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Norfolk: Briston

William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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BRISTON, a large village, 4½ miles S. by W. of Holt, near one of the sources of the river Bure, has in its parish 2757 acres of land, including 262A. of common. It had 1037 inhabitants in 1831, but only 963 in 1841. This decrease was occasioned by more than 150 paupers being sent to Canada, at the expense of the principal parishioners and land owners, from 1831 to 1836.

A swine market is held here every Tuesday, and a large cattle fair on the 26th of May, or on the following Monday, when that date falls on Saturday or Sunday. At this fair, Mr. Josiah Hill has an extensive sale by auction of fat cattle, sheep, and swine. Mr. H. is highly celebrated as a breeder and improver of Leicester rams, of which he has an annual show, for letting or sale. The parish feast is on the day after Old Michaelmas day. The soil belongs to various owners, and lies in several manors, of which the following are the names and lords, viz.:- Briston Hall, Melliors and Chosells, Rt. Copeman, Esq.; Briston Mautbois, W.E.L. Bulwer, Esq.; Mikelhall and Loundhall, J.H. Holley, Esq.; and Thornage-exparte-Briston, Lord Hastings.

The Church (All Saints,) has a belfry, and formerly had a round tower, which was taken down in 1724. The vicarage, valued in the King's Book at £4. 9s. 9d., is in the patronage and incumbency of the Rev. Robt. Bond, B.A., who has 40A. 3R. 31P. of glebe. The Feoffees of Greenaway's Charity at Wiveton, are appropriators of the great tithes, commuted in 1844 for £444, and the vicarial for £231. 10s.

Here are three chapels, belonging to the Independents and the Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists.

A National School was built here in 1844, at the cost of £250, for 150 children of the parishes of Briston, Melton Constable, and Thurning.

Two small plots, called Town Land, are held on lease at rents amounting to 11s. 6d. a year. Pursuant to the wills of Thomasine and James Scamler, in 1667 and 1687, the yearly sum of £8. 10s. 8d. is paid out of Hickling Priory farm to this parish, and dispensed as follows:- £4. 6s. 8d. to the master of the Sunday School, (but intended for sermons;) 2s. to the clerk; £1. 3s. divided among the poor; and £2. 10s. applied in apprentice fees.

	  Bambridge  Gbrl. & John       bricklayers
	  Bircham    Thomas             vict. Chequers
	  Bloom      Edmund             beer seller
	  Blomfield  Wm.                glover and tawer
	  Blyth      Josiah             tailor
	  Bond       Rev Robert, B.A.   vicar
	  Carr       Robert             cattle dealer
	  Chapman    Stephen            Natl. schoolmr.
	  Cletheroe  Wm.                baker
	  Clifton    Daniel             miller and baker
	  Coleman    John               surgeon
	  Colman     Jph.               auctioneer & shoemkr.
	  Drewary    John               blacksmith
	  Eisher     Mrs A.
	  Empson     Wm.                clothes dealer
	  Girling    Rev Barry, B.A.    curate
	  Goodwin    Wm.                plumber, glazier, &c
	  Hill       Mrs Martha
	  King       John Batson        grocer & draper
	  Locksmith  Rd.                vict. Half-Moon
	  Lunnis     Joseph             higgler
	  Mower      Henry              flour dealer
	  Palmer     Wm.                beer seller
	  Poynter    John               blacksmith
	  Reeve      Mrs.               miller and baker
	  Rudd       John               saddler
	  Sadler     Sarah
	  Storey     Thomas             vict. Horse Shoe
	  Sykes      Thomas             merchant's clerk
	  Wiggett    Charles            shopkeeper
	  Williamson Mr John
	  Woodcock   John Gresham       grocer, draper, glass and china
	                                  dlr., wine and spirit merchant,
	                                  and agent to Norwich Equitable
	                                  Fire Office
	  Woods      Edmund             farrier

	                     (* are Owners.)

	  Baker      Wm.              * Hill       Josiah, (& breeder
	  Billing    Daniel                          and valuer
	  Bradfield  Mattw.           * Joy        John
	* Brownsell  Wm.                Mason      Simon, (& shoemaker)
	  Buck       Thomas             Palmer     John
	  Carr       Joseph             Reeve      Edward
	  Denny      James              Rix        George
	  Duffield   Thomas           * Sadler     Joshua
	  Emery      George             Spooner    George
	* Emery      Thomas             Williamson Wm.
	  Gay        Wm.                Williamson Thos.
	* Gresham    John Woodcock    * Wrench     Peter Elwin

	                 Joiners and Wheelwrights.

	  Cletheroe  Henry
	  Nickalls   Isaac
	  Parke      Joshua             (& parish clerk)
	  Woods      Bartw.             (& millwright)

CARRIERS. Dd. Curties and J. Carr, to Norwich Tu. & Fri.

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