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Norfolk Voting Registers - 1714 Poll

Towns & Parishes beginning with D

A copy of the poll for the Knights of the Shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, Feb, 1714-15.

The Towns are set in an Alphabetical Order; and so are all the Freeholders under each Town.

Each Page consists of Six Columns. The First contains the Names of the Freeholders under each Town; the Second, the Place of their Residence, (when different from that of their Freehold) the other Four have the initial Letters of the Candidates Names set at Top, and the Black Lines drawn under them shew how every Freeholder voted.


This contains the following parishes where property was held. The names in brackets "()" are alternative spellings as used in the original poll book.

Dalling, Field
  [Field Dalling]
  (Dawling, Field)
Dalling, Wood
  [Wood Dalling]
  (Dawling, Wood)
Dereham East
  [East Dereham]
  (Deerham East - Mit.)
Dereham, West
  [West Dereham]
  (Deerham West - Clack.)
Dillington (see note 7)
Downham Market
Dunham, Great
  [Great Dunham]
  (Dunham, Magna)
Dunham, Little
  [Little Dunham]
  (Dunham, Parva)
Dunton cum Doughton
  (Dunton cum Dolton)

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Page 57

Freehold. Resid. H. E. A. G. Notes
Dawling Field, N.
Green. Hund. Wood,
Eyns. Hund.
Baldwyn John, W.

Bell Richard, W.

[Page] 58
Bell William, W.

Bettle William, F.

Brown Jeffery, F.Narford

Bulwer Edward, W.

Chapman Andrew, W.Themylth. (Themelthorpe)
Drake John, W.

Evans Thomas, W.Bury S. E. (Bury St Edmunds)

Gay Joshua, Sen. W.

Gay Joshua, Jun. W.

Hall William, F.

Havers Thomas, W.Heyden (Heydon)

Hendry William, W.

Heydon John, F.

Hudson Richard, F.

Lewis Matthew, F.

Loose Robert, F.

Lynn John, W.Foulsham

Prat Robert

Rush Francis, F.

Rush Richard, F.

Self Thomas, W.Cardiston (Kerdiston)

Self Thomas, W.

Self William, W.Horsford

Stimpson James, F.

Wicks Rice, W.Norwich

Wilton Matthew, W.

Witacre William, F.

Wynn Henry, F.

Wynn John, F.

Sum.  16 15 17 13

Deepham, Fore.
Amyas MatthewNorwich

Andres Effemiah [sic]Attleburg. (Attleborough)

Britting StephenPulham

[Page] 59
Brown RobertG(reat). Ellingh(am).

Cooper John

Cullyer August.

Dover Joseph

Draper RobertCastor
Neve William

Nobbs Richard

Reynolds JosephHingham

Spink Thomas

Stephenson EdwardWicklew(ood).

Wright Edmund

Wright Edmund, Jun.

Wright Francis


Deerham, E. Mit.
Hund. W. Clack.
Aylmer James, E.

Bell William,

Blyford Matthew

Brown Francis, E.

Carrowin Thomas, E.

Chamberlain WilliamWestfield

Collins Samuel, E.

Copeman Philip, E.

Dayton Benjamin, E.

Dewing Henry, E.

Donne Thomas, E.

Dove John, E.

Dusman John

Eke Joseph, W.

Felsted Thomas

Field AnthonyRaynham

Fletcher William, E.

Gallant John, Gent.

[Page] 60
Glead Jonathan, E.

Goddard ThomasNorwich

Gogney Henry, E.

Green John, E.

Grey John

Herring Samuel

Lacey ThomasShipdam (Shipdham)

Lane John, E.Shipdam (Shipdham)

Laverock JohnAttleburg. (Attleborough)

Leveridge William, E.

Lincoln Joshua, E.

Lindoc [sic] Thomas

Lock Daniel

Lyon John, E.Morley

Mathews Benjamin

Mendham Robert

Oxwick JohnHowe

Ralph John, E.

Rash John, E.

Rix John, E.

Robinson JohnNorwich

Rutland Thomas, E.

Smith John

Smith JohnHarpley

Spilman Thomas, E.

Starling John, E.

Syer John, E.

Taylor William, E.

Verdun James, Clerk, E.

Ward John

Ward William

Warner Thomas

Watts John

Williamson Edmund

Sum.  34 33 18 19

[Page] 61
Denton, Earsh.
Arnold ThomasManning(ton).

Braham EllisTrowse

Burges John

Burleigh SamuelWaybread (Weybread)

Dalling Thomas

Day James

Farrow Robert

Gedge JohnBungay
Gibbs Richard

Hamling Thomas

Harner Samuel

Hirrion John

Larns Thomas

Newton NathanaelBeccles

Page Benjamin

Plowman WilliamBungay

Smith Amy

Smith StephenAlburg(h)

Tite Robert, Sen.

Tite Robert, Jun.

Wales John

Sum.   3  2 18 19

Denver, Clack.
Brett JonasDownham

Brett John

Brown ThomasDeerham (Dereham)

Buckenham DanielUpwell

Carman Thomas

[Page] 62
Carter JohnDownham

Cust John

Eldred Richard

Greenwood PaulDownham

Grout Thomas

Nargent William

Reeder Robert

Smith WilliamWimbottis (Wimbotsham)

Sparrow Edward

Sutliff Henry

Thorpe WilliamWretton

Tompson John

Ward John

Whitby ThomasDownham

Whiteman WilliamHillington

Sum.  18 18  2  2

Dersingham, Freb
L. Hund.
Brown JohnBircha. T. (Bircham Tofts)

Chamberlain John

Daniel NathanaelRudam (Rudham)

Dinchman John

Gill Thomas, Clerk

Herring Richard

Littlewood John

Minns John

Novell Daniel

Oickerell William

Stairs Thomas

Stibbard William

Tow Michael

Sum.  13 13

[Page] 63
Dickleburgh, Dyss.
Auden Thomas

Burton Joshua

Clayton Thomas

Cawsey John

Denn WilliamFranson (Fransham?)

Manning John

Motts RobertWeddersd. (Withersdale?)

Murtlock Lewis

Needham Samuel, Clerk

Reeve John

Ruddledish Edward

Ruston Thomas

Verdun ProctourCratfield

Wilton Robert

Sum.   6  6  8  8

Didlington, South
Green. Hund.
Taylor Nathanael

Taylor Nathanael

Wilson Robert, Esq;

Sum.   2  2  1  1

Dilham, Tunst.
Bowman Edward

Briggs RobertStokesby

Clay Thomas

[Page] 64
Drake Ezekiel

Morse JohnN. Repps (North Repps)

Paul Daniel

Sum.   6  6

Ditchingham, Lod.
Brereton William

Brewster Humph. Esq;

Calver RichardHarlestone (Harleston)

Candler William

Davy Robert, Esq;

Gower John

Heasle WilliamNorwich

Mingay Edward

Money JohnNorwich
Neal WilliamCatton

Page WilliamKirby

Pell Richard

Ringwood ErasmusNorwich

Stanton Stephen

Stroud Stroud, Gent.

Watts Timothy

Sum.  13 12  3  3

Docking, Smith
Allen John

Back John

Bird William

Bland Henry, Clerk.

Carter Robert

Codd Nicholas

[Page] 65
Curtis James

Dennis Samuel

Docket FrancisThornham

Draper TimothyTittleshall

Dunn George

Gent Thomas

Grey Thomas

Hendry John

Margill James, Clerk.

Neal Daniel

Pitcher William

Rayner Nicholas

Redwyn John

Redwyn PeterNorwich

Rose William

Scot Henry

Short Henry

Story John

Sturt Robert

Vallis Robert

Watts William

Watson RobertLynn Reg(is). (King's Lynn)

Sum.   2  1 26 27

Downham, Clack.
Atkins William

Allen Sim.

Barkham Christopher

Butler John, Clerk

Clarke John

Claxton John

Green John

Hickman JohnNorwich

Lampson Matthew

Life William

[Page] 66
Lincoln JohnWearham (Wereham)

Lowry James

Maw Paul

Morby RobertUlburt.Ely

Owell Robert

Pigg Andrew

Rising Thomas

Saffery Henry

Saffery Richard

Say Robert

Southouse Martin

Templeman William

Townshend Henry

West Thomas

West Thomas

Williamson John

Winter Modecai

Sum.  23 22  4  5

Drayton, Tav. H.
Coulson Stephen

Hyrne William

Hyrne William, ClerkNorwich

Jeffery John, ClerkNorwich

Metcalfe AugustineNorwich

Rant John

Robarts JohnHeigham

Sum.   1  1  6  6

Dunham Magna &
Parva, Land. H.
Allen William, P.

Barwick RobertWhissonse(tt)

Coke Thomas, Clerk, P.

[Page] 67
Cordwell Edmund, P.Wimbottis (Wimbotsham).

Gunn Henry

Hogan Thomas, Esq;

Large Henry, P.

Lynes Robert

Nicholls Thomas, P.

Oxburgh William

Pearse Edmund

Robarts Robert

Sheen Thomas, jun.

Whiteman John, Cl. M.

Sum.  13 13  1  1

Dunston Humb.
Davy John

Long Matthew, Esq;

Sum.   2  2

Dunton cum Dolton,
Gal. Hund.
Aswell HenryRudhamW (West Rudham)

Frost William

Goodwyn William

Kitting Samuel

Lancaster John

Sum.   4  4  1  1

Dyss, Dyss Hund.
Baxter Robert

Becket JohnHardwick

Betts James

[Page] 68
Betts James, jun.Wyndham (Wymondham)

Briant Jeremiah

Bryars John, Clerk

Burrough Robert

Burrough Robert

Camel Charles

Camel Robert

Cann WilliamYoxf. Suff. (Yoxford)

Charles Abraham

Coningham John

Cook WilliamBrissingh. (Bressingham)

Crisp John

Crutnall John

Cullain William

Cunningham John

Cunningham Jonas

Fisher Thomas, sen.

Fisher Thomas, jun.

Fulcher ThomasShelfhang. (Shelfanger)

Goodwyn John

Hall John

Hunt RobertLoddon

Jessop John, Clerk

Johnson John

Leyman Habakkuk

Loud Seth

Mean JohnBrockdish

Manning Samuel

Manning Thomas

Negus FrancisDaming.S.

Newson John

Notly Samuel

Payn Francis

Pepys Roger, Esq;Impington (Cambs)

Petitt John

Philips Thomas

Prentice JohnBotsd.Suff. (Botesdale,Suffolk)

Prettyman GeorgeBacto.Suff. (Bacton,Suffolk)

[Page] 69
Simson JohnPulham

Simpson NicholasNorwich

Smith John

Smith John, Butcher

Wainford RichardReyden (Roydon)

Waller John

Sum.  23 23 24 24

Total of   D  162 155 162162


The Poll book continues with Towns and Parishes beginning with the letter E.

Towns and Parishes

The book contains the following (where "A" is Acle to Aylsham etc.):-

Uncertainties -County Freeholders resident in Norwich-

See also the main Voting page and the main 1714 Poll Book page.

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