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Land Tax Records

This is a brief overview of the Government Land Tax which came into existance in the fourth regnal year (1692) of William and Mary and was finally abolished in 1963 although only records up to 1832 will be initially considered here. For more information see the reference section.

Assessment for payment
    - Valuation
    - Who Paid
    - What was taxed
    - Tax Rates
Assessments Records
    - Hundred divisions
    - Boroughs (Great Yarmouth, King's Lynn and Norwich)


Governments are always in need of money and particularly so in 1692 as this country was at war with France. This was another tax to raise the necessary finance. It replaced the old Commonwealth monthly assessments.

Assessment for payment

A County valuation was done in 1692 to assess who and what was taxable. Once this was done the task of gathering the tax fell to Commissioners who were appointed for each County and from these came divisional commissioners who appointed parish assessors and collectors. Quotas were allocated to Hundreds (in the case of Norfolk) and then to individual parishes.

Assessments Records

1. For the Hundred divisions :-

2. For the Boroughs of Great Yarmouth, King's Lynn and Norwich there are many records some of which start in the early 1690s. For a list see Norfolk Record Office catalogue.


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For further information about this tax and the records available see:-

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