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Norfolk: Coltishall

William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

[Transcription copyright Richard Johns]

COLTISHALL, a large village, with a fair on Whit-Monday, and a considerable trade in malt, corn, ale, &c., is pleasantly scattered on the east bank of the Bure, 7 miles N.E. by N. of Norwich. Its parish has 897 inhabitants, and 1179A. 3R. 31P. of land, of which 1129 acres are assessable, 951 arable, and 41 woods and plantations. The soil belongs to a number of proprietors, the largest of whom are, Wm. Burroughes, Esq.; R.P. Kemp, Esq., of the Manor House; and Mrs. Ward, of Coltishall Hall, a neat house, on a woody declivity. The houses at the west end of the village are in the parish of Great Hautboys.

Henry III. granted by letters patent, in 1231, "to all men, women, and children born, or to be born, in his village of Coltishall," freedom from all villainage of body and blood, and from toll, stallage, picage, and paunage (sic, ie pannage), in all fairs and markets throughout England; and that "all frays, transgressions, bargains, quarrels, and suits, concerning the said town of Coltishall, should be determined, twice every year, before the King's officers at the leets there." Henry VI. conveyed all his rights in this manor to King's College, Cambridge, to which the advowson is still attached.

The rectory, valued in the King's Book at 7.2s.6d., has 29A. 3R. of glebe, and is now enjoyed by the Rev. Wm. Abbot, M.A., of Horstead. The tithes have recently been commuted for 340 per ann. The Church (St. John the Baptist,) was built about 1284, and has a tower 67 feet high, with six bells.

Here is a Wesleyan Chapel, built in 1842.

The Free School, with the master's house, was built by the parish, and is endowed with 10 a year, left by John Chapman, in 1718, for ten free scholars; and the dividends of 360 three per cent. stock, left by the Rev. Chas. Gape, D.D., in 1815. A road which crossed the lawn was given up in 1782, on condition that the owner of the Hall should pay 40s. yearly for the poor.

The POST OFFICE is at the White Horse Hotel. Letters despatched 8 morning, and 5 afternoon.

	Adamson    James           supervisor
	Archer     Mrs Frs.
	Bacon      Alfred          chemist and druggist
	Blake      Rev Thomas,LL.D.
	Bond       Mrs S. A.
	Brown      Frederick       maltster
	Buck       Samuel          coal mercht. & brewer
	Bugg       Wm.             saddler
	Clare      Philip          joiner and builder
	Coman      James           plumber and glazier
	Cooper     Rev Thomas
	             Jennys        curate
	Copeman    Edward          surgeon
	Deacle     Rev Hicks       vicar of Dilham and Honing
	Edwards    Mrs A.
	Engledew   Thomas          blacksmith
	Farman     John            basket maker
	Fenn       Mason           glover, &c.
	Fennell    Captain Edward
	Fox        George          hairdresser
	Fox        John            wheelwright
	Goose      John            watchmaker
	Hallock    Robt.           cabinet mkr. & beerhs
	Haylett    Robert          vessel owner
	Hipper     Wm.             chimney sweeper
	Horner     Wyatt           plumber, painter, &c
	Hough      Rev Thos.Geo.P. curate
	Howes      Mrs Eliz.
	Jerrold    Mr Jas.
	Kemp       Rt. Palmer,Esq. Manor House
	Knights    W.              farmer
	Limmer     George          veterinary surgeon
	Lofty      Charles         butcher
	Massingham Joseph          Free Schoolr.
	Mayes      Henry           farmer
	Mealing                    corn and coal merts. of Norwich,
	  and Mills                  have offices here
	Oates      Sarah
	Perkins    Mrs Eliz.
	Riches     Wm.             hairdresser
	Rudling    Thomas          cooper
	St John    Captain James   R.N.
	Shipley    Rd.             farmer & parish clerk
	Tuck       Wm.             machine owner
	Ward       Mrs Maria
	             & Mr Jas.     Hall
	Watts      Robt.           carpenter & coal dealer
	Wilkins    Elizabeth       boat owner
	Wright     Thos.           corn, coal, & timber mert
	Wright     Thomas          boat builder


	Anchor             Charles   Gibbs
	King's Head        George    Gray
	White Lion         George    Ives (butcher, brewer,
	                                   and coal, &c. merchant)
	White Horse Hotel  Jeremiah  Gaze

	   Boot & Shoe Mkrs.

	Amis       Samuel
	Harmer     Jacob
	Page       Wm.
	Rice       Samuel

	(* are Bakers.)

	 Brooks    George
	 Cooper    Eliz.
	 Field     John (and draper)
	*Fuller    John
	 Murphy    Patrick
	*Rouse     Henry
	*Rouse     John


	Newhouse   Robt.
	Ward       James
	Willey     John
COACH, &c. to Norwich, 8 mg. and North Walsham, 5 aftn.

CARRIERS to Norwich, Mon. Wed. & Sat.-

	Barnard    John
	Edwards    Wm.

See also the Coltishall parish page.

Copyright Pat Newby.
January 2000