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Norfolk: Blofield

Hunt's Directory of East Norfolk with Part of Suffolk, 1850

[Transcription copyright © Pat Newby]

BLOFIELD is a village 7 miles E. of Norwich, and 12 miles W. of Yarmouth. The parish comprises an area of 2277 acres, and the population in 1841 was 1112. Post Office, at the Globe Inn. Letters delivered at 7,30 a.m. and despatched to Norwich, and all parts, at 5 p.m.

	Bailey     John            shoemaker
	Bell       Robert          shoemaker
	Benns      Thos.           shopkeeper & joiner
	Bowen      James           shopkeeper & baker
	Broom      John            beer retailer & joiner
	Brundell   William         watchmaker
	Bulley     Robert          shoemaker
	Bunn       Samuel          shopkeeper
	Caston     William         butcher
	Cheyne     John            chimney-sweeper
	Clarke     Charles         shoemaker
	Clarke     William         bricklayer
	Codling    William Henry   union and magistrates' clerk,
	                             superintendent registrar and schoolmaster
	Coleman    Timothy         vet. surgeon
	Cooke      William         commission agent
	Dingle     James           blacksmith
	Dixon      Herbert         steward
	Dixon      Mr. Samuel
	Dunt       Adam            tailor
	Eade       Peter           surgeon and registrar
	Emms       Hy. Wm.         painter, glazier, &c.
	Evans      John            cooper
	Farman     William         shoemaker
	Fisher     William         painter, glazier, &c and shopkeeper
	Fox        George          painter, glazier, &c.
	Fox        Richard         shoemaker
	Gapp       Richard R.      school
	Garrard    Misses
	Gedge      William         bricklayer
	Gibbs      Alfred G.       miller
	Goulder    Robert, sen.    maltster
	Gowen      Benj.           beer retalr. & shoemaker
	Green      Mr. John
	Hagatta    Leonard         'Swan'
	Harper     Tobell          shoemaker
	Hazel      Charles         gardener
	Hazel      Samuel          gardener
	Head       George          gardener
	Hilling    John            butcher
	Lambert    Thomas          tinman, &c.
	Lynes      Joseph          machine maker and wheeler
	Mace       Mr. Robert
	Massey     Mr. Thomas
	Miles      Lieut. Edmund,
	Mingay     John W.         cabinet maker
	Mitchell   Mary Ann        shopkeeper
	Norton     Sarah           straw bonnet maker
	Onslow     Captain John J.
	Overed     John            farmer
	Patterson  Henry           gardener
	Postle     Elizabeth       milliner, &c.
	Postle     Jehosaphat      relieving officer
	Pyle       Henry           tailor
	Read       Richard         cattle dealer
	Read       Richard, jun.   butcher
	Redgiment  Robert          butcher
	Ringer     Mr. John
	Rix        Mrs. Bridget
	Rogers     Sarah           miller
	Rushmore   Anthony         bricklayer
	Rushmore   Rt.             shopkeeper & joiner
	Sawyer     Richard         blacksmith
	Scurll     William         blacksmith
	Sillett    Mary            dressmaker
	Sizer      Henry           blacksmith
	Stockings  William         builder
	Tidman     Charles         'King's Head'
	Tabor      Edward          shopkeeper
	Tuck       John Henry, Esq.
	Tuck       Miss Louisa
	Turnbull   Rev. Thomas S.,
	Ward       Charles         postmaster
	Ward       Joseph          'Globe Inn' (commercial and posting)
	Withers    John            bricklayer
	Woodrow    John            blacksmith


	Allen      John            Goulder   Robert
	Bane       Joseph          Goulder   Robert, jun.
	Browne     William         Long      Robert
	Browne     William, jun.   Lynes     Joseph
	Brooks     William         Osborne   William
	Cooke      Harold          Postle    Jehosaphat D.
	Crowe      Robert          Riches    Thomas
	Edrich     William S.

CARRIERS. The Acle, Martham and Norwich carriers pass through twice a week; and the Norwich and Yarmouth Post Cart, daily.

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