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Norfolk: Briston

Hunt's Directory of East Norfolk with Part of Suffolk, 1850

[Transcription copyright © Pat Newby]

BRISTON, a small town, consisting chiefly of detached residences, and having a weekly market on Tuesday for swine and cattle, is distant about 4½ miles S. by W. of Holt, and 17 N.N.W. of Norwich. It is situated near the main road between Aylsham and Holt, near one of the sources of the small river Bure, and is surrounded by scenery teeming with rural beauty.

A capital cattle Fair takes place on May 26th, (or on the Monday following if that date falls on Saturday or Sunday,) when a large amount of business is transacted; and we may add that the general trade of this little town is good and permanent, eclipsing in extent that of many other places possessing a much larger population.

For a series of years great attention has been paid by a parishioner, Mr. Josiah Hill, to the breeding, feeding, and improving Leicester Rams, of which he has an annual show, for sale or hire, and also has submitted to public competition, by auction-mart, at the May fair, an extensive stock of fat cattle, sheep and swine.

The parish, which is divided into several manors, comprises an area of 2757 acres, and the population in 1841 was 963. Post-Office, at Charles Wiggett's. Letters delivered at 9 a.m. and despatched to Norwich and all parts, via Holt, at 3 p.m.

	Adkins     Saml.             joiner & wheelwright
	Bainbridge Gabriel           bricklayer
	Bainbridge John              bricklayer
	Bird       Miss Maria
	Bird       Rev. James Walter
	Blomfield  Rev. George       (curate)
	Blomfield  William           glover
	Blyth      Josiah            tailor
	Burton     Joseph            butcher
	Chapman    Stephen           national school
	Cletheroe  Hy.               joiner & wheelwright
	Cletheroe  William           baker
	Coleman    John              surgeon
	Court      George            'Chequers,' & horse breaker
	Dack       Robert Jno.       tailor & draper
	Drewary    John              blacksmith
	Empson     Wm.               boot and shoe and flour dealer
	Goodwin    William           plumber, &c.
	Locksmith  Richard           'Half Moon'
	Mower      Henry             miller and baker
	Neale      Thomas            carpenter
	Nickalls   Isaac             carpenter & wheelwright
	Palmer     William           beer shop
	Parke      Joshua            wheelwright and parish clerk
	Pegg       William           hair dresser
	Pointer    John              blacksmith
	Rook       John              butcher
	Rudd       John              saddler
	Sykes      Thomas            merchant's clerk
	Taylor     Henry             tailor
	Wiggett    Charles           shopkeeper
	Williams   John              tailor and grocery dealer
	Williamson James             beer retailer and grocery dealer
	Williamson Henry             'Horse Shoes'
	Woodcock   John Gresham      wine, spirit, and seed merchant,
	                               grocer and draper, agent to the
	                               Norwich Equitable Fire Office
	Woods      Bartholomew       millwright
	Woods      Edmund            veterinary surgeon
	Wrench     Mr. Peter Elwin


	Baker      William           Hill       Josiah (breeder and valuer)
	Bradfield  Matthew           Joy        John
	Brownsell  John              May        Simon  (and shoemaker)
	Buck       Thomas            Palmer     William
	Denny      James             Reeve      Edward
	Duffield   Thomas            Rix        George
	Emery      Elizabeth         Spooner    George
	Gay        William           Williamson John
	Gresham    John William      Williamson Thomas
	                             Woodcock   John Gresham
CARRIERS to Norwich, Carr, and Coe, Tues. and Fri. at 10 morn.; also Daglass, Saturday at 6 morn.

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