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Norfolk: Aylsham

Census: 1821

Aylsham is one of the few places in the county for which a census before 1841 containing names survives.

This 1821 document is in a book in the Muniments Room, Town Hall, Aylsham, Norfolk.

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Name Index

The census contains the following names with the Page number in brackets which may contain more than one occurence of the name. See notes for those entries with a (*).

Abbett (14)
Abbott (16)
Aberdeen (3)
Addison (7)
Ames (8,15)
Amis (3)
Armes (5)
Ashby (3)
Ashley (7)
Aylmer (8)
Balls (15)
Barber (14,16)
Barnes (1,4,7,12,16)
Barney (2)
Bartram (5,14)
Batson (9)
Bean (2,7,14)
Bear (16)
Beasy (3,9)
Beckham (3)
Bell (2,9)
Bird (5)
Blatten (16) (*)
Blogg (3)
Blomefield (13,14)
Body (11)
Bond (9)
Boughty (2)
Bours (3) (*)
Bradwick (8)
Breese (6)
Broome (10)
Bulwer (10)
Burges (3)
Burrell (9,14,15)
Burton (7,14)
Camplin (4)
Canfor (10)
Carr (5)
Chad (13)
Chalker (2)
Chamberlain (15)
Chapman (2)
Clarke (1,5)
Clements (6)
Clipperton (11)
Cobb (8)
Codlin (15)
Collins (3)
Colman (1)
Coman (8)
Cook (4,6)
Cooper (11)
Copeman (6,8,13)
Cory (4,8,14)
Crane (5)
Cranefield (6)
Culley (11)
Davidson (8)
Davy (10,12,16)
Deeker (1)
Dent (15)
Diggens (10)
Dix (5)
Dodman (2,9,13)
Dolman (8)
Dotheredge (7)
Doughty (1,12)
Drake (5,9)
Ducker (1,12)
Duffield (4)
Dunham (2,4,12)
Dunnett (11)
Durrant (6,10)
Dye (10)
Ebbs (11)
Elden (7)
Elvin (8)
Felstead (14)
Fennell (13)
Ficklin (3)
Field (13,14)
Fillpot (13)
Firmage (2)
Fish (7)
Fitt (2,3)
Flaxman (6)
Florence (15)
Floyd (6)
Foxhall (12)
Frankland (6)
Frary (4)
Freeman (16)
Fulcher (4,6)
Gall (9,15)
Garthon (8)
Garthwaite (1)
George (12)
Gibson (16)
Gidney (9)
Glover (1)
Godfrey (9)
Gold (1)
Goodwins (11)
Goose (16)
Gotterson (6,16)
Gotts (9)
Grapes (11)
Gray (4,6,13,15)
Greenacre (15)
Grimson (13)
Gunner (9)
Haddon (7)
Hagon (12,15)
Hall (10,16)
Harriman (7)
Harrison (9)
Harrod (10)
Hastings (6)
Heaton (3)
Hewitt (11)
Hill (13)
Hogg (5)
Holley (6)
Hopkins (6)
Horstead (4,8,14)
House (8)
Howes (12)
Hudson (15)
Huggins (14)
Ives (13)
Jarvey (14)
Jarvis (8,13)
Jary (11)
Jex (2,10)
Johns (9,12)
Jones (13)
Kemp (14)
Lack (12)
Laxen (5,14)
Lazarus (8)
Lemon (15)
Lowe (14)
Lown (8)
Mack (2,10,11)
Mann (3,7,9)
March (12)
Margeson (8)
Mash (12)
  (see also Nash)
Matchin (6)
Maystone (12,14,15)
Middleton (15)
Miller (4)
Mitchell (16)
Moon (11)
Moore (2)
Moy (12)
Murrell (5)
Nash (16)
  (see also Mash)
Neal (12)
Newell (9)
Nobs (6)
Norman (11)
Overton (3)
Page (12)
Palmer (11,13)
Parker (9)
Payne (3,10,11)
Peachman (7)
Peart (2)
Pedder (3)
Perring (8)
Pert (2,8,13)
Peterson (16)
Phillippo (10)
Pike (10)
Plane (10)
Platten (1,13,14,16)
Pointer (9)
Porrett (4,8)
Powell (1)
Pratt (7)
Proudfoot (2,5)
Pull (14)
Purdy (5)
Pye (5,6)
Rackham (13)
Randall (17)
Randell (13)
Raymes (1,15)
Rayner (15)
Raynford (7)
Read (6)
Repton (1)
Ringer (6)
Rivett (12,14)
Robinson (13)
Rogers (16)
Roofe (7,10)
Rounce (12)
Rudd (10)
Rust (7)
Salmon (8)
Saunders (1,15,16)
Sayer (4)
Scott (14)
Scotto (8,16)
Seaman (8)
Searles (15)
Secker (5,13)
Sexton (1)
Shaw (14)
Silence (6,7)
Simpson (2)
Skinner (11,14)
Skipper (14)
Sly (10)
Smith (1,4,7,9,10,11)
Soames (11)
Spink (2,3,4,13,15,17)
Spooner (9)
Stearman (13,16)
Steward (9)
Stoneham (6)
Storey (12)
Strain (4) (*)
Sutton (8)
Symonds (16)
Taylor (1,10)
Thaxter (7)
Thirtle (6)
Thompson (6)
Thurlow (2)
Tice (3)
Tillett (10)
Tipple (1,13)
Tortoise (1,2,3) (*)
Tuck (4,17)
Tucks (10)
Turner (1,9,11)
Ulph (9,10)
Vartigans (5) (*)
Wade (4,5)
Walker (12)
Ward (3,4,7)
Warden (13)
Warnes (10,11)
Warr (10)
Waters (16)
Watling (13)
Watson (15)
Weaver (7)
Webster (3,14)
Wells (5,10)
West (13)
Westmore (13,14)
White (9)
Whitham (1,3,5,15)
Wickes (15)
Wiley (4)
Williams (14)
Williamson (4)
Wilson (6,12,16)
Woods (11)
Wright (8,11,15,17)
Yaxley (5)

Street Index

The census contains the following places with the Page number in brackets which may contain more than one occurence of the name. The street names have been enclosed in square brackets "[]" in the transcription to distinguish them from the surnames but placed where they were written in the book.

Benj Petersons Lane (13)
Blickling Road (13)
Bridwell (17)
Bonds Yard (9)
Budds Common (16)
Bull Street (6)
Burgh Road (10)
Carrs Corner (5)
Cawston Heath (11)
Cawston Road (11)
Chemists Yard (7)
Church Yard (6)
Colks Farm (16)
Cromer Road (13)
Drabble Gate (16)
Dyes Yard (12)
Green towards Marsham (11)
Harveys Yard (14)
Hungate Street (2,3,4)
Market (1,5,6,7)
Mill (15)
Millgate (14,15,16,17)
Muckling (12)
Newells Yard (9)
New Inn Yard (10)
Pin Fowell Street (4) (*)
Pin Powell Street (5) (*)
Pound Lane (10)
Rackhams (13)
Red Lion Street (7,9,10)
School House Lane (13)
Spa (11)
Spratts Green (11)
Stone Gate (11)
The Hill (7,8)
Town Lane (12)
Unicorn Yard (4)
Wakefields Row (7)
Walkers Yard (8,9)
Walsham Lane (16)
White Hart Street (8)
Workhouse (13,17)

Layout of pages follow

Population of the
Parish of Aylsham
Taken the 28th, 29th, 30th and 31th May
by Wm Morris
Assistant Overseer

[Page 1]
Ducker David
Repton W Esqe       [Market South Side]
Taylor Saml
Glover Jno Wright
Tipple George
Smith Wd
Tipple Jno
Garthwaite Wm
Powell Wm
Saunders Wm
Platten Edwd Junr
Sexton Jos
Raymes Jos Widow
Turner Benj
Gold Jno
Doughty Jno
Whitham Stephen
Tortoise Danl
Colman Wm
Deeker Jas
Raymes Thos
Barnes Sarah
Clarke Susan
[Page 2]
    [Hungate Street Continued]
Jex Jennis
Barney Free
Thurlow Robt
Spink Wm
Peart Matthew
Firmage Thos
Spink Wm
Spink Jas
Simpson Jno
Moore Richard
Pert Wm
Tortoise Wm
Boughty Robt
Dunham Martha
Bell Wd
Fitt Jno
Proudfoot Edmd
Chalker Robt
Chapman Jno
Bean Jas
Dodman Edwd
Mack Wd
[Page 3]
Beasy Robt       [Hungate Street]
Collins Mary
Ficklin H P
Amis Jno
Tice Jno
Payne Jnth
Ward Francis
Tortoise Jno
Tortoise Jas
Fitt Jas
Webster Wm
Pedder Jno
Overton Clement
Aberdeen Alex
Heaton Philip
Whitham Matth.
Ashby Thos
Beckham Benj
Burges Thos
Bours Ernest
Spink Jno
Mann Saml
Blogg Jno
Spink Peter
[Page 4]
    [Hungate Street]
Cory George
Spink Thos
Horstead Jas
Duffield Wd
Horstead Jno
Barnes Wd
Wade late Hawkins
Ward Jno       [Unicorn Yard]
Fulcher Wm
H Smith Jas
Tuck Robt
Tuck Jos
Gray Wd
Dunham George
Sayer Wm
Wiley Thos       [Hungate Street]
Camplin Susan
Frary Jno
Cook Wm Barnard
Strain? Mrs       [Pin Fowell Street]
Miller Chas
Porrett Jno
Williamson Mary
[Page 5]
    [Pin Powell Street]
Proudfoot Mrs
Purdy Jas
Yaxley Francis
Murrell Rebecca
Bird Martha
    [Mr Carrs Corner]
Drake Wm
Pye Wd
Vartigans Jno
Dix Wd
Whitham Lydia
Clarke Jas
Purdy Danl
Crane George
Bartram Wm
Wells Saml
Hogg Joseph
Carr Edwd
Secker Jno       [In Markett]
Clarke Rd
Armes Jno
Laxen Rd Senr
Wade Chas
[Page 6]
Ringer Rd       [In Markett West Side]
Pye Jas
Read Matthew
Cranefield Philip
Holley Mrs Jno
Flaxman Jno       [Church Yard]
Thirtle Wd
Cook Thos
Thompson Wd       [In Markett]
Stoneham Thos
Matchin Jas
Copeman Mrs P
Silence Rd
Breese H
Durrant George
Nobs Mrs
Gotterson Mrs
Fulcher Wm Senr
Hopkins Jno
Clements Chas
Gray Wm
Frankland Jas       [Bull Street]
Wilson Jos
Hastings Jno
Floyd Wd
[Page 7]
Ashley Miss       [Markett]
Ward Widow       [In Wakefields Row]
Mann Ann
Fish Wd
Elden Wm
Dotheredge Wm
Roofe Robt       [In Chemists Yard]
Thaxter Edwd
Thaxter Jno
Ward Jas       [Red Lion Street]
Haddon Jas
Bean Jas Senr
Raynford Wm
Peachman Thos
Smith Wm
Addison Mrs
Pratt Rd
Harriman Wm
Weaver Wm
Barnes Fiddy
Rust Vincent
Burton Wd
Mann Saml Senr
Silence Jeremiah       [on the Hill]
[Page 8]
Jarvis Edmd       [upon the Hill]
Scotto Jas
Bradwick Wd
Scotto Peter
Davidson Danl Wd?
Perring Revd B
Seaman Miss       [White Hart Street]
Porrett Christ
Lazarus David
Margeson Robt
Aylmer Miss
Elvin Thos
Jarvis Edwd
Dolman Robt
Cobb Jno
Lown Jno
House Mrs
Cory Jas
Wright Thos Junr
Garthon Mrs
Copeman Edwd
Pert Wm
Ames Jno
Horstead Jas
Coman Mrs
Salmon Elizth
Sutton Jno       [In Walkers Yard]
[Page 9]
Turner Wd       [in Walker Yard]
Burrell Wd
Parker Jno
Harrison Isac       [in Bonds Yard]
Parker Thos
Bond Thos
Gall Wd
Bond Wm
Pointer Robt
Ulph Wm
White George
Beasy Jno
Johns Rachell       [in Newells Yard]
Gunner Sarah
Gotts George
Steward Cath
Bell Jno
Mann Thos       [Red Lion Street]
Newell Elizth
Godfrey Thos
Gidney E Wm
Spooner Heny
Smith Jno
Drake Wd
Dodman Thos
Batson P D
[Page 10]
Roofe Jas       [Red Lion Street]
Pike Wm
Jex Richard
Ulph Benj
Sly Jas
Phillippo Peter
Diggens Wd
Canfor Robt
Dye Edwd
Smith Jas
Broome George
Tucks House       [New Inn Yard]
Warr Robt
Durrant Peter
Tillett Mrs
Harrod Jas
Bulwer Jas
Wells Ursla       [Down Burgh Road]
Davy Elizth
Rudd Thos
Mack Robt
Payne Jas       [up by Pound Lane]
Hall Jeremiah
Warnes Jno Junr
Taylor Copeman
Plane Edwd
[Page 11]
Hewitt George       [Cawston Road]
Payne Robt
Soames Jno
Soames Saml
Cooper Thos       [Cawston Heath]
Smith Thos
Skinner Robt
Woods Heny       [Stone Gate]
Grapes Wd
Norman Rd
Ebbs Robt
Turner Benjamin
Jary Edmd       [Upon the Green towards]
Dunnett Jno       [Marsham]
Warnes Jno Senr
Body George Senr       [at the Spa]
Goodwins George
Mack Danl
Palmer George
Culley Benj
Moon Widow
Clipperton Robt       [Spratts Green]
Wright Rd
Woods Rd
Body George Junr
[Page 12]
Hagon Jno       [at Muckling]
[Town Lane]
Maystone Saml
Rounce Jno
Davy Wd
Barnes Philip
Ducker Jas
Neal Wd
Moy Wd
Doughty Wm
March Jos
Barnes Wd
Storey Wm
Johns John
Walker Jas
Rivett Jno
Foxhall Wm
[Dyes Yard]
Lack Wd
Wilson Matthew
Dunham Mary
Mash Wd
George Wm
Page Thos
Howes Jos
Howes Wd
[Page 13]
Jones Mrs       [School House Lane]
Warden Jonas
Chad Miss
Fennell Edwd Esqr
Blomefield Fdk
Copeman R Esq
Palmer Jno       [Blickling Road]
Robinson Wm
Jarvis George Clk
Pert Wm       [Benj Petersons Lane]
Spink Jno
Secker Charlotte
Westmore George
Hill Wm
Grimson Jno       [against Cromer Road]
West Christ
Dodman Thos Junr
Gray Jno
Ives Jas
Tipple Thos
Fillpot Jas
Watling Wm       [Workhouse Pightle]
Field Jno Houses
Stearman Chas       [against Mr Rackhams]
Randell Wm
Platten Thos Junr
Rackham Thos
[Page 14]
Burton Jno
Horstead Jno
Lowe Wm
Shaw Mrs
Platten Edwd       [Millgate upon the Hill]
Kemp Jno
Huggins Wm
Skipper Wm
Platten Jno Widow
Rivett Francis
Westmore Thos
Barber Wm
Pull Edmd
Webster Wd
Felstead Danl
Rivett Jas
Scott Jno
Laxen Rd Junr
Cory Thos
Williams Peter
Abbett Chas
Maystone Jno
Burrell Jnth Senr
Blomefield Jno       [Harveys Yard]
Field Jno       [at Millgate]
Bean Jno Revd
Jarvey Mrs
Bartram Wm
[Page 15]
Searles Jas Junr       [Millgate towards]
Maystone Wd       [the Mill]
Rayner Wm
Wickes Wm
Watson Wm
Florence Wm
Chamberlain Jno
Hagon Jno
Dent Mrs
Saunders George
Greenacre Thos
Ames Jno
Whitham Matthew
Spink Peter
Raymes Jas
Gray Wd
Searles Jno
Gall Wm
Burrell Jnth Junr
Wright Thos Senr
Balls Jno
Middleton Saml
Searles Jas
Codlin Mark
Hudson Rd
Maystone Robt
Lemon Jas
[Page 16]
Gibson Robert       [Drabble Gate]
Freeman Jas
Barnes Robt
Scotto Edmd Senr
Scotto Edmd Junr
Scotto Wm
Peterson Jno
Gotterson Thos
Bear Jno       [Budds Common]
Goose Robt
Mitchell Richard       [Walsham Lane]
Waters Jas
Peterson Benj       [late Colks Farm]
Symonds Robt       [Millgate]
Blatten Thos
Symonds Wd
Wilson Wm
Davy Jno
Hall Wm
Saunders Wd
Rogers Ann
Stearman Jas
Abbott Miss
Platten Jas
Nash Jno
Barber Francis
[Page 17]
Randall Saml       [Millgate]
Spink Jas
Wright Bart
Tuck Jno
In Bridwell
In Workhouse

Heads of Households and trades

The original document had the following headings spelt out in full. They have been contracted to allow for a clearer display.

The Census Document

It contains the following information [Page 1 only shown in full]:-

Names Hou Fam Bui Un Ag Tr Oth M F Tot
Tucker David12---113811
Repton W Esqe11Mark
Taylor Saml11----1224
Glover Jno Wright11---1-628
Tipple George11--1--112
Smith Wd11----1-11
Tipple Jno11--1--123
Garthwaite Wm12---11358
Powell Wm11----1145
Saunders Wm11----14610
Platten Edwd Junr11---1-134
Sexton Jos11---1-134
Raymes Jos Widow11---1-325
Turner Benj---1------
Gold Jno11---11112
Doughty Jno12--1-1134
Whitham Stephen11---1-112
Tortoise Danl11--1--347
Colman Wm12---11134
Deeker Jas11--1--123
Raymes Thos11----1112
Barnes Sarah11----1235
Clarke Susan12----2-33

[Totals]2227-  1  5  8143865103
Pages 2 to 17
(See Books section)
[Grand Totals]397447  4  71481611389089451853

[After the last page of names this is followed by a summary of all the Males and their ages from each page (*).]

[Page] MI
Page 1423510532512--
Page 28135101045633---
Page 37111944631---
Page 4131166137722----
Page 511339974343---
Page 6588611481111--
Page 773631254343---
Page 86961014784541--
Page 98613111394975---
Page 10106471156432---
Page 1117152198656311--
Page 1214913711510531---
Page 13989510796321--
Page 142863201347751--

[Totals]121102104921618881645333  7--

[This is followed by a summary of all the Females and their ages from each page.]

[Page] FI
Page 1786713764392--
Page 2558411388131--
Page 367631062731---
Page 4638611118142---
Page 57531116596432--
Page 64333107104511--
Page 754371377644---
Page 84851179107351--
Page 97861412107655---
Page 1081096910451033--
Page 111714812231096431--
Page 1211106515611831---
Page 13745612899311--
Page 1485433545253--


[Next table is a summary of all 17 pages]

Page No Hou Fam Bui Un Ag Tr Oth M F Tot
Page 12227-158143865103
Page 22325--91065849107
Page 32427--10710395594
Page 42022123118393675
Page 52126-19107514899
Page 62528--116114560105
Page 72426--2177474693
Page 82530-2214145150101
Page 92629---16134655101
Page 102529-161586151112
Page 112528--25127574149
Page 122426--1178405494
Page 1325263-104127281153
Page 142832--141626876144
Page 152728--17566456120
Page 162629--20455066116
Page 1768--3-5622284

[Totals]396446  4  71471611389069441850

[End of Census Document]


Aylsham Local History Society (edited by Mollard, Tom)
AYLSHAM in 1821
The population of the parish of Aylsham recorded by William Morris, Assistant Overseer 28-31st May 1821
(Lists names of heads of households and numbers therein.)
[ISBN 0-9521564-2-3, Aylsham Local History Society, 1997]


See also the Aylsham parish page and the main Census page

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