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Norfolk: New Buckenham

William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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BUCKENHAM (NEW) is a small, but neat town, with a large market place, and several short streets, 5 miles S. by E. of Attleborough; 15½ miles S.W. of Norwich; and 95 miles N. by E. of London.

Its small parish contains 716 inhabitants, and only 315 acres of land, in the manor of Old Buckenham, and separated from that parish by Wm. de Albini, when he built the new castle; and for the purpose of strengthening his garrison when necessary, he created this new burgh, with the privilege of frankpledge, assize of bread and ale, a gallows, a weekly market every Saturday, &c., &c. The market is obsolete, but FAIRS for horses, cattle, &c., are held on the last Saturday in May, and November 22nd and 23rd; and Hirings for Servants a fortnight before Old Michaelmas day.

The soil is held by several small proprietors, but 95 acres form a common, on which all the occupiers have pasturage. The inhabitants, like those of old Buckenham, are exempt from serving on juries out of the parish, and from tolls at markets and fairs.

The CHURCH (St. Martin) is a handsome edifice, with a nave, aisles, chancel, and a square tower, containing six bells. It was built at various times; the north aisle about 1479, by the contributions of several distinguished families, of whom here are various memorials, particularly of the Knyvets, one of whom was Lord Chancellor in the reign of Edward III. The living is a perpetual curacy, in the gift of the parishioners, and incumbency of the Rev. Wm. Fison. It was valued in 1831 at £116, and endowed in 1816, with a parliamentary grant of £1000; and the inhabitants pay a yearly modus of 3½d. in the pound on the rental, in lieu of tithes.

The lord of the manor is cup bearer at the Coronation.

Here is a small Wesleyan chapel.

The George and Dragon public-house, let for £14, was left by Wm. Juby, in 1646, one-half for the incumbent curate, and the other for the schoolmaster, for teaching six free scholars. In 1692, Wm. Barber left a house and 13A. 2R. 16P. at Carlton Rode, let for £34, for the benefit of the resident curate. He also founded an Almshouse here for four parishioners, and endowed them with a house and 18A. 3R. 8P. at Old Buckenham, let for £35 a year. The Almshouse is occupied by six poor women, all of whom have an allowance of coals yearly; and three of them have each a weekly stipend of 2s. 6d. The Town Lands consist of 4½A., let for £20, which is applied with the poor-rates; 6A., let for £16, applied in the service of the church; and 5½A., let for £10, expended in repairing the market-cross, pumps, &c.

The POST-OFFICE is at the King's Head. Letters arrive at 10½ morning, and are despatched at 4 aftn.

	Andrews     Thos.          watchmaker, &c
	Athornwhite Wm.            surgeon, M.D.
	Buddery     Benjamin       bookseller
	Buddery     Hy.            shoemaker and currier
	Clowes      Edw. Norris,   solicitor, agent to Farmers' and
	              jun.           General Ins. Offices, and registrar
	Davy        Mr Saml.
	Deighton    John           surgeon
	Dodd        Edward James   flour dealer
	Foulger     Samuel         glover
	Gall        Mr John
	Graham      Rev Henry      (Wes. min.)
	Gunton      Saml. Chas.    wine and spirit merchant
	                             and tallow chandler
	Harvey      Thomas Brown   painter, &c
	Himpey      Matilda        schoolmistress
	Holl        Geo.           broker, and agent to Norwich Union
	                             and Hail Storm Insurance Companies
	Howard      Horace         surgeon
	Palmer      Robert         corn miller
	Parson      Wm.            druggist
	Rayson      Wm. F.         stone mason
	Stebbings   Thomas         glazier, &c
	Tyrell      J.             schoolmaster
	Wallis      John           smith & ironmonger
	Walsingham  Andrew         tailor
	Wilson      Danl.          glover & hair dresser
	Wright      Jabez          wheelwright

	   Inns and Taverns.

	Holl        Roger          George and Dragon
	Ely         Henry          King's Head and Excise Office
	Stebbings   Elvin          White Horse

	   Bakers.                    FARMERS.

	Armes       Benjamin       Bond       Fisher
	Knights     Wm.            Gall       John
	Lighton     James
	Woodrow     Henry

	   Beerhouses.                Grocers & Dprs.

	Knights     Wm.            Bryant     Richard
	Pake        Sarah          Buddery    John
	                           Turner     Hammond & Jp. Jno.

	   Butchers.                  Saddlers.

	Gaynor      John           Austin     Edward
	Lawrence    John           Townshend  John

	   Carpenters.                Tailors

	Aldis       D.F. & W.      Holl       Geo. (& dpr.)
	Chapman     Wm.            Stebbings  Elvin
	Cook        Wm. C.

COACHES to Norwich Sat. mg. from King's Head
To Norwich, J. Fisk, Mon. & Thu., and J. Bowen, Tue. & Fri. J.F. to Bury, Tue. & Fri., and J.B. to Kenninghall Wed. & Sat.

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