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Norfolk: Alderford

Census: 1841

The National Archives (was PRO) reference is HO/107/763/1

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Surname Index

The following surnames are contained in the document. The numbers following each are the Folio (f) and then Page (p) number (1 or 2) in that Folio which contain one or more occurences of the name.

Bircham (f3 p1)
Bloom (f2 p2)
Copeman (f2 p2)
Freeston (f2 p2)
Gaskins (f2 p2)
Gedge (f2 p2)
Grim (f3 p1)
Haylett (f2 p2)
Jolly (f3 p1)
Nelson (f3 p1)
Parmeter (f2 p2)
Rayner (f3 p1)
Spurgeon (f3 p1)
Stimpson (f3 p1)

The Census

F(olio) 2 - Page 2

PLACE Un In Names Age/
The Bell1William Copeman70PublicanY
Elizabeth do24Y
Farm1William Gedge45BailiffY
Elizabeth do45Y
George do20CarpenterY
Harriet do15Y
Arthur do13Y
Emma do12Y
Ann Bloom  9Y
John Parmeter35ClerkY
Farm1James Gaskins30Ag LabY
Susan do30Y
Daniel do  8Y
Martha do  7Y
Elijah do  5Y
James do  2Y
Clarissa do  1mY
1Thomas Gedge75Ag LabY
Elizabeth do75Y
Near the Church1Samuel Freeston63Ag LabY
Sarah do50doY
Richard do20Y
Alfred Haylett  3Y
Frances do20Y
Arthur do  1Y
F(olio) 3 - Page 1
Robert Bircham15Ag LabY
Near the Church1Henry Rayner45Ag LabY
Martha do50Y
Mary do25doY
Susan do15Y
James do  2Y
Farm1Robert Stimpson35FarmerY
Mary do40Y
Elizabeth do  7Y
Harriet do  6Y
Benjamin do  4Y
Robert do  1Y
Elizabeth Spurgeon80IndY
Mary Nelson15F SY
Robert Grim15Ag LabY
Near the Church1John Stimpson25Game KeeperY
Lucy do30Y
Mary do65IndY
Emma Jolly  9Y
3  811

[End of Census Document]


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