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Norfolk: Acle

William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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ACLE is a pleasant and well-built village, on two opposite acclivities, 11 miles E. of Norwich, and now only about 8 miles W. by N. of Yarmouth; a new turnpike from hence, across the marshes, to the latter place, having shortened the distance nearly four miles. (Vide p.235 [which is the entry for the History of Yarmouth].

At the Conquest, it was a fief of the Crown, and was granted by the Conqueror to Roger Bigod, who obtained for it a market and fair. The former has long been obsolete, but the latter is now held on Midsummer day. Richard the Second granted the inhabitants freedom from all tolls, suits of shire and of hundreds, with some other immunities.

The parish contains 864 inhabitants, and 3165 acres of land, the greater part of which is a marsh; a small portion of which is a detached allotment, made at the enclosure, in 1797, and lying near Yarmouth.

Lord Calthorpe is the principal owner, lord of the manor, and patron of the CHURCH, which is a neat structure, dedicated to St. Edmund the King, and has a highly florid Gothic screen. The organ was presented by the patron, in 1837. The living is a rectory, valued in the King's Book at £20, and now enjoyed by the Rev. Wm. Spooner, Archdeacon of Coventry. The tithes have recently been commuted for £720 per annum; and the glebe is 6A. 19P.

Acle Bridge, on the Bure, a mile east of the village, is called in all legal documents Weybridge; and a little below, a short canal branches to a staith or wharf. At a short distance east of the church, are some small remains of Weybridge Priory, founded in the reign of Edward I., by Roger Bigod, for regular canons of the order of St. Augustine. At the dissolution, it was valued at £7. 13s. 4d., and granted to the Duke of Norfolk.

A National School, established here about thirty years ago, is attended by about 100 children.

Land, left by an unknown donor, for the poor, and to pay 10s. 6d. for a sermon, and 1s. to the clerk, is now let for 30s. a-year.

The Post Office is at the Queen's Head; and letters are despatched to Yarmouth at 11 morning, and to Norwich, at 3 afternoon. Most of the Yarmouth and Norwich coaches and carriers, which formerly passed daily through the village, have been discontinued since the opening of the railway, which passes four miles south of Acle.

In the following DIRECTORY, those marked * live in that part of the parish called Damgate, where the marshes are now well drained.

	  Baker       Benj. Heath      gent. high constable, Acle Hall
	  Bailey      Wm.              glover
	  Bensley     Wm.              plumber & glazier
	  Birt        Wm.              tailor and draper
	  Boardman    Geo.             boarding academy
	  Boyce       Daniel           glazier, painter, &c
	    and Jay                    surgeons [see note below]
	  Clarke      Thos. Edw.       surgeon  [see note below]
	  Case        Robert           tailor
	  Cooper      Rev. Robt.
	                Henry, M.A.
	  Crowe       Sarah            confectioner
	  Cufaude     Wm. Hy.          surgeon, & registrar for
	                                 Walsham District
	  Dawson      Thomas           wheelwright
	  Drake       Lieut. Spencer,
	* Dunt        Mr Adam
	  Dunt        James            tailor and grocer
	  England     Geo.             vict. Queen's Head
	* Fromow      Geo.             gent. Hill House
	* Fowler      John             joiner
	  Farrance    George           bricklayer
	  Gales and
	    Banham                     grocers & drprs
	  Garwood     Benj.            veterinary surgeon
	  Hart        Charles          gentleman
	  Hoste       Rev. Geo.
	                Chas. MA.      curate of Stokesby and Runham
	  Hunn        Joseph           thatcher and vict. Hermitage
	  Hunn        Jas.             thatcher & beer seller
	  Knight      Wm.              grocer and draper
	  Leeder      Richard          hair dresser
	  Lemmon      John             vict. King's Head
	  Lemmon      Thos. Jas.       coach painter
	* Maddle      Mr George
	  Money       John             basket maker
	* Moore       Edm.             shopkeeper & joiner
	  Newton      Phillis          National School
	  Porter      Benj.            lime burner and vict. Angel,
	                                 Acle Bridge
	  Randell     Henry Kemp       surgeon
	  Riches      John W.          veterinary surgeon
	  Russell     Robert           blacksmith
	  Sherrington Samuel Benjamin  solicitor (and Yarmouth)
	  Shingles    Miss Mary        ladies' school
	  Sidney      Rev. Edwin, M.A. curate
	  Slipper     Mrs My.
	  Spendlove   Robert           saddler
	* Springall   Edw.             smith & vict. Crown
	  Sword       Thomas           agent to Norwich Union Fire
	                                 Office, &c
	  Tice        Danl.            cooper
	  Ward        George           baker
	  Ward        Robt.            miller and maltster
	  Wilkin      Susan            butcher
	  Whittingham Thos.            National School

	     FARMERS.                     Shoemakers.

	* Adams       Benj.            Church     John
	* Curtis      Joseph         * England    Robert
	* Daniels     James            Evans      Benj.
	  Harrison    Wm.              Evans      Wm.
	  Harrison    Henry          * Hardy      John
	* Newson      James
	* Nicker      Henry               Watchmakers.
	* Riches      Hy. Jno.
	  Sparraw     Wm.              Last       Wm. Robt. (&
	* Squires     Mary                          sheriff's offcr)
	* Taylor      Walne            Thompson   John
	  Wigg        George
	                                  Wherry Owners.

	                               Gales      Daniel
	                               Porter     Wm.

CARRIER to Norwich, John Holmes, W. & Sat

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