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Norfolk: Acle - 1826 - Surveyors' Rate

Each parish after the great Highways Act of 1555 was responsible for the repair of the roads within its boundaries. This Act with later modifications was in force until a new one in 1835.

Every person who occupied land or kept horses etc. had to provide some of the following:- days of labour, carts etc. People who occupied houses and cottages had also to provide labour in some form either as unpaid labour by themselves or others.

In later years this was commuted to a Surveyors' Rate upon the inhabitants which was then spent repairing its highways. The main roads also saw the introduction of turnpike trusts where those that used them paid for their maintenance.

For more information on these records see the Parish Accounts page.

This is one item from Norfolk Record Office document [with the reference PD 164/41 and microform MF962/12] and is from the Surveyors' account book (1820-1839) and is the rate for the year 1826.

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[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

An Account of Contribution, Daily Highway Duty, Composition, and Penalty, chargeable on the Occupiers and Inhabitants in the Parish of Acle of Norfolk for the year 1826 by

Robert Ward }
        &         } Surveyors
Joseph Curtis }

Note that only the Rentable values and names are given here and that there is more information including the amounts paid in the originals.

Rents Occupiers Names
  6810Boult Geo
  1210Boyce Danl
  50  0Blake Esqr
126  0Bass Miss
  10  0Burton Mrs
307  0Baker Benjn
  20  0Calthorpe Lord
  16  0Clarke Thos ¾ year
  1010Clarke Francis
    6  0Crowe James
    8  0Canick Mark
  17  5Curtis Josph
    9  0Dunt Adam
  19  0Daniels -
  11  0Evans W
  10  0England Rt
  10  0Eade Peter
  75  0England Rt
    6  0Fowler Snr
    7  0Fowler Wm
    7  0Furrence Thos
    6  0Francis -
  12  0Goodings Rt
    610Gillett Cyrus
  10  5Hart Chas
  2315Hewit S_? Exect
  2810Hawes Siday
  3715Harrison Wm
11715Kerrison Matthias
    910Knights Wm
  95  0Lacey T & J (*)
103  0Jary -
    7  0Liegh Lydia
    8  0Lowden John
  32  0Maddison Rt
    8  0Mitchell Wm
    8  5Moore Thos
  14  5Millard Revd
    9  0Newman Mr
    915Niker Hy
  7510Neve Ann
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  1310Norton Jas
  17  0Nolbrow Matthew
  11  0Maddle Geo
  11  5Porter Benj
  13  0Pierson John
  14  5Reynolds Mr
    7  0Russells Rt
  9810Riches Henry
    5  0Smith Thos
  1315Sybal Thos
  19  0Stracey Esqr
    6  0Skoyles Saml
    6  0Slipper Wm
  12  0Shingles Edwd
    5  0Sword Thos
195  0Squires Rt
207  0Scart Sl
  15  5Sidney Revd
  2315Shrimpley Danl
    910Taylor James
  10  0Utting Mr
    6  0Wigg Mrs
  27  5Ward Rt
    6  0Willis Thos
23315Wigg Geo

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