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Norfolk: Beeston

Census: 1801

Beeston (with Bittering) is one of the few places in the county for which a census before 1841 containing names survives.

This 1801 Norfolk Record Office document [with the reference PD 377/31] covers 5 pages, the start of each being indicated by [Page xx] in the text which does not appear on the original.

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Surname Index

The following surnames are contained in the document. The numbers following each are the Page numbers which contain one or more occurences of the name.

Airs (1)
Aldridge (1)
Allison (1)
Andrews (1)
Ashey (1)
Barker (2)
Barnwell (5)
Barnes (1)
Baxter (1)
Bear (2)
Bowen (1)
Bridges (1)
Bunn (1)
Burton (2)
Claxton (2)
Coker (2)
Capps (2)
Cooper (2)
Case (2)
Curson (2)
Crome (2)
Davey (2)
Dearns (2)
Dennis (3)
Farrer (3)
Filby (3)
Flupott (3)
Fox (3)
Frost (3)
Fuller (3)
Gage (3)
Gooderson (3)
Goward (3)
Hammond (3)
Hart (3)
Harvey (3)
Head (3)
Howes (3)
Hunter (3)
Johnson (3)
King (3)
Leeder (3)
Linn (4)
Makings (4)
Marham (4)
Melton (5)
Moulton (4)
Murrell (4)
Orton (4)
Powley (4)
Payne (4)
Rowe (4)
Rudd (4)
Ryall (5)
Santy (4)
Saunders (4)
Sooley (4)
Spicer (4)
Sprags (4)
Stanner (4)
Stimpson (4)
Tann (4,5)
Tuck (5)
Walker (5)
Wheals (5)
Whitesides (5)
Winter (5)
Wiscard (5)
Wright (5)

The Census

The original document had the following headings spelt out in full. They have been contracted to allow for a clearer display.

This contains the following information :-

[Page 1 follows]

Beeston Tithe Book
March 10th 1801
Names Fam Ma Fe H Tot
Allison John14317
Andrews John11314
Airs John11112
Ashey Edward14317
Aldridge William12214
Bunn William156111
Baxter Henry13518
Barnes William14317
Bridges Henry13215
Bridges Robert11213
Bridges John Senr13316
Bridges James13-13
Bridges William11213
Bridges John Junr11314
Bridges Widow13215
Bridges Thomas13215
Bowen Thomas11112
  [Page 2 follows]
Brought over1743431786
Bear James155110
Barker Brown12214
Bear Jonathan13114
Burton James12315
Bear Elizabeth1-313
Claxton Edmund Senr14216
Claxton Edmund Junr11213
Claxton John13114
Claxton Christopher11516
Claxton William12113
Coker William11213
Capps Robert11314
Coker John14317
Cooper Robert13518
Cooper Widow21213
Coker Widow21314
Case Richard185113
Curson Widow11213
Crome Christopher12517
Curson John12214
Davey John14317
Dearns Robt Senr14418
Dearns Robt Junr12315
Carried over4210011040210
  [Page 3 follows]
Brought over4210011040210
Dennis Thomas22416
Frost John13215
Frost George Senr13417
Frost George Junr12113
Frost Mary12214
Frost Thomas11213
Flupott Robert12517
Farrer John11213
Fox Mary11112
Fuller William11314
Filby William12214
Gooderson Thomas13215
Gage William11415
Goward James11112
Hart William165111
Harvey Widow22416
Head David22214
Hunter Paul11314
Hammond William12113
Howes John12214
Johnson Thomas11112
King Benjamin13215
Leeder Robert13114
Carried over6814716663313
  [Page 4 follows]
Brought over6814716663313
Linn John137110
Murrell John12315
Makings John14317
Marham Thomas11314
Moulton Nathaniel11112
Orton John11112
Powley Jacob13215
Powley Peter11213
Payne William11213
Rudd John12214
Rudd Jeneson14216
Rudd Edward Senr11112
Rudd Edward Junr14216
Rowe George15419
Sooley Samuel13215
Saunders David12214
Stimpson William11112
Stanner Judith11213
Sprags Francis12214
Spicer Charles13114
Santy William14216
Sooley Mary11314
Tann Robert Senr13316
Tann Robert Junr11314
Carried over9220122287423
  [Page 5 follows]
Brought over9220122287423
Tann William12315
Tuck John13316
Wright Thomas12113
Wright Richard22416
Winter Robert11314
Wright Robert15419
Wheals Robert137110
Wheals William15217
Wheals George12113
Wheals Widow1-111
Wiscard John12517
Whitesides Thomas12214
Ryall Widow1-414
In the parish
of Beeston
Bittering with Beeston-----
Walker William184112
Melton Robert23417
Sum Total109241270102511
Occupations Number
Beeston - Agriculture -    95
In Bittering with Beeston      6
Trade manufacture or Handicraft    39
Bittering    --
All Other Persons not comprehended in the two above classes, as Women & Childrens  358
Bittering    13

Number of Inhabitants  511

Note. Myself and family at Bath when this calculation was taken,
which would have made 5 more         Wm Barnwell Rectr

[End of Census Document]

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