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Norfolk: Poor Law after 1834 Act

Aylsham Union

Union history

Before 1834 some of these parishes belonged to Gilbert Unions, Incorporations or had their own Work or Parish House (WkHse) as shown. There were 3 districts (for administrative purposes), Buxton, Eynsford and Oulton to which parishes were allocated and these are noted in the table below by a "(B)", "(E)" or "(O)" respectively following the place name.

Aylsham Union
Pre 1834 Union,
or Parish Work House
Alby (O)
Aylsham (O) WkHse
Banningham (B) Oult-GU
Barningham, Little (O)
  (Little Barningham)
Belaugh (B)
Blickling (O) Oult-GU
Brampton (B) Buxt-I
Burgh next Aylsham (B) Buxt-I
Buxton (B) Buxt-I
Calthorpe (O)
Cawston (E) WkHse
Colby (O) Oult-GU
Coltishall (B)
Corpusty (O)
Erpingham (O) Oult-GU
Foulsham (E) WkHse
Guestwick (E)
Hackford-by-Reepham (E) Hack-GU
Hautbois, Great (B)
  (Great Hautbois)
Hautbois, Little (B)
  (see Lammas)
Hevingham (B) Buxt-I
Heydon (E) WkHse
Hindolveston (E) WkHse
Ingworth (O)
Aylsham Union
Pre 1834 Union,
or Parish Work House
Irmingland (O)
Itteringham (O) Oult-GU
Kerdiston (O) Hack-GU
Lammas with Little Hautbois (B)
Mannington (O)
Marsham (B) Buxt-I
Oulton (O) Oult-GU
Oxnead (B) Buxt-I
Reepham (E) Hack-GU
Salle (E) WkHse
Saxthorpe (O)
Scottow (B)
Skeyton (B) Buxt-I
Stratton Strawless (B) Buxt-I
Swanton Abbott (B) Buxt-I
Themelthorpe (E)
Thurning (E)
Thwaite All Saints (O)
Tuttington (B)
Whitwell (E) Hack-GU
Wickmere (O)
Wolterton (O)
Wood Dalling (E)
Wood Norton (E) WkHse

Where "Buxt-I" = Buxton Incorporation, "Oult-GU" = Oulton Gilbert Union and "Hack-GU" = Hackford Gilbert Union.

Poor Law Records - Images

Online images of some poor law registers, admissions books etc. from 1796 to 1900 are available at the

  1. Go down the "Historical Record Collections"
  2. Select Title - "England, Norfolk Poor Law Union Records, 1796-1900"
  3. Select "Browse through xxx images"
  4. Under County pick - "Norfolk"
  5. Under Poor Law Union select the "Required Union"
  6. Records are under headings such as "District, Workhouse & Unknown etc."

Other Websites

Acts, descriptions, maps, some pictures etc. can be found at :-
       (The Story of Workhouses).


Eve, Julian R.
The Poor in Aylsham 1700-1836
[Aylsham Local History Society, 1995]


The Norfolk Record Office reference for records of this Union is C/GP/1

Further information can be found:

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