Page 6    5  13  12
Total on Page 7    5  14  11
Total on Page 8    5  10  15
Total on Page 9    5  12  12

Totals  25  61  63


Total of Persons 124

[End of Census Document]


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