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Norfolk: Old Catton

Hunt's Directory of East Norfolk with Part of Suffolk 1850

[Transcription copyright © Pat Newby]

CATTON is a village 2 miles N. of Norwich. The parish comprises an area of 900 acres, and the population in 1841, was 650. Post-Office, at Thomas Walker's. Letters delivered at 7 30 a.m. and despatched to Norwich, and all parts, at 5 30 p.m.

	Attoe       John               lime burner
	Barker      Mrs. John
	Bagshaw     George             poultry dealer
	Betts       Osborn             pillbox maker
	Betts       Rev. William
	Brady       Thos.              plumber, painter, &c.
	Broad       John               shoemaker
	Broad       Hannah             matron lying-in charity
	Burrows     Mary A.            day school
	Capon       James              miller
	Cattermoul  Everett            lime burner
	Chamberlin  Rt.                draper at Norwich
	Chitty      Mrs. M.A.
	Claxton     Walter             grocery dealer
	Cocks       Dennis             the 'Woodman'
	Coldham     James              'Royal Oak'
	Cooke       Henry              solicitor
	Cubitt      Mrs. Captain Henry
	Day         Mr. Starling
	Dennington  Thomas             gardener
	Duffield    George             shoemaker
	Garwood     Mrs. Sarah A.
	Greenhough  Jph.               manager of Yarn Company
	Gowing      Mr. Geo.           (bap. minister)
	Guymer      William            carpenter
	Hall        Mr. Robert
	Hambling    Henry              superintendent of police
	Harpley     Charles            grocery dealer
	Hardiment   William            whitesmith
	Hart        Rev. Richard       vicar
	Hastings    Job                well sinker
	Hawtayne    Rear-Admiral
	              Charles S.J.
	Heath       Mr. Charles Grymes
	High        George             grocery dealer
	Hindes      Daniel             grocery dealer
	Hipper      Rt.                beer retailer & butcher
	Hobart      Mrs. Mary
	Holmes      Edmund             fly owner
	Holmes      Mr. Benjamin
	Howell      John               shoemaker
	Jackson     Harriet            mistress national school
	Jackson     Samuel             tailor
	Jennings    Emily              brewer, and wine and spirit merchant
	Jessop      William            whiting manuftr.
	Leist       Mrs. Letitia
	Lock        Miss Elizabeth
	Longe       Mr. Edmond Slingsby
	Martin      William            day school
	Master      Mrs. Mary
	Minty       Miss Ann
	Morse       Mr. George         Catton House
	Muskett     Mrs. Mary
	Newson      Frederick          grocery dealer
	Orsborn     Mark               bricklayer
	Palgrave    Mr. Thomas
	Paul        William            shoemaker
	Pegg        Thos.              baker and beer retailer
	Plowman     Robert             'Magpie' (and saddler)
	Potter      Ambrose            butcher
	Sandell     Stephen            farm bailiff
	Scott       James              cabinet maker
	Sexton      Edward             'Whalebone'
	Shreeve     John               blacksmith
	Simmons     George             wood dealer
	Simpson     Henrietta          'George and Dragon'
	Smith       William            chair maker
	Spencer     Robert             beer retailer
	Springall   Benjamin           miller
	Springfield Osborn             merchant
	Stannard    Joseph             architect
	Stark       Mr. Michael
	Symmonds    Mrs. Ann
	Taylor      George             carpenter
	Taylor      John and James     shovel and measure makers
	Thurston    Carnaby            baker
	Waite       Mr. Thomas
	Walker      Thomas             baker and grocer
	Webb        Maria              pork butcher
	Whiley      Mr. Thomas
	Wright      Thos.              butcher & beer retailer


	Brown       John
	Dixon       Owen
	Hinde       Ephraim
	Hinde       Ephraim Wilkin
	Jones       Charles
	Minns       William
	Randell     Henry

CARRIER to Norwich, Gale, twice a day, and the Post Cart, to North Walsham and Norwich daily.

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