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Norfolk: Baconsthorpe - 1768-1782 - Churchwardens' Payments

Baconsthorpe raised money at various times, to either support its poor (from the Overseers' Rate) or to pay for other parish expenses (from the Churchwardens' Rate). This rate was levied on the occupiers (who may not have owned the land) and based upon the value of the property (which was usually a rental valuation). Both occupiers and owners are found living in and outside the parish.

For more information on these records see the Parish Accounts page.

This is one item from a Norfolk Record Office document [with the reference PD 334/15 and microform MF 969/2] which contains the Churchwardens' accounts book for 1722-1838.

Note that only extracts have been transcribed but this includes most items which mention surnames. Common events eg. bread/wine, some non-specific trade bills etc. have for the most part been excluded.

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[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Oct 10th 1768
The Disbursements of John Springall Churchwarden from Easter to Michaelmas 1768

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
May 22To a labourer 2 days work in Church Steeple
and the Churchyard
June 15The Carriage of 32 Flagstones from Cromer5/0
More to Hammond's bill for work and lime2/2/11½
to a bill for Flagstones1/17/4
to a bill for Hair8/0
Mr Browns bill for the Vestry5/4/4
more his bill for gateposts and painting1/3/8½
Mr Warns's bill6/2
To Mr Fisher old Churchwardens Disbursements5/6

The Disbursements of Robert Ives and John Springall Churchwardens from Michaelmas 1768

Robert Ives disbursements 1769

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
Jan 14To Bread and Wine0/2/0
March 26To Bread and Wine0/2/0
March 27To the Clerk1/10/0
To the Surplice Washing0/2/6
May 13To Bread and Wine0/2/0
May 26Paid at the General 5s my Journey
to Aylsham 2s 6d
To the Apparitor6d
Decem: 29To Bread and Wine0/2/0
Octobr: 20To my Journey to Aylsham0/2/6


Mr Springall's disbursements 1769

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
1769 May 2To the Apparitor6d
26my Journey to Aylsham0/2/6
July 7To the Visitors0/5/0
Oct 20To Mr Morphews at the Generals0/6/0
To my Journey to Aylsham0/2/6


Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
The plumbers bill - Mrs Hadden
1769 Oct 25To 1/2 days work uncovering the Church2/6
To new casting (of lead) c(wt)17. 3 Q(uarters). 9l(bs)4/0/3
To C(wt) 11:3Q(tr):13l new sheet lead at £1 1s (per cwt)12/9/5¼
To 16¾ pound of Sorder at 9d12/6¾
To 2 days work 3 men laying the lead15/0
To 1 days work 2 men5/0
To a hundred nails2/6
The carpenter John Brown
To 8 deals13/4
To 20 Square feet of Scantlings?2/0/0
To 4 1/2 pounds of nails (4d per lb)1/6
To 2 pounds of spikes8d
To 6 Flagstones7/0
carriage of Lead5/0
Bricklayer, Brick, Lime and Carriage

Allowed by us
[signed]Wm Hewitt Rector
Robert Fisher
John Springall
John Warns
Peter Wilson x his mark
John Pell

The Disbursements of 1771

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
To 750 hard burnt bricks13/6
To Mr Reeve for half rounds and Bricks6/7/0
To Carriage of Do1/11/6
To Hammond bricklayer1/6/10

Disbursements of 1772 and 1774/5 contain references to Bricklayers/Carpenters/Plumbing.

1775 - Mr Warns the Blacksmith

1776 - More Repairs
Willm Hadden - Plumber
John Brown - Carpenter

Dec 18 - 1776
Carriage of 1000 pavements from Wood-Bastwick

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
1776 - July 22To the Grand Visitor Mr Nichols5/0
1778Mr Seamans bill for pavements9/0/0
Mr Cremers bill for 3000 bricks2/5/0
900 hard burnt Do at 18/-16/-
8 flagstones at 15d10/0
5 Quarters of lime from Gresham (2/- per qtr)10/-
5 Do of Do from Bayfield11/3
Mr Pages - Stone Mason bill3/4/0
To Starlings Do Carriage of Ston(e)s from Norwich14/8
1777Hammond Bricklayer - Overtime1/6
Haddon the plummers bill
[Income]Old lead 10 stone 8 pounds1/1/2

The Disbursements of Robert Ives and John Springall Churchwardens from Easter 1778 to Easter 1779

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
To Woolmer for Citation6d

The Revd Mr Hewitt's disbursements from Easter 1778.
[Note that the church was partly destroyed by the fall of the steeple in 1739 and was repaired mostly at the expense of Mr Hewitt - hence these accounts]

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
[Bills for] Lime/Sand
To 6 Bunches of Lath6/0
To 6lbs of Lath-nails4/0
To Starling Carriage of Stone5/4
To Page - Stone Mason's bill17/6
To Massingham - Smith's bill16/5
To Booth - Plumber's bill11/11/2
To Hammond - Bricklayers bill12/14/6
To Warns - Smiths bill17/0
To Read's bill for hair1/10/0
To Thursby - Carpenter's bill33/9/0
To 1500 bricks1/2/6
To Carriage of Do7/6


Disbursements for Baconsthorpe Church repairs between Easter 1779 and Easter 1780

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
Mr Thomas Thursby's bill Joiner110/9/8
John Thursby's bill Carpenter54/10/3
Horth's upholster4/4/9
Hammond's do plaisterer25/2/6
Booth's do Glazier36/8/8
Capons do Painter20/0/0
Reads do for hair2/8/0
Warn's do for irons6/5/0
Clark's do for do5/10/6
Bricks Lime and Flagstones6/19/6
a Lock for the North Door1/1/0


Disbursements 1780

Date [Income] £/s/d
a gift from Mrs Martha Rush100/0/0
other Contributions160/19/10

The Disbursements of John Springall and Robert Ives Churchwardens from Easter 1779 to Easter 1780

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
To Woolmers fee 6d My Journey to Aylsham 2s 6d3/0

The Disbursements of John Springall and Robert Ives Churchwardens from Easter 1780 to Easter 1781

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
Aug 11To Mr Burrel as Visitor4/6
Oct 9To Mr Morphew at the General 5s
my Journey to Reepham 2s 6d

The Disbursements of John Springall and Robert Ives Churchwardens from Easter 1781 to Easter 1782

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
To half the Kings Arms3/3/0

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