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Norfolk: West Bradenham

Valuation - 12 December 1823

This has been found by the Norfolk transcribers for FreeREG, on page 27 of the West Bradenham register of baptisms 1791-1812. It is a copy of a valuation, the original of which is possibly in the churchwardens' or overseers' accounts. The names are in two columns, as shown. In 5 cases, only the surname is given. The list of signatories is at the bottom of this page, though in the register they are on the right, and are written sideways.

The amounts of the valuations have not been transcribed.

[Transcription copyright © David Tennant]

A Valuation made and concluded upon this 12 day December 1823 in
the Parish of West Bradenham by us whose names are hereunto set.

Wm H. Haggard
    for House, Wood,
    North Wood?,
    Land, and Plantations
Revd James Bentham
    for House and Land
Wm Rix
Robert Chandler
    his Own and for Glebes
    for Leeders
John Trollop
Wm Garner
Wm Low
Henry Garner
Daniel Mendham
Widow Trundle
Phillip Green
William Payne
Robert Watts
Clement Coe
Joseph Payne
Jeremiah Thompson
Thomas Bunkall
Robert Machen
John Clarke
Edmund Garner
    his own and ? Elwin
James Pinchen
Widow Pearse
Robert Hart
George Baker
William Reeder
Timothy Winkfield
Benjamin Brame
Richard Watson
Thomas Rallison
Matthew Hook
John Brame
George Allen
Thomas Fuller
William Thacker Senr
John Canham Senr
James Downs
William Barker
Ann Robertson
John Kiddle
Robert Bennett Junr
John Bennett
John Robertson
James Whisker
John Adcock
Benjamin Fuller
William Purdy
George Brame
John Pentney
Christmas Watts
Peter Trollop
Henry Green
Robert Belham
Israel Davy
James Savage
John Canham Junr
Thomas Rugement
John Buscall
John Smith
James Bensley
James Thody
John Smith
Thomas Clements
James Barker
Stephen Woodstock
Wm Bennett
Joseph Clarke
William Savage
Burton Tenant
Henry Dawes
David Trower
William Thacker Junr
Widow Canham
Robert Mendham
C Allcock
William Coe
John Simmons
S Shearing

Wm Mason Esqr
John Young
Edward Rast
Ann Griggs
Jeremiah Reynolds
Farmer Trollop
W C Nokes
Henry Stanford
R S Fayerman
Jeremiah Wiffen
John Brown
Edmund Farrer

Signed Robert Chandler
William Garner
S. Collins
Wm Low
John Young.

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