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Norfolk: Blakeney

Census: 1770

Blakeney is one of the few places in the county for which a census before 1841 containing names survives.

This 1770 Norfolk Record Office document [with the reference PD 619/31 and MF 1004/2] is on 3 sheets of paper. Each sheet on film had a number of columns. For transcription purposes each of these columns has been treated as a table indicated by [Table 'no'] before it.

Tables 1 through 6 list all the people and then Tables 7 and 8 list those with children (or in a few cases the children's names ) under 16 years.

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Name Index

The census contains the following names and the numbers in brackets refer to the table numbers on which they occur.

Ames (1,7)
Anderson (2)
Balls (2)
Barber (5)
Barker (2)
Barnard (4,5,8)
Beavis (1,3,5,7)
Bell (3,7)
Blomfield (2)
Boardman (4,7)
Bond (1,3,5,6,7,8)
Bower (4,7)
Bowles (2,7)
Boyce (2,7)
Braddock (4)
Brettingham (6)
Browne (3,5,6,7,8)
Burgess (1)
Burton (4)
Calthorpe (1)
Caulk (5,8)
Clarke (5)
Cockerton (1,7)
Coe (4,7,8)
Cozens (8)
Crofts (3)
Crosly (2)
Cubitt (1)
Digby (6,8)
Doyle (2,7)
Driver (1)
Evelington (5,7)
Farthing (1,4,7)
Fiddy (3,7)
Fish (4)
Forby (2)
Fox (1,4,7)
Framlingham (1,7)
Gidney (3,7)
Girdlestone (2)
Green (4)
Grixx (3)
Hall (1,5,6,7)
Hammond (2)
Hare (2)
Harper (5)
Harrison (3,7)
Harvey (2,6)
Hewell (5,*)
High (5)
Hook (5,8)
Isaack (4)
Jackson (3,5,7)
Jarvis (3)
Jary (6)
Johnson (2,5)
Kelwood (3,4,7,*)
Kendle (5)
Kilwood (2,*)
King (5,8)
Lake (1,6)
Lawson (3,7)
Lee (2,7)
Leeder (4)
Loads (4,7)
Lowne (1,5,7)
Mackerel (1,7)
Mann (1,4,5,7,8)
Massingham (2,3,7)
Matishall (4)
Mayes (7)
Mitchell (5)
Morgan (2,7)
Mountain (6)
Moyes (4)
Murland (6)
Murrell (1)
Narborough (1,7)
Neal (2,8)
Nobs (5,8)
Pilch (6)
Potter (2,6,7)
Poulage (5)
Rayner (5,7)
Risborough (5)
Robinson (2,7)
Rogers (2)
Rush (5)
Shepherd (4,7)
Silence (1,4)
Smith (1,2,7)
Sparing (5)
Spaul (4,7)
Spurrel (6)
Spurrell (8)
Stamp (5)
Starling (3,4,7)
Steel (1)
Stokes (5,7)
Taylor (1,3,5,7)
Teel (3,7)
Thompson (3,6)
Tuck (3)
Tungate (4)
Warnes (3,4)
Watson (2)
Wells (3,7,8)
Werm (1)
West (2,7)
Whitesides (1,5)
Wiggin (2)
Wilson (3,5,8)
Wright (1,2,6)
Wright (7)
Yaxley (2,7

[ * = see General Notes ]

General Notes

The Census Document

The original document had the following headings spelt out in full. They have been contracted to allow for a clearer display.

This contains the following information :-

[Table 1]

Peoples Names No of people
in House
T[he] Revd Mr Calthorpe
Theodasia Werm
Mary Mann
Richard Steel41
John Lowne
Eliz. Do
Eliz Cubitt31
Robt Fox
Mary Do21
George Beavis 2
Mary Do2
Tobias Lowne
Sarah Do21
Eliz Murrell
Alice Do
Robt Do
Richd Do41
Wm Hall
Catherine Do21
Wm Ames
Eliz Do21
Francis Narborough
Anne Do21
Saml Wright
Mary Do
Anne Do31
Saml Mackerel
Mary Do
Frances Burgess31
John Driver
Hannah Do21
Wm Framlingham
Eliz Do
Biddy Do31
Catherine Beavis
Susan Do
Anne Bond
Eliz Whitesides41
Roger Farthing
Rose Do21
Wm Whitesides
Mary Do
Henry Do31
Joseph Cockerton
Eliz Do21
Ephriam Smith
Susan Do21
Matthew Fox
Eliz Do21
John Lake
Martha Do21
Peter Silence 1[1]
Mary Do
Sarah Taylor21

[Table 2]

Peoples Names No of people
in House
Matthew Yaxley
Mary Do21
Francis Blomfield
Martha Do21
Richd Girdlestone
Anne Do21
John Smith
Mary Do21
John Morgan
Mary Do
Eliz Do
Robert Do
Rebecca Rogers
John Neal
Mary Do71
Richd Wright
Anne Do21
Eliz Balls
Richd Bowles
Mary Do31
Henry Watson
James Do
Sarah Do
Hannah Harvey41
Mary Anderson11
Saml Hare
Anne Do
Mary Wiggin
Anne Do41
Edward Forby
Jane Do21
Wm West
Amy Do21
Thos Doyle
Sarah Do21
Wm Boyce
Martha Do21
Francis Potter
Anne Do21
John Barker
Sarah Do21
Thos Lee
Amy Do21
Joshua Johnson
Amy Do
Eliz Do
Thos Do41
Eliz Massingham11
Thos Kilwood
Wm Do
Susan Do31
Martha Hammond
Mary Robinson21
Wm Crosly
Mary Do21

[Table 3]

Peoples Names No of people
in House
John Taylor
Mary Do21
John Lawson
Hannah Do
John Do31
Michl Massingham
Martha Do21
Francis Grixx11
Eliz Tuck
Francis Do21
Saml Gidney
Easter Do21
Wm Fiddy
Susan Do21
Peter Kelwood
Jane Do21
Thos Bond
Juda Do
Mary Do31
Rose Thompson
Thos Crofts21
John Bell
Mary Do21
Michl Jackson
Biddy Do21
Martha Browne 2
Augustine Do2
Francis Browne
Susan Do
Martha Do
Thos Do41
Thos Starling
Jane Do
Jane Do
Richard Do
Henry Do51
Matthew Jarvis
Sarah Do
John Do31
John Wilson 2
Eliz Do21
Augustine Beavis1
Francis Wells
Sarah Do21
Sarah Wells
Hannah Do21
Wm Harrison
Mary Do21
Thos Warnes
Mary Do21
Edmund Teel
Eliz Do21
Wm Warnes
Frances Do21

[Table 4]

Peoples Names No of people
in House
Robt Farthing
Mary Do
John Do
Margaret Do
Mary Do51
John Kelwood
Mary Do21
James Shepherd
Mary Do
Henry Braddock31
Wilson Kelwood
Eliz Do21
John Kelwood
Wm Mann
Mary Do31
James Isaack
Peter Do
John Do
Thos Green41
Thos Boardman
Anne Do
Anne Fox31
Augustine Spaul
Eliz Do
Eliz Braddock31
Francis Moyes
Margaret Do
Anne Do
Alice Leeder41
Francis Starling
Eliz Do
Eliz Do
Butcher Do41
John Loads
Mary Do21
Wm Bower
Mary Do21
Anne Silence 2
Robt Do2
Jas Coe
Easter Do
Frances Barnard
Catherine Warnes
John Tungate
John Burton
Robert Matishall
Robert Fish81

[Table 5]

Peoples Names No of people
in House
Arthur Browne
Mary Do
Eliz Kendle
John Barber
Eliz Clarke
Mary Rush
Sarah Lowne
John Harper81
John Mitchell
Mary Do
Ann Stamp
Christopher High41
Michl Jackson
Eliz Do
Mary Do
Wm Do41
Thos Rayner
Susan Do21
Saml Stokes
Edmd Beavis
Tamasin Do31
Wm Poulage
Mary Do
Ann Do4 31
Philip Evelington
Jane Do21
Thos Taylor
Ann Do21
Francis Hall 2
Ann Do2
Mary Whitesides
Margaret Hewell
Rebecca King
Eliz Mann41
Thos Barnard
Mary Do
Eleanor Do
Mary Do41
Biddy Hook
Anne Do
Eleanor Do31
Thos Hook
Eliz Do21
John Johnson
Catherine Do
Anne Wilson31
Thos Nobs
Eliz Do21
Wm Risborough
Eliz Do21
Thos Caulk
Eliz Do
Francis Do
Anne Sparing41
Rebecca Bond11

[Table 6]

Peoples Names No of people
in House
Robt Mountain
Margaret Do21
Robt Spurrel
Amy Do
Rachel Murland31
Anne Wright
Mary Jary
Wm Lake
James Harvey41
Christ Brettingham
Margaret Do21
Robt Pilch
Hannah Do
Anne Do
John Do41
Thos Potter11
Wm Bond
Ann Do21
John Murland 2
Mary Do2
Wm Digby11
[Total on Page 6]217
[Totals from Page 1]5319
[Totals from Page 2]5522
[Totals from Page 3]5422
[Totals from Page 4]4713
[Totals from Page 5]5617
[Interim total of 1-6]286100
Mary Hall
Ward Thompson
Eliz. Browne3
[Final Total of 1-6]289100

[Table 7]

Number of People
& Children under 16 years
Robt Fox3
George Beavis4
Tobias Lowne1
Wm Ames4
Francis Narborough5
Saml Wright4
Saml Mackerel3
Wm Framlingham2
Roger Farthing3
Joseph Cockerton1
Matthew Yaxley1
John Smith1
John Morgan3
Richd Wright4
Richd Bowles2
Wm West1
Thos Doyle2
Wm Boyce1
Francis Potter5
T. Lee3
Mary Robinson2
John Lawson1
Michl Massingham5
Saml Gidney3
Wm Fiddy2
Thos Bond1
John Bell4
M. Jackson3
A. Beavis4
Wm Harrison4
E Teel1
F. Wells3
Wm Farthing1
J. Kelwood1
Jas Shepherd4
Wilson Kelwood3
Wm Mann4
Wm Boardman1
A. Spaul2
F. Mayes1
F. Starling3
John Loads5
Wm Bower2
Jas Coe5
Arthur Browne3
Eliz Jackson1
Thos Rayner1
S. Stokes2
P. Evelington2
T. Taylor2
F. Hall4
[Total on page 7]133

[Table 8]

Number of People
& Children under 16 years
R. King4
R. Bond8
E. Mann2
M. Barnard1
T. Hook4
T. Nobs2
T. Caulk1
Wm Digby2
R. Spurrell2
Wm Bond3
Arthur Browne S Boys 42
Jas Coe one S. Boy 41
Anne Neal     - Town
Anne Cozens  - Boys &
Thos Wells     - Girls
Saml Wilson
[Total on page 8]36
[Carried from Table 7]133
[Total of 7 and 8]169
[Total from Table's 1-6]289
Men Women
& Children in all
in Blakeney

Number taken by John Barber at the visitation June 20 1770.

[New Page]

The number of houses and
inhabitants in Blakeney
taken by John Barber at Bishop
Young's second visitation 20 june 1770

[End of Census Document]

Numbered Notes

See also the Blakeney parish page and the main Census page

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