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Norfolk: Barney

William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

[Transcription copyright © Pat Newby]

BARNEY, or Berney, at the source of the Stiffkey rivulet, 6 miles E.N.E. of Fakenham, is a village and parish, containing 276 souls, and 1,389A. 3R. 31P. of land, of which 410 acres are tithe free, having been held by Burnham Priory. It is in three manors, viz. - Wighton-Lancaster, of which the Earl of Leicester is lord; Great Snoring, of which J. Dugmore, Esq., is lord; and Barney on the part of Barney, of which Lord Hastings is lord. The copyholds in the latter, are on the tenure called Smockhold, from the wife having an equal claim with the husband, and should he die intestate, she has one half of his estate. This singular tenure exists only in two other Norfolk manors, viz:- Binham and Shipdham. Among the other principal land owners in Barney are, Sir Chas. Chad, Bart., W.S. Phillippo, William Butler, and the Rev. J. Lloyd.

Lord Hastings is impropriator of the rectorial tithes, and patron of the vicarage, valued in the King's Book at £6 13s. 4d., and in 1831 at £132, in the incumbency of the Rev. W.W. Wilcocks, of Fakenham. The glebe is 38A. 2R. 5P., and the Vicarage-house is divided into two cottages. The CHURCH (St. Mary,) is an ancient pile, with a tower and one bell; but formerly having three, - two of which were sold to repair the church some years ago. It was appropriated to Burnham Priory, in the reign of Edward III.

The Wesleyans and Baptists have chapels here, both rebuilt in 1844.

On the hills, east of the village, are traces of entrenchments, near which, a curious pavement and several brass coins were found, and are now in the possession of Mr. W.S. Phillippo.

The rents of two tenements, and 2A. of land given by an unknown donor, and 4A. allotted at the enclosure in 1811, are carried to the poor rates.

	  Bailey     George        beer house, Bell
	  Beane      Henry         vict., Plough
	  Burton     Thomas        baker
	  Butler     Hy. Woods     grocer  [see note below]
	  Butler     Mrs. My.              [see note below]
	  Dodman     William       wheelwright
	  Frankling  Sarah         baker
	  Howes      Robert        butcher
	  Leeder     Thomas        blacksmith
	  Long       Robert        saddler
	  Priest     Zach.         shoemaker
	  Stanford   John          tailor
	  Stringer   Peter         blacksmith
	  Wiggett    William       carpenter

	                 (* are Owners.)

	  Barnes     James       * Elgar     Robert
	  Barrat     Mark          Pentany   George
	* Butler     William       Perowne   Benjamin
	* Butler     John        * Phillippo William Skinner
	  Christmas  Robert

Note: in the original this is:
     Butler Hy. Woods, grocer; & Mrs. My.
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