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Norfolk Voting Registers - 1734 Poll

Towns & Parishes beginning with D

A copy of the poll for the Knights of the Shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, May 22, 1734 taken before William Woodley Esq., High Sheriff

The Towns are set in an alphabetical Order; and so are all the Freeholders under each Town.

Each Page consists of six Columns. The first contains the Names of the Resident Freeholders in each Town; the second, the Freeholds when different from the Place of Residency. The other four have the initial Letters of the Candidates Names set at Top, and the Black Lines drawn under them shew how every Freeholder voted.


This contains the following parishes where property was held. The names in brackets "()" are alternative spellings as used in the original poll book.

Dalling, Field
  [Field Dalling]
  (Dawling, Field)
Dalling, Wood
  [Wood Dalling]
  (Dawling, Wood)
Dereham East
  [East Dereham]
  (Deerham East)
Dereham, West
  [West Dereham]
  (Deerham West)
Downham Market
Dunham, Great
  [Great Dunham]
  (Dunham, Magna)
Dunham, Little
  [Little Dunham]
  (Dunham, Parva)
Dunton cum Doughton

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Residences. Freeholds. Wo
[Page 44]
Dawling Field N. Green. H.
Dawling Wood Eyns. H.
Allen Robert, F.

Allen William, Clerk, W.Guestwick

Allison James, F.

Allison William, F.

Baldwyn John, W.

Batchelor William, W.

Bayce Thomas, F.

Bray Matthew, W.Snoring.

Brooks James, F.

Bulwer William, Sen. W.

Bulwer William, W.W(ood). Norton

Clark Stephen, F.

Dye Thomas, W.

Gibson John, W.

Hall William, F.

Lewis Andrew, F.

Lewis Matthew, F.

Long Daniel, W.

Morris Edward, F.

Newles John, F.

Newman Philip, F.

Pratt John, W.

Robinson John, W.Saul. (Salle)

Rush John, F.

Rush Richard, F.

Rush Francis, F.

True Henry, W.

Walker Arthur, W.Saul. (Salle)

Walker Robert, F.
Woodlow Henry, F.

Wynn John, F.

Wynn Robert, F.

[Totals] 992323
[Page 45]
Deopham Fore. H.
Bayly John

Cory William, Clerk.

Curl John

Frost WilliamShipdham

Gibbs RobertWyndham (Wymondham)

Green Stephen

Lane WilliamHingham

Lutkin Edward

Meek Robert

Rain Robert

Thirling JosephBesthorpe

Wright Edmund

[Totals] 9933
Deerham East. Mitt.   (Note 4)
Deerham West. Clack.
Adamson Christop. jun. W.

Atkinson Francis, W.Denver

Barwick EsauWeasenham

Bennett Thomas, W.Northwold

Blomfield John, E.

Boneing William

Bridges John, E.

Brown John, Gent. E.

Chaplin Nicholas, E.Mileham

Coke Robert, E.

Colsey George

Copeman Philip, E.

Crask John, E.Houghton, &c.

Dove John, E.

Dutcham John, E.

Eastoe John, E.

Eastoe Thomas, E.Stanfield

Eastwood John, M.Stanfield

Eke Joseph, E.

Elsegood Daniel, E.

Felstead Thomas, E.

[Page 46]
Fletcher John, E.

Gant John, E.

George Thomas, E.

Gogney Thomas, Sen. E.Lutcham (Litcham)

Gogney Thomas, jun. E.

Gurling William, E.

Gyton Thomas, E.

Hase John, E.Thuxton

Herring Robert, E.How   (see Note 5)

Horseley James, M.Hunstanton

Hull Richard, M.

James Thomas, E.Saham (Toney)

Jarvis Thomas, E.

King William, E.

Kirby Francis, E.

Lee John, M.

Lightfoot Robert, M.

Lindoe John, E.

Mendham John

Mendham William, E.

Messer John, E.

Money Benjamin, E.Ditchingham

Moore Richard, E.

Morris Edward, E.

L'Neeve James, M.   (Note 3)

Nelson Edmund, E.

Parker Thomas, E.

Philo John, sen.Gressenhall

Philo John, jun. E.

Plummer RobertMattishall

Pope WilliamScarning

Rash John, E.

Rash John, E.

Rash Robert,

Rash Thomas, E.

Rash Thomas, E.

Rix John, E.

Rudland Thomas, E.

Sands Henry, M.G(rea)t. Ryburgh

Sayer John, E.
[Page 47]
Secker John, E.Scarning

Shin Thomas, E.

Smith George, W.

Starling John, E.

Starling Matthew, jun. E.

Starling Matthew, Sen. E.

Taylor Daniel, E.

Taylor William, E.

Tomling John, E.S(outh). Creak(e)

Urine [sic] Peckover

Waller John, E.

Waller Thomas

Ward AlpeBurston

Ward John, E.

Ward William, E.

Watling JohnWrenningham (Wreningham)

Watts John, E.

Webster Edmund, E.

Webster William, E.

Woodrow John, E.

Young William, E.Ashwell

[Totals] 767468
Denton Ears. H.
Armsby John

Baker John

Barker John

Day Thomas

Dunn WilliamReddenhall (Redenhall)

Gibbs Richard

Green Richard

Harmer Samuel

Huflet Samuel

Knights DanielFretton (Fritton)

Quakers Thomas

Postlewait Matthew, Clerk.

Smith Ames

[Totals] 111212
[Page 48]
Denver Clack. H.
Bacon Thomas,

Brett John

Garner William

Green JohnUpwell

Lodge William

Pettingall JohnHelgay (Hilgay)

Pitts George

Southwell Robert

Stafford William, Esq;

Sutcliff James

Wright John

[Totals] 8833
Dersingham Freb. L.
Bell Thomas

Beeman Adam

Chamberlyn John

Goultry Robert

Hamblin SamuelEarsham

Hendry Nicholas

Herring Richard

Kerrick Samuel, Clerk.Alborough (Aldborough)

Overman Francis

Pallant JohnInglethorp (Ingoldisthorpe)

Philips John

Turner MarkG(reat). Dunham

Utbar William

[Totals] 111212
[Page 49]
Dickleburgh Dyss. H.
Alden AmesShimpling

Bidwell Jos.

Brighten James

Casey John

Fish Joseph

Hubbard John

Layton William

Mudlock Lewis

Morphew John

Peak HenryShelhfanger (Shelfanger)

Pearson John

Rant Humphry

Rustan ThomasShimpling

Thrower John

[Totals] 141400
Didlington. S.Green. H.
Wilson Robert, Esq;

[Totals] 0011
Dilham Tuns. H.
Booty SamuelG(reat). Yarmouth

Crask Joseph, Clerk.Griston

Loyal JohnDilham & B.

Marker Miles

Neve JohnSmalburgh (Smallburgh)

Paul Richard

Smith Robert

Taylor JamesSmallburgh

Whall Robert

[Totals] 3267
Ditchingham Lod. H.
Bedingfield James, Gent.

Ellis JohnN(orth). Repps

Howse JohnAlburgh

[Page 50]
Leobold John

Natts John

Page John

Pell Richard

Stanton Stephen

[Totals] 7711
Docking Smith. H.
Allen John

Bird William

Bobbet Richard

Bobbet Robert

Carter George

Cooper John

Cooper Thomas

Curtis James

Dunn George

Fish James

Fish William

Gay Thomas

Gent Thomas

Herring Matthew

Large Robert

Macgil James, Clerk.

Parlet PhilipSnettisham

Pitcher William

Rayner William

Redwin John

Rose William

Seaman John

Spooner Edmund

Studd Robert

Valtows Robert

Woods William

[Totals] 002626
[Page 51]
Downham. Clack. H.
Addison Robert

Adkins William

Betts JonasDenver

Bristoll Edmund

Carver JohnDenver

Clements Mark

Cawthorn WilliamWalpole

Dolton ThomasUpwell

Eaton Richard, Clerk.

Fitzriches George

Harrison ThomasWormgay (Wormegay)

Harrison William

Howell Thomas

Howell Robert

Jarvis ThomasEmneth

Johnson BartholomewW(est). Walton

Kirby JohnStow

Life Leonard

Life ThomasSt. John's Mars.
(St John Marshland)

Life Thomas

Lowry John

Nurse William

Pool Henry

Portley John

Proctor John

Riches Anthony

Ridlington William

Saffery Edmund

Saffery Thomas

Say RobertWatton

Say William, Gent.

Smith EdglyStoke Ferry

Templeman Thomas

Watts John

Webber Nicholas

Westling John

Whitby GeorgeOutwell

[Page 52]
Wilkinson MatthewDenver

Wilkinson Robert

[Totals] 17172222
Drayton Taver. H.
Andrews ThomasYaxham

Coulsey John

Coulsey StephenHorsford

Jefferys John, Clerk.

Upton Roger

[Totals] 4411
Dunham M. & P. Land. H.
Bayle William, M.Necton

Gentleman George, P.

Gunns Henry, M.

Hogan Thomas, Esq;

Howell HammondCastleacre

Lines Robert, P.

Lines Thomas, P.E. Deerham (East Dereham)

Nelson William, P.

Oxburgh William, M.

Pimloe Ambrose, Clerk. M.

Ridwell Rudd, M.Thomson (Thompson)

[Totals] 101011
Dunston Humb. H.
Emperor William, jun.Porland (Poringland)

Sheen EdwardHethersett

Sheen JohnSaxlingham

[Totals] 1122
Dunton cum Doughton
Gall. H.
Mallett Henry

[Totals] 0011
[Page 53]
Dyss. Dyss. H.
Barrod Edmund

Bennett Edmund

Betts James, Gent.

Bilby James

Bosworth Edward, Clerk.

Brown John

Brown ThomasShelfanger

Cammell Charles

Chapman WilliamWinfarthing

Chappelloe Edward, Clerk.Cherry Marham

Crucknall Robert

Cunningham JohnWilby

Cunningham Jona.

Dade RobertHarlston (Harleston)

Darby FrancisGissing

Eaton John

Fisher Thomas

Foulser Robert

Foulser Thomas

Gooch Thomas

Goodwyn John

Hall John

Hayward James

Hensby Henry

Kerry John

King William

Lanham Henry

Laws James

Layman Habbakkuk

Layman Robert

Manning Samuel, Esq;

Manthorpe CharlesShelfanger

Moor Edward

Newson John

Ollett EdwardBurston

Payne Francis, sen.

Payne Francis, jun.

[Page 54]
Reed Thomas

Sheriff Thomas

Simpson GeorgeRoydon (near Diss)

Stacey Robert

Smith John

Smith Robert

Walpole JonathanWinfarthing

Wiseman Edward

Wragg William

[Totals] 35351111


The Poll book continues with Towns and Parishes beginning with the letter E.

Towns and Parishes

The book contains the following (where "A" is Acle to Aylsham etc.):-

  Outside Norfolk (By County) Uncertainties

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