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Norfolk: Downham Market

Land Tax 1791

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[Transcription copyright © Elizabeth Howard]

Owners Land and Tenements Occupier Rent Gross taxes 1/4ly payment
Bridgereeves of Downham Ho.Lands & tents Wm Waller £84.0. £16.16. £4.0.
Bayfield, Benm Ho.. Self £9.10.

Ho.. Beech? 15.s 14s 3s6d

Stock 25£

Barrett, Edmd Ho... Self £2.0.0. 8s 2s
Bodger, Jno Ho and land E Glasscock junr £1.15. 9s 1s 9d
Bird, James Ho and Land Self £1.10.

Two Lotts for ? Self 15s.

Two lotts late Galloway
15s. 17s. 4s3d.

Stock 25£

Brighton, Thoms Land in Drove Self 15s. 6s. 1s 6d.

Land Cook 15s.

Bradfield, Wm Ho Hannant 10s 2s 6d.
Bradley, Jno Ho Self 15s. 3s. 9d.
Barfoot, Geo Ho Late Tuck 10s. 2s. 6d.
Burton, Esq. Ho and Land Wm Hubbard . £1.15s. 15s. 3s 9d.

Two Lotts . J Lent £2.0.0.

Baldwin,, Wm . Ho.. Self 10s. 2s. 1s 5d.
Clark, Wm. Ho. Howes. £1.5s. 5s. 1s 3d.
Canneby, Robt. Ho. Self. 10s. 2s. 6d.
Creasy, Wm. Gent. Ho. Self. £3.0.

Ho . And land . ? £28..0.

Four lotts . Self . £1.0.

Ho. Mrs Creasy . £1.10.

Land Late Life Self . £2.0.0. £12.14. £3.3.6d

Ho. Mr Luff. £1.0.

Land Late . Hett . Esq. £1.10.

Foxborough Self. 15s.

Land Late . Rev Mr Youngs. £24.15.

Carter, Jno. Land. E Watson. 7s 6d. 1s 6d. 4 1/2d.
Creasy, Jno. Ho. Perkins. 8s 4d. 1s 8d 5d.
Chandler, Jno . Ho Late Watson. 15s. 3s. 9d.
Collns, Simon. Ho. Self. 15s. 3s. 9d.
Clements, Wm. Ho. Chandler. £1.0. 4s. 1s.
Carter , Isaac. Ho. Shinn. 10s. 2s. 6d.
Coulsher, Jno. Ho. Self. 10s. 2s. 6d.
Chapman, Wm. Tanyard and offices . Self. £7.11s. £1.11. 7s .6d.
Downham Work House And land. Simson. 15s. 3s. 9d.
Drew, Jas. Ho. G Gooding. 8s 4d. 1s. 8d. 5d.
Dashwood, Revd. Rectory Self. £20.0. £4.0. £1.0.
Dymore , Thos. Ho. G.Hovell. 8s 4d. 1s 8d. 5d.
Dering, J T Esq. Land Late . Adkin £5.15s. £1.3s. 5s 9d.
Elsey, Richd. Ho. Self. £3.0. 12s. 3s.
Elmer, Wm , Nordelph. Land Late. Grimmer. £2.0.0.

Ho. Self. £1.0. 12s. 3s.
Elmer, Jno. Ho Self. £2.0.0. 8s. 2s.
Evens, G B , Esq. Late ?12 in plans. Hutson. £5.0. £1.0. 5s.

Ho and Land . J Roberts . £1.10s.

Two lotts in fen . do. £1.0. 10s. 2s.6d.
Fisher, James. One lott ? Fen. Self. 7s 6d 1s 6d. 4 1/2d.
Fuller, Wm . Ho. Wade. £1.0.

Ho. D Gray. £1.0. 8s. 2s.
Fuller, Thos. Ho. T Juler. £1.0. 4s. 1s.
Franklin, Thoms . Ho. Self. £4.0. 16s. 4s.
Gillingham, Thoms. Ho. Self. £3.0. 12s. 3s.

Ho. K Curry. 15s. 10s. 2s 6d.

Ho. G Simons. 15s.

Ho. T Bailey. £1.0.

Green, Jno. Ho. Self. 15s. 3s. 9d.
Green , Wm and Claydon Ho. Claydon. £3.10s 14s. 3s 6d.
Green, Chris”r. Ho A Carman. £1.10s. 6s. 1s 6d.
Gillingham , Geo. Ho. Self. 15s 3s. 9d.
Garrett, Wm. Ho. Self and co. 15s. 3s. 9d.
Glover, Jno. Ho. Chamberlain. 15s. 3s. 9d.
Hovell, Jas. Ho. Self. £2.0.0.

Ho H Longman. £1.10s.

Stone pitt etc. Self. £2.0.0.

? Land ? And pightle. Self. £3.0. £4.9s. £1.2s.3d.

Land Late . Life. 10s.

Land and House. Late Youngs. £12.0.0

Land Late. Townshend. £1.5s.

Land. J Mounce. 10s.

Hett, Esq. Land. Wm Wright. 11s. 2s. 6d.
Handslip, Natl. Ho. Hoy and Co. 15s. 3s. 9d.
Hudson, Anne. Ho. Self. £1.10s.

Ho. Ryston End. 10s. 8s. 2s.
Holman, Thos. Ho. Self. £3.0.

Ho. Gooley. £1.10s. 18s. 4s 6d.
Head, Jno. Land and House late Youngs. £19.10s.

Stock at £50.
£2.10s. £4.8s. £1.2s.
Hopkins, Nordelph. Ho. Wm Dixon. £1.0.0 4s. 1s.
Houston, Thos. Ho. Wright. 10s. 2s. 6d.
Herbert, Den. Ho. Robt Tuck. 10s. 2s. 6d.
Hampson, Jas. Ho. Self. £5.0. £1.0. 5s.
Harris, Lady. Land. Farrow. £3.0. 12s. 3s.

Do. Hibbert. £4.0. 4s. 1s.

Do. Wm Pyborn. £1.10s 6s. 1s 6d.

Do. J. Snasdell. £3.10s. 14s. 3s 6d.
Juler, Jno. Ho. W Hodson.. 15s. 3s. 9d.
James, Jno. Ho. Self. £3.10s.

Ho. Meadows. £1.15s.

Ho. Elless. 15s.

Stock at £10.
10s. £1.6s. 6s 6d.
King, James. Ho. Thorogood, junr. £2.15s. 11s. 2s 9d.
King, Thos. Ho.and land . Late Sadler. £1.0. 4s. 1s.
Knights and Thacher Ho. Jno. Franklin. 10s 2s. 6d.
Life, Thos. Land. J Moon. £10.0. £2.0. 10s.
Luff, Jno. Stock 10£.

Malthouse and land. Self. £1.10s 8s. 2s.
Luff, Thoms. Six Lotts late. Noaks. £2.5s. 9s. 2s 3d.
Morrel, Jno, senr. Ho. Self. £1.0.0.

Ho. T Hall. £1.10. 10s. 2s 6d.
Morriss, J, Lynn Ho Rising . £1.10. 6s. 1s 6d.
? Mrs Birch . Ho. Self . £1.10s. 6s. 1s 6d.
? How Bell . Ho. Self. £5.0.0 £1.0.0 5s.
Morris, Matw. Ho. Self. 15s. 3s. 9d.
Morrel, Jno. Jnr. Ho Self. £2.10s . 10s. 2s 6d.
Moon, Jas. Ho and Lott ?. Wm Moon. £3.0.0

Ho. Self. £2.7s.6d. £1.1s.6d. 5s 4 1/2d.
Moon, Wm. Land. Self. £1.10s. 6s. 1s. 6d.
Noak , Miss. Old Queenshead. Wright and Co. £3.0.0

Ho. Shop Chapman. £1.13s . 19s. 4s 9d.
Osborn, Thoms. Ho Self. £1.10s.

Ho. Scarnell and Co. £1.0.0

Ho. Mary Garnett. £1.0.0 14s. 3s 6d.
Do New H Carter ?. Ho. Late Morel. £1.10. 6s. 1s 6d.
Osborn, Fincham . Meeting House. T Gay. 10s. 2s. 6d.
Plummer, Robt. Ho. Palgrave and Co. 13s 3s. 9d.
Pidgeon, Martn . Ho. Self. £2.0.0

Land in ? Self. £1.2s.6d.

Two Lotts . Self . 15s. 15s 6d. 3s 10 1/2.d.
Pratt, Revd Wm. Ho. Mrs Stanforth . £3.0.0

Ho. J Gay. 7s .6d. 13s 6d. 3s 4 1/2d .
Perowne, Wm . Ho. Self. £2.0.0

Stock 25£.
£1.15s. 13s. 3s 3d.
Portler, Anne. Ho. Self. £2.0.0

Claypit close. Moon. £2.0.0

Land. Negus . £3.10s.

Seven Lotts for C? Dawson. £2.12s.6d.

Kings Arms. Negus. £2.0.0

Ho. Patmore 15s.

Two Lotts. Ab Carter. 15s. £2.14s.6d. 13s 7 1/2d/
Quaker Meeting House.
Abm. Carter. £3.0.0 12s. 3s.
Reeve, Josp. Ho. Leefever. 10s.

Ho. H Stevens. £1.0.0 6s. 1s 6d.
Robinson, Mary. Ho. Self. £1.5s

Stock 10£.
10s. 7s. 1s 9d.
Rosher, Thoms Ho. Self. £2.5s.

One Lott far com. Self. 15s.

Land late . Walker. £1.0.0. 16s. 4s.
Raven, Hannh Ho and Land . Self. £1.0.0 4s. 1s.
Robinson, Mrs. Ho. Self and co. £1.10s. 6s. 1s. 6d.
Ramsey, Thos. Ho. Harrold. 15s. 3s. 9d.
Shinn, wid. Ho. Howes. 15s. 3s. 9d.
Saffrey, Henry . Stock 50£.
£2.10s. 10s. 2s 6d.
Saffrey, Edmd , gent. Hat and Feather Brighton. £2.0.0

One lott late Taylor. Self. 7s 6d.

One lott. Self. 15s.

Homestall Self. £5.0.0

Queenshead. S Smith. £2.0.0

Stock Close . Self . £2.0.0.

Bell Ho. Parlett and Co. £2.0.0.

Dolmans. Self. £3.15s.

Bull Close. Self. £3.10s.

Brickyard. Self. £1.0.0.



Stock pightle. Self. £1.0.0

Old brickyard. Self. £1.0.0

Hangmans Close.

Three lotts in plains.
£1.2s 6d.

Life`s seven lotts four Gordle three own £5.15s. £20.3s.6d. £5.0.10 1/2d,

Three lotts next close.

Ho. Rev Mr. Saffrey. £1. 7s. 6d.

Three lotts Fisher and Burgess. £1.2s 6d.

Four lotts late Dunbar. £1.10s.

Stock 50£.
£2 10s.

Partridge , esq. Farm. £19 10s .

Late Ransoms. Farm. £16. 2s 6d.


Six Lotts.

O Zessefen ? S Smith. £8.0.0

One Lott in plain. Self. 7s 6d.

Six lotts farr comn


Dunbars and arable

Late Wm Youngs Farm £5.17s.6d

Ho. Self. £2.0.0.

Howdle Close . Saffery. £6.0.0.

Land in Snap Lane.

Two lotts in far common.

Stone Pitt close.

Land W Scott. £1.5s.

Land. J Bird. 15s.

Land next church.

Land. Gilt. Simons. £2.0.0. £5. 19s. 6d. £1.9s 10 1/2d.

Land Stow. Road. Pigeon £2.5s.

Ho. Gordon. 10s.

Ho. Mrs Warnes. £1.0.0.

Ho. H. Saffery. £3.0.0.

Ho. Thorogood. £2.0.0.

Halfway land. Wiles. £3.0.0.

One lott. Pidgeon. 7s.6d.

Smith, Mrs . Bashm?. Ho. Mrs Edgar. £1.10s 6s. 1s. 6d.
Stanford. Ho and Land. Pleasance. £5.0.0. £1.0.0. 5s.
Suttleby, Jno. Ho. Self. 10s. 2s. 6d.
Shelton, Alexr. Mill. Self. £2.0.0. 8s. 2s.
Swanborough , Wm. Ho. Self. £1.10s 6s. 1s 6d.

Saffery , esquire.
£40.0.0. £8.0.0. £2.0.0.
Terrington, Robt. Ho. Self. £1.10s 6s. 1s. 6d.
Thorp and Wright. Ho. Shelton and Co. 15s. 3s. 9d.
Tyers, Thoms. Ho. Self. £1.0.0.

Ho. G Colsher. 10s. 8s. 2s.

Ho. Hood. 10s.

Thompson, Edmd. Ho and Land. Self. £2.0.0. 8s. 2s.
Tyre, Wm. Ho Self. Ho.Self. 10s. 2s. 6d.
Tiffen, Rogr. Ho and Land. Self. £9.10s

Ho. Coote. £1.0.0. £2.4s. 11s.

Ho. Kipping. 10s .

Taylor, Jno. Ho. Self. £3.0.0. 16s. 4s.

Ho. Simson. 10s.

True, Miss ? Ho. Wiseman and Co £2.0.0. 8s. 2s.
Tilbrook, Jno. Ho. Reeve and Co. £1.0.0. 4s. 1s.
Thorp, Mrs. Ho. Eastoll. £1.0.0. 4s. 1s.
Underwood . Ho. G. Plumb. 10s. 2s. 6d.
Ward, Robinson. Ho. Self. 10s. 2s. 6d.
Williamson, Henry. Ho. Self and co. £1.10s 6s. 1s 6d.
Wollenall? , Thos. Ho. Overton. £2.0.0.

Land in plains. Self. 7s 6d. 9s. 6d. 2s 4 1/2d.
Watson, Edwd Ho. Self. £2.0.0.

Ho Pike and Co. £1.10s 14s. 3s 6d.
Wright, Thos. Ho. Self. £2.0.0.

Ladydrove way . Houses.

Stock 25£
£1.0.0. £1.7s. 6s. 9d.

Part winter? Late Adkins. £2.10s .

Wright, Wm. Ho and Land. Mr Towneshend. £3.0.0. 12s. 3s.
Wiles. Wm . Ho. Self. £2.2s 2d.

Land late Carter. 7s 6d.

Do Do £2.0.0. £1.2s. 6d.

Land late Adkin. £1 2s 6d.

Weston, Jonah . Ho. Self. £2.0.0.

Ho. Casebone. 15s.

One lott low commn Self. 7s 6d. £1 0.6d 5s 1/2d.

Ho. T Stevens. 15s .

Ho. Ashman . £1 .5s .

Williamson, Jno. Ho. Galoway 10s.

Wrangle, Jno. Ho. Gathurst ? £1.10s 6s. 1s 6d.
Wills, Robt. Ho. Self. £2.0.0.

Ho. Hall. £1.0.0. 12s. 3s.
Youngs, Wm . A Mill . Overton. £2.0.0. 8s. 2s.
Youngs, Jno. Ho. Self. 10s. 2s. 6d.

Total £32.13. 10 1/2d

Note the Day of Appeal Will be on Monday The 13th June Next at the Queens Head Inn In Downham by ten o`Clock in the forenoon.

Thos Gillingham
Wright Scott.
Overseers. June 13th 1791.
Jos (*) Forby.. Philip (*) Bell. Robert (*) Forby.

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