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Norfolk: Cley next the Sea

William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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CLEY-NEXT-THE-SEA is a small town and port, on the river Glaven, about 1 mile from the beach, 8 miles W. of Wells, 4½ miles N.N.W. of Holt, and 25 miles N.N.W. of Norwich. Its parish has increased its population since 1801, from 547 to 828 souls, and contains 2167A. of land, a great part of which is salt marsh. W.H.C. Hardy, Esq., is lord of the manor, and owner of a great part of the soil. Cley had formerly a small market on Saturday, and has still a pleasure fair on the last Friday and Saturday in July.

The harbour is very narrow and shallow, but in its course to the sea it forms a junction with the Blakeney channel. The CUSTOM HOUSE for the Port of Blakeney and Cley, (including Cromer and several fishing towns,) is situated here; and according to its returns for 1844, there were exported in that year upwards of 38,000 qrs. of corn, and above 10,000 sacks of flour; and imported more than 20,000 chaldron of coals, four cargoes of timber, and fourteen cargoes of rape and linseed cake. In the same year there belonged to the varous places within the limits of the port, 115 registered vessels, besides 380 fishing vessels; but the latter are chiefly at Cromer, Sherringham, Runton, &c.

The Custom House officers are

	Bacon      Robert, Esq.     collector
	Grieve     David, Esq.      comptroller
	Bacon      Mr. J.W.         clerk
	Jary       Jacob            tidewaiter
	Ramm       John             tidewaiter
	Linom      Geo.             coast waiter at Cromer

Cley CHURCH (St. Margaret,) is a handsome Gothic edifice, with a square tower, supposed to have been built in the reign of Henry VI.; but the transepts and west porch are in ruins. In the chancel is a brass, dated 1429, and representing John Yslington, in a priest's habit. Here is also a fine brass, with representations of John Symonds, his wife, and eight children; and in the churchyard is the altar-tomb of Captain John Grieve, who assisted Sir Cloudesly Shovel in burning the ships in the port of Tripoli, in Barbary, in 1676.

The rectory, valued in the King's Book at £22. 13s. 4d., has 17A. of glebe, but no parsonage. The trustees of the late J.W. Tomlinson, Esq., are patrons, and the Rev. Chas. Codd, B.A., is the incumbent. The tithes have been commuted for £405 per annum.

The Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists have each a chapel here; and in the town is a Lancasterian School, established in 1834. An Allotment of 52A. was awarded to the poor at the enclosure, in 1812.

In 1406, James, son of Robert Bruce, King of Scotland, and heir apparent to the crown, being on a voyage to France, was driven by stress of weather on this coast, and detained by the mariners of Cley, who sent him prisoner to London.

The POST-OFFICE is at Mr. Elsy's, where letters arrive at half-past 12 noon, and are despatched at a quarter before two afternoon.

	Allen      Philip           farm bailiff
	Bacon      Robert, Esq.     colr. of Customs
	Bacon      Thos. Waterson   clerk to do.
	Beckwith   Rev Thomas       curate of Wiveton
	Cooke      Corbett J.       surgeon
	Crofts     Mr Thomas
	Davidson   Wm.              farm bailiff
	Dingle     Mrs
	Ellis      Edmund           clerk in Customs
	Elsy       Jph. Cornelius   hairdresser, &c
	Fisher     Judith
	Grieve     Dd.              comptroller of Customs
	Haycock    Jph. jun.        corn & coal merchant, and
	                              maltster (and Wells)
	Jackson    John Barber      clerk
	Jary       Jacob            tide waiter
	Jordan     Mrs Eliz.
	Lee        John             corn and coal merchant,
	                              miller, and maltster
	Marcon     Rev Charles      curate
	Mason      Henry            cooper
	Moore      Mrs Margaret     merchant
	Painter    Clark            glazier, &c. (& Holt)
	Prike      Zachariah        farmer
	Ramm       John             tidewaiter
	Richardson John R.          shipbuilder
	Stirges    David, Edward,
	             and John       bricklayers
	Taylor     Edw.             farmer, Swans Lodge
	Turner     William          gentleman
	Upjohn     Edward           farmer


	Gibbs      Wm.              Fishmonger's Arms
	Waller     John             George and Dragon (and auctioneer)
	Barnard    Wm.              King's Head
	Gogle      Henry            Three Swallows

	   Bakers.                     Joiners, &c.

	Pitcher    Josiah           Brett      John
	Doyle      Thomas           Christmas  Jph.
	Smith      Henry            Coe        Robert (and lime burner)
	                            Curson     James
	   Beerhouses.              Dew        Chas. (cabt.)
	                            Jarvis     Wm.
	Ampleford  Stpn.            Waller     John
	Jary       Mary             

	   Blacksmiths.                Master Mariners.

	Lee        John             Barstead   Samuel
	Thurston   John             Bix        James
	                            Mann       Robert
	                            Mann       Isaac
	                            Platten    Robert
	                            Ramm       Howard

	   Butchers.                   Shoemakers.

	Copeman    John             Digby      John
	Curl       John             Mackerell  James
	Shore      George           Sadler     William

	   Grocers & Dprs.             Tailors.

	Doyle      Thomas           Clarke      John
	Muskett    J. & W.          Plumb       J.W.
	             (and Holt)     Sergant     Thos. F.
	Rush       Elizabeth        Stangroom   Jerh.

CARRIERS. From Blakeney to Norwich, Tue. & Fri.

Sailing Packets, to London and Hull once a fortnight.

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