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Norfolk: Ashill 1816 - Land Valuation

This is one item from a Norfolk Record Office document [with the reference PD 548/79 and microform MF 718/11] and is a Valuation of land in the Parish for 1816.

It is a very detailed document listing what appears to be every strip of land and giving the owners names and the field names. These main items have been listed but for more detail the reader must see the original.

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[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

The original document had the following headings spelt out in full. They have been contracted to allow for a clearer display.

No of
in the
Proprietors No of
Dovehouse Furlong
begins North
1Petre             --     Be1.890ce13 350
1aCampbell       --     B1.6109 150
2  Do11 46621 990
3James Smith1.5287 920
4Petre             --     Be1.82212 330
5Smith1.94614 190
6Glebe11 30219 530
7Campbell       --     B11 89228 380
8  Do             --     B11 26418 960

9720145 800
9Peter (sic)     --     Be1.5768 064
10Campbell       --     B1.73010 220
11Joseph Bull1.2523 528
12Campbell       --     B1.75210 528
13Glebe1.7009 800
14Francis Ripper11 40019 600
15Glebe11 04014 560
16Campbell11 050cb14 700

317Petre             --     BClose5.780ce86.700

Note that gaps were left in the original to indicate what appears to be the decimal point ie. "."
The letters "B" and "Be" were at the far right hand side of the "Proprietors" column and their meaning is unknown.
The value of "ce" appears to be 15 pounds here.
Plots 9-14 appear to use 14 pounds for the value of "cb" perhaps?

Tables similar to the above for "Dovehouse Furlong" are now done for all the following areas :-

Grays Acre begins North
Bennetts Crofts begins North
Wet Furlong begins West
Hicklings Field begins East
Twelve Acre Furlong begins South
Rippers Field begins South
Shack Pightle begins South
Ingrove Corner begins West
(Sallow Pit Close)
Meadow Furlong begins North
Crofts begins West
Masons Corner
Little Furlong next the Bounds begins South
Pinchgut Furlong begins East
Little Furlong East of Meadow Furlong begins South
Meadows begins North
Pingle Hurn begins South
Washpit Pightles begins North
----- Mill Field -----
Rush Meadow Furlong begins North
Elm Furlong begins East
Hemp Pit Furlong begins North
Mill Furlong begins East
Lodge Close Furlong begins South
Danes Pightle begins East
Garden Pightle Furlong begins North
Warren Corner begins North
Crofts begins South
(Millers Close)

1181PetreT Close
1204PetreT Close
1215CokeMillers Close

N.B. All the last mentioned Lands are shacked a fortnight after Michaelmas until Lady Day And Mr Cokes sheep go over the whole.

Tables similar to the above for "Dovehouse Furlong" are now done for all the following areas :-

Caudle Field
Grove Close Furlong begins East
Bottom Furlong begins West
Gutlings Furlong begins East
Lower Close Furlong begins East
Burnt Oak Furlong begins West
High noon Furlong begins East
Walsingham Way Furlong begins North
West side Walsingham Way begins North
Caudle Furlong begins South
Drakes Meadow Furlong begins West
inc Marlpit Close
Buskey lay Furlong begins North
Hungerhill Furlong begins West
East of Last begins South
Thorpe Corner begins North
Bittering Closes Furlong begins West
Broadway Pightle begins South
Crossway Pightles begins South

N.B. All the lands included in Folio's 13 and 21 are shacked a Fortnight after Michaelmas until Lady Day and Lord Petre's sheep go over the whole.

Whole Year Inclosures

This is followed by Names and Places.

The following are additional to those already mentioned.
Closes :- Broom, Bush, Canhams, Chapmans, Cobs, Collins, Cranes, Dock, Dovehouse, Frost, Glassman, Grays, Grove, Hill, Horse, Johnsons, Joshua's, Knaves, Long, Lords, Lowerlay, Manor, Masons, New, Nurses, Orrices, Plumb, Ravens, Rush, Slead, Upper, Wood.

Meadows :- Bush, Manor, Moat, Round, Well.

Pightles :- Cates, Common, Pound, Steeple.

Other names :- Burnt Yards, Bruntons, Cringle Pit Breck, Gully Wong, Jockeys, Mutton Hill (Gravel Pit), Night Pastures, Road, Russel Toft, Upper Pastures, Whomacks, Wood Entry, Walnut Tree Yard.
58 Smith - Publick House &c

Town Streets Roads and Lanes

Whole Year Inclosures

Names are given and the number is the entry where they occur for the first time.

1 Petre
2 Campbell
4 Coke
6 Mrs Coke
9 Mr Coke
10 Wm Burch - Esqr
19 Micklethwayt
27 Robert Cook
28 James Thompson
29 Robert Mallows Senr
31 Widw & Thomas Percival
33 Ann Percival Ww
34 John Crake
35 Mary Mallows
37 Samuel Hunt
38 Robert Eastick
38 Edmund Buscall
43 James Smith
48 Robert Mallows
49 Smith
53 Townland
63 Thomas Willett
64 Bell Willomatt
65 Robert Knopwood
67 Thomas Fakes
68 Revd Charles Parrott
93 Samuel Dunn
95 Ann Ripper
96 Edmund Oldfield
97 Jos Bull
98 Thomas Percival
100 Thomas Bennett
105 Crockley
108 John Belloe
109 Matthew Buscall
124 Stebbings
136 Frances Oldfield
137 Hunt
139 Elizabeth Tenant
140 John West
145 Revd J S Watts
152 Micklethwayt
159 John Oldfield

Inclosures in Dispute

Names of people involved :- Petre, Mrs Chute, Coke and Smith.

Places include :- Horse Close, Little Field, Buskey lay Close, Breaks Meadow, Green Acre, Skinners Close, Long Seven Acres, Stronglands, Windmill Entry, Pest? Pit Close, Lammas Meadow, Hazel Pit, Warren Close and Fox Pit.

Mr Chutes land in dispute :- Windmill Close, Haystack Breck and Heath.

List of Owners

No Names (or places) No of first
1Lord Petre1
2Thomas William Coke Esqr6
3E and C Campbell1
4The Revd J S Watts
5The Revd William Young126
6Thomas Lobbe Chute Esqr61
7Hammond Alpe Esqr
8James Smith1
9Edmund Buscall11
10Do for Bell Willomatt18
11Do for Mary Mallows131
12John Micklethwayt Esqr13
13William Hamilton Esqr124
14The Revd Charles Parrott11
15Francis Ripper Senr2
16Samuel Fuller43
17Thomas Shuckforth Dixon101
18William Keddell67
19Samuel Hunt14
20Thomas Percival22
21Robert Mallows88
22Robert Eastick60
23William Ward152
24Overseers of Ashill78
25Joseph Bull1
26Frances Oldfield
27John West
28Robert Knopwood
29Sarah Dunn
30Elizabeth Stebbings
31Ann Percival Widow93?
32Ww Ann & Thomas Percival22
33Thomas Percival and Wife
34Elizabeth Tenant
35James Thompson
36Edward Crockley
37Thomas Bennett
38John Belloe
39Robert Cooke
40Matthew Buscall
41John Crake
42Thomas Willett
43Ann Ripper
44--- Tooke
45John Oldfield
46Edmund Oldfield
47John Richard Dashwood &
Jarratt Dashwood Esqr
48William Burch Esqr
49Thomas Fakes
50Dashwood & Campbell Sheepwalk
51Lord Petre Do
52Thomas William Coke Esqr
53The end Ground
54Low Common

The third column above (which was not in the original) has been filled in where details were noted.

[End of Document]


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