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Norfolk: New Buckenham

William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1864

[Transcription copyright © Pat Newby]

The description of the parish has not been transcribed because it is similiar to that in White's Directories for 1845 and 1883.

These are the names in the text that are not included in the list of residents and tradespeople, below:

	Barber      William
	Cousens     Rev. Richard
	              Rowland, B.A.
	de Albini   Wm.
	Juby        Wm.
	Taylor      Thos. L., Esq.

There are memorials in the church to the Knyvet family.

POST OFFICE at J. Wallis's.

This is the list of the tradespeople and the most prominent residents.

	 & Page                      milliners & dressmakers
	Andrews     Thos.            watchmaker & shopkr.
	Betts       Mrs
	Cattermole  Mr John
	Clowes      E.N. & Son       solrs. & insce. agts.
	Clowes      Arthur Tallent   (E.N. & Son) and clerk to guardians,
	                               & supt. registrar
	Clowes      Edwd. Norris     (E.N. & Son) and clerk to magistrates
	Cousens     Rev. R.R., B.A.  Parsonage
	Coleman     John             vict. King's Head
	Ellidge     Rev. Geo.        (Wes.)
	Gapp        Miss
	Gall        John, Esquire
	Holl        Lewis            veterinary surgeon
	Howard      Horace Fulcher   surgeon
	Howard      Mrs Eliz.
	Jessup      Jas. & Luke      hawkers
	Kemp        Misses
	Manning     Wm.              chemist and druggist
	Mickleburgh Wm.              vict. White Horse
	Palmer      Miss R.
	Ribbons     Jas.             fruiterer
	Rotherham   John             corn miller
	Stebbings   Elvin            vict. George Inn
	Stebbings   Thos.            plumber & parish clerk
	Sutton      Mrs
	Townshend   Mrs Mary
	Townshend   John             currier, &c.
	Turner      Hammond          grocers, drapers, & wine & spirit
	              & Jph. John      merchants
	Turner      Mrs. & Miss      Beech Cottage
	Wallis      Johnson          ironmonger, smith, & inspector of
	                               weights & measures
	Wilson      Daniel           hairdresser, glover, &c.

	   BAKERS.                      BASKET MAKERS.

	Beales      Ellis            Brown     John
	Woodrow     Henry            Davy      Daniel, (and cooper)

	   BUTCHERS.                    CARPENTERS.

	Lansdell    Geo. (pork)      Aldis     James
	Lawrence    Benj.            Aldis     William
	Watling     Jas. (pork)      Humphrey  Wm.

	   DEALERS.                     FARMERS.

	Lawrence    John             Bond      E.F. (Exors.)
	Pitcher     John             Symonds   Charles
	Self        John

	   SADDLERS.                    SCHOOLS.

	Austin      James            Baye      Jane
	Townshend   John & Thomas    Legood    Edwin

	   SHOEMAKERS.                  TAILORS.

	Calver      Wm.              Davy      Thomas
	Davy        Daniel           Lighton   Wm.
	Garrod      Robt.
	Turner      James
	Buddery     Henry

Charles Steggels to Norwich, Wednesday & Saturday, & Js. Hewitt to Diss, Friday

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