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Norfolk: Bodham

Census: 1841

The PRO ref is HO/107/766/22

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Name Index

The following surnames are contained in the document. The numbers following each are the Page numbers which contain one or more occurences of the name.

Note that this enumerators spelling is very variable and much is written as it would have sounded to them, particularly christian names. See also Notes section.

Abraham (7,11)
Allen (9,11)
Amis (7)
Barnett (7)
Barstard (9)
Beavours (5,10,13)
Bird (1,4,6)
Bix (12)
Blyth (4,6,8)
Breeze (2)
Bunn (2)
Burcham (3,5)
Burton (6)
Cadamer (9)
Christmas (3,4)
Clark (2,11)
Cursin (4)
Dagless (1)
Dewe (12)
Duffield (2,9,10)
Dyball (2)
Emery (1)
Everitt (1,10)
Fisher (3)
Frankland (4)
Freeman (4)
Gant (5)
Grand (2)
Gray (5,6,10)
Green (11)
Grout (7,11)
Harrison (9)
Hazel (2,7)
Hopper (8,10,12)
Jarvis (8)
Jary (5,12)
Laxon (6,9,11)
Leads (4)
Leak (1)
Love (1)
Manning (8)
Marks (9)
Massingham (8,10,11)
Nickolds (3,10)
Nunn (2)
Overton (4)
Page (2)
Pain (4)
Pane (10)
Payne (8)
Pearson (1)
Penten (2,6,10)
Pigott (3)
Pincheon (10)
Platt (10)
Randell (9)
Risbery (10)
Rix (1)
Rump (2)
Sayers (2)
Scarf (3)
Sharpen (2)
Smith (9)
Starling (7)
Tuck (1,5)
Underwood (2)
Wegg (3)
West (12)
Wrench (1)

The Census

F(olio) 4 - Page 1

PLACE Un In Names Age/
S, I
or F
1George Bird50FarmerY
Maria Bird47Y
Samuel Bird20Y
Rachel Pearson19Female ServantY
Robert Rix16Male DoY
John Tuck16  Do DoY
1Thomas Dagless37SmithY
Hannah Do37Y
Elizabeth Leak35Female ServantY
Robert Everitt25Male DoY
1Hammond Love50FarmerY
Reachal Love Senr45Y
John Do20Y
William Do20Y
Honour Do15Y
Jemmina Do10Y
Leah Do  5Y
Reachel Do Junr  5Y
Philip Do  4Y
James Do  3Y
1Henry Emery69FarmerY
James Everitt25  DoY
1Mary Emery65IndependentY
  Do Wrench55  DoY

F(olio) 4 - Page 2
1John Sayers40FarmerY
Rebecca Rump40Female ServantY
Ann Dyball15  DoY
Sarah Nunn15  DoY
James Breeze15Male ServantY
George Penten10  Do DoY
1Philip Page47IndependantY
Maria Do51Y
  Do Do19Y
Mary Sharpen16Female ServantY
1John Bunn30FarmerY
Ann Do29Y
Sharlot Do  3Y
1John Grand56PublicanY
Sarah Do27Y
John Do23Y
Edmund Do22Y
Ebical Do20Y
Charles Do19Y
William Hazel37MoulderDerbyshair
Mary Do30  Do
1Caroline Clark85Norfolk
Rebecca Underwood71Y
Sarah Duffield17Female ServantY

F(olio) 5 - Page 3
1Frost Wegg50FarmerY
Ann DoY
Frost Wegg Junr19Y
Susanna Do16Y
Robert Do14Y
Adelaide Do11Y
Maryann Do  8Y
Edmund Do  5Y
1Thomas Scarf49FarmerY
Ann Do45Y
William Do21Y
Sarah Do  9Y
1William Pigott40FarmerY
Amy Do36Y
1Henery Nickolds54Y
Sarah Do62Y
Phaebe Do24Y
1William Burcham49FarmerY
Marthy Do60Y
John Do23BlacksmithY
1William Fisher35FarmerY
Robert Do16Y
1William Christmas66Ag LabY

F(olio) 5 - Page 4
1Richard Overton55FarmerY
Richard Bird30ButcherY
Maria Bird45House KeeperY
Sarah Blyth15Female ServantY
  Do  Pain14 DoY
1Henery Frankland55FarmerY
Mary Do50Y
George Do17Y
Mary Cursin30Y
Thomas Do27Male ServantY
George Do  3Y
1Samuel Freeman54Ag LabY
Mary Do56Y
Frances Do15Y
1Robert Christmas39Ag LabY
Mary Do40Y
Martha Do15Y
William Do11Y
Eliz Do  9Y
Phoebe Do  2mY
1John Leads34Jour. SmithY
Elizabeth Do28Y
Sarah Do  4Y
William. A. Do  1Y

F(olio) 6 - Page 5
1James Gant50Ag LabY
Dinah Do52Y
Christ. Do14Y
Samuel Do10Y
Charles Do  7Y
1William Beavours27Bl. SmithY
Sarah Do25Y
Maryann Do  3Y
William Gray20Bl. SmithY
1Sarah Tuck80PauperY
Mary Tuck Senr48Dress MakerY
  Do Do Junr18Y
Cooper Do13Y
James Jary26Ag LabY
1Hall Burcham83PauperY
John Do35Y
Ann Do40Y
Hall Do15Y
Martha Do12Y
John Do10Y
1William Gray61Ag LabY
Maryann Do61Y
Hannah Do22Y
Mary Do18Y

F(olio) 6 - Page 6
1Robert Gray33Ag LabY
Sealia Do29Y
Mary Do10Y
William Do  8Y
Liddy Do  5Y
John Do  4Y
Sarah Do  2Y
1Matthew Penten38Ag LabY
Mary Do36Y
Isaaca (sic) Do12Y
John Do  8Y
1William Bird29Bla. smithY
Celia Do25Y
Ann Laxon23Y
1John Burton27Ag LabY
Maryann Do25Y
Robert Blyth25Y
Maria Do20Y
Ann Do  6mY
1George Blyth32Ag LabY
Mary Do28Y
Elizabeth Do  5Y
Reachel Do  4Y
Hannah Do  2Y

F(olio) 7 - Page 7
1William Hazel39Ag LabY
Elizabeth Do37Y
1Robert Amis34Ag LabY
Reachel Do36Y
Jane Do  4Y
Sarah Do  1Y
1John Barnett36  DoY
Mary Do30Y
Elizabeth Do  9Y
Harriett Do  8Y
William Do6Y
Sarah Do  4Y
Lucy Do  1Y
1Samuel Grout60  DoY
Ann Do60Y
Namony Do22Y
Thomas Do20Y
1Richard Starling56Ag LabY
Ann Do50Y
John Do18Y
William Do15Y
Robert Do  9Y
1John Abraham30Ag LabY
Mary Do27Y

F(olio) 7 - Page 8
1John Payne40Ag LabY
Maryann Do35Y
Elizabeth Do11Y
Maryann Do  9Y
William Do  9Y
Ann Do  5Y
Samuel Do  4Y
Robekah Do  2Y
Robert Do  1mY
1Lemon Blyth53Ag LabY
Elizabeth Do43Y
Ellen Do12Y
Mary Do10Y
Sayer Do  8Y
Robert Hopper73Y
1Simond Manning33Farming StewardSFK
Susan Do31  Do
Sarah Do  8NFK
George Do  5Y
Simond Do  2Y
1Earl Massingham24Ag LabY
Celia Do20Y
Richard Do  1Y
Sarah Jarvis12Y

F(olio) 8 - Page 9
1William Barstard25Ag LabY
Sarah Do25Y
Sarah Do  3Y
Samuel Do  1Y
1Philip Allen68Ag LabY
1John Cadamer47  Do DoY
Mary Do30Y
Sharlet Do  5Y
Hannah Do  7Y
Mary Marks11Y
1John Harrison42Ag LabY
Phaebe Do33Y
Robert Do14Y
Sarah Do13Y
Mary Do10Y
Betsey Do  1Y
1Jeremh Laxon30Ag LabY
Amiy Do37Y
Eliza Do  5Y
Robert Duffield10Y
Sarah Randell77Y
1John Smith43Game KeeperY
Ann Do50Y
William Do20Y

F(olio) 8 - Page 10
1James Massingham52Ag LabY
Sarah Do52Y
Barney Do15Y
Iscca? Do12Y
1John Pincheon80PauperY
Sarah Do83Y
1John Hopper30Ag LabY
Mary Do46Y
Mathew Do  6Y
Philis Do  8Y
1Margaret Nickolds64PauperY
1John Risbery21Bl. SmithY
Mary Do23Y
1Hannah Platt66Shop KeeperY
Mary Everitt65PauperY
1Judy Pane67IndependentY
1Martha Gray47  DoY
George Beavours22Ag LabY
John Do21  Do DoY
Robert Gray15  Do DoY
John Duffield14  Do DoY
1John Penten62Ag LabY
Mary Do91Y
Ann Do57Y

F(olio) 9 - Page 11
1Samuel Grout28Ag LabY
Sarah Do23Y
1Ephraham Allen30Stock DealerY
Maria Do30Y
1George Massingham29Ag LabY
Judy Do23Y
Sophia Do  7Y
George Do Junr  3Y
Sharlet Do  2MonY
1Henery Laxon37Ag LabY
Christiana Do35Y
Robert Do15Y
Elizabeth Do15Y
Maria Do  9Y
John Do  7Y
Samuel Do  6Y
1John Green78PauperY
Sarah Do68  DoY
Lucy Do26Y
Mark Do22Ag LabY
1James Clark63IndependentY
Margaret Do65Y
1Joseph Abraham60FarmerY
Ann Do61Y

F(olio) 9 - Page 12
1Thomas Jary72Ag LabY
Tamisin Do71Y
Chapman Do45Shoe MakerY
1Davy Bix46Ag LabY
Ann Do46Y
George Do  9Y
1William West33Game KeeperY
Hannah Do32Y
Samuel Do13Y
James Do11Y
Joseph Do  8Y
Davy Do  6Y
Iscca Do  2Y
1John Dewe47Ag LabY
Ann Do40Y
James Do12Y
Hannah Do10Y
1William Hopper52Ag LabY
Elizabeth Do56Y
  Do Do Junr23Y
Mary Do21Y
Robert Do17Y
  Do Do  2Y
Catherine Do  1Y

  516  8
F(olio) 10 - Page 13
1George Beavours53Ag LabY
John Do26  DoY
Maria Do24Y
George Do Junr22  DoY

  1  3  1

George Bird - Enumerator

[End of Census Document]

Surnames which have appeared since 1821

Breeze (2)
Bunn (2)
Cadamer (9)
Cursin (4)
Duffield (2,9,10)
Dyball (2)
Harrison (9)
Hazel (2,7)
Jarvis (8)
Leads (4)
Leak (1)
Love (1)
Manning (8)
Marks (9)
Nunn (2)
Page (2)
Pearson (1)
Risbery (10)
Rix (1)
Rump (2)
Scarf (3)
Sharpen (2)
Smith (9)
Underwood (2)
Wegg (3)
Wrench (1)

Surnames which have gone since 1821


Surnames which have gone or changed? between 1821 and 1841

1821 1841
Pincham & PinsonPincheon
Pain & PaynePane


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