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Occupations: Postal

Postmasters, etc, from Kelly's 1900 Directory of Norfolk

The city of Norwich, and the towns such as Holt, King's Lynn, Great Yarmouth, Wymondham, etc, had postmasters, who were in charge of the main post offices, the delivery of post, issuing and paying postal orders, telegraphs, etc.

Towns often also had small sub post offices, so that there was one within a short distance of most people. For example, Great Yarmouth had one main post office, in the charge of Lewis S. Lugg, the postmaster, and 14 sub post offices in the charge of sub-postmasters and sub-postmistresses.

Those villages which were large enough (about 480 of the more than 700 Norfolk places) also had a post office. It was often part of a village shop or business, such as a draper, and was in the charge of a sub-postmaster or sub-postmistress. This was one occupation in which women were well represented. In the list below, more than 100 sub post offices were held by sub-postmistresses.

In the list, no distinction is made between postmasters and sub-postmasters, though it can probably be assumed that all women were sub-postmistresses. Please see the directory for the exact job title.

A typical entry in Kelly's Directory of Norfolk for 1900 is:

Post Office.-- James Hubbard, sub-postmaster. Letters through Norwich, via Acle, arrive at 7.45 a.m.; dispatched, 3.30 p.m. No sunday dispatch. Postal orders are issued here, but not paid. The nearest money order & telegraph office is at Acle, 3 miles distant.

Today, there are still main post offices in towns, and sub post offices in villages, but usually only when a village shop has survived. Many village shops have closed because they cannot compete with supermarkets, and closure has also meant the end of the village post office.

Copyright © Pat Newby
April 1999.

Postmasters and Postmistresses
from Kelly's 1900 Directory of Norfolk

This list was extracted by (and is copyright ©) Richard Johns


Alcock     David             Wendling

Postmasters, sub-postmasters and sub-postmistresses

Abbey      William           Guist
Abram      Alfred            Thornage
Abram      Frederick Wm.     Little Walsingham
Aldis      Charles Walter    South Creake
Aldous     Henry             Honingham
Alexander  Edward            South Walsham
Allen      George            Rockland All Saints
Allen      Robert            Stanhoe
Allen      Mrs. Sarah        Shropham
Allington  William           Old Buckenham
Amis       Henry William     Salhouse
Andrews    Thomas James      Swainsthorpe
Anscombe   Frederick Thomas  Wicklewood
Appleton   John              Postwick
Argyle     John William      Yarmouth (Blackfriars Road)
Argyle     Ernest L.         Yarmouth (Nelson Road)
Arthurton  John              Holme Hale
Back       James Edward      Hindringham
Bailey     Frederic William  Barton Turf
Baker      George            Rushford
Baker      Robert            Tottenhill
Baker      Miss Dorothy A.   Blakeney
Bales      Mrs. Jemima       Great Bircham
Bane       James             Hales
Barber     Frederick         Ellingham
Barber     James             Ringland
Barber     Mrs. Eleanor      Lamas
Barber     Mrs. Emma         Starston
Barcham    Mrs. Eliza        Sheringham (Lower)
Barham     George Harry      Trowse
Barnard    Mrs. Maria        East Harling
Barnes     Johm              Clenchwarton
Barrett    George            North Runcton
Barrow     Edward E.         West Dereham
Bastard    Benjamin          Erpingham
Bean       Mrs. Mary         Marlingford
Becket     George            Overstrand
Beckett    Miss Alice Maude  Dersingham
Bee        James             Haddiscoe
Beeston    Philip            Mileham
Beeston    Mrs. Hannah       Rockland St. Mary
Bell       Thomas            Stow Bardolph (Stow)
Bennett    George Thomas     Tilney St. Lawrence
Bidewell   Frederick         Wood Norton
Billman    William           Foulden
Bird       Alfred            Scottow
Blackburn  Willie John       Brancaster Staithe
Blaxter    Mrs. Mary Ann     Hillington
Blower     Michael           Gimingham
Blyth      Samuel Spatchet   Caister
Blythe     Alfred            Easton
Boast      Elijah William    Langham
Boswell    Henry             Neatishead
Bowery     Miss Minna        Taverham
Bowman     John Russell      Colney
Boyce      William Edward    Mundford
Bradshaw   Thomas            North Walsham
Breeze     Robert            Crownthorpe
Bristow    George            Yarmouth (King Street)
Brock      Charles John      Freethorpe
Brooke     Ellen Maria       Harleston
Brooks     Burwood           Gissing
Brooks     Henry             Hanworth
Brown      John              Yarmouth (Regent Road)
Brown      Mrs. Harriet      Wood Rising
Browne     Philip William    Reedham
Brunson    Alfred John       Runham
Buck       George            Thorpe Market
Buck       Benjamin          Trunch
Bugdale    James             Little Snoring
Bullock    Mrs. Ann          Winterton
Burrage    Henry             Sprowston
Burrows    Eldred            Burston
Bushell    Frederick         Yarmouth (Beccles Road)
Buxton     Elijah            Billingford (near Dereham)
Buxton     Samuel            Needham
Cable      Mrs. Isabella
             Royston         Burnham Market
Calver     Henry Frederick   Yarmouth (St. Peter's Road)
Cammack    Frederick         Terrington St. John (Middle Drove)
Carr       Augustus          Methwold
Carse      James Richard     Walsoken (Old)
Carter     Edward David      Snetterton
Cattermoul Mrs. Emily        Stalham
Catton     Mrs. Sarah        Bawdeswell
Cawthorn   William Walter    Upwell (Three Holes Bridge)
Chamberlin John George       Wroxham
Chaplin    Miss Anna         Framingham Earl
Chaplin    Mrs. Phoebe       West Bradenham
Chaplin    John, jun.        Ludham
Chapman    William           Bintry
Chapman    Thomas            Fundenhall
Chapman    Oliver Charles    Litcham
Chapman    Arthur Suttle     Tittleshall
Chapman    John              Upwell (Nordelph)
Chapman    John R.           Yarmouth (Crown Road)
Chestney   Walter            Aldborough
Child      David William     Bawburgh
Churchman  Mrs. Elizabeth    Wood Dalling
Churchyard Henry William     Pulham St. Mary Magdalen
Clare      Samuel Critoph    Holt
Claxton    John James        Swanton Novers
Clements   Mrs. Sarah        Lessingham
Coan       James             Morton
Cobbin     Miss Louisa       Gooderstone
Cockrill   William Ballard   Yarmouth (Town)
Cole       Charles           Ridlington
Cole       Charles           Witton (near North Walsham)
Collins    Adam W.           Moulton St. Mary
Colman     Frederick         Southrepps
Cook       Henry             West Newton
Cook       Frederick         Great Snoring
Cooke      William           Bramerton
Cooper     Richard Parker    Sparham
Cooper     Abraham S.        Yarmouth (Market Place)
Cooper     Mrs. Lydia        Outwell
Copping    James Benjamin    Worstead
Corston    Jonathan          Bunwell
Coulson    Albert            Hilgay
Cox        Thomas            South Lopham
Cracknell  Mrs. Alice        Stiffkey
Crane      Robert Jeremiah   Banningham
Crane      Thomas            Marsham
Cuddon     Mrs. Elizabeth    Reveningham (sic)
Curson     George Webster    West Walton (Church End)
Curston    James             South Pickenham
Cutter     John              Bridgham
Dalton     Samuel            Welney
Dane       Samuel            Shouldham Thorpe
Davey      Edward            Tivetshall St. Margaret
Deadman    Thomas Livermore  Weasenham St. Peter
Debenham   Harry A.          Thorpe Abbott
Delamore   Mrs. Elizabeth    Walpole St. Andrew
Dexter     Frederick         Stow Bedon (Lower)
Dodman     Robert Thomas     Barney
Doe        Charles           Larling
Doughty    Walter            Suffield
Douse      James William     Shipdham
Downing    Mrs. Matilda      Riddlesworth
Drew       George            Caistor St. Edmund
Ducker     David Frederick   Happisburgh
Dunn       Charles           Necton
Dunnett    Ernest J.         Ashill
Eagle      William           North Pickenham
Edwards    Robert            Dereham (Toftwood)
Elliott    John              Dickleburgh
Ellis      Thomas William    Loddon
Ellis      John              Terrington St. Clement
Emerson    John              Fulmodeston
Emerson    John              Croxton
English    William           Boughton
English    Benjamin          Filby
Everson    Thomas            Stratton Strawless
Ewer       Henry             Snettisham
Fairbairn  Robert            Oulton
Falgate    Thomas            Forncett St. Mary
Farman     Charles William   Burlingham St. Andrew
Farrow     James             Yaxham
Faulkner   John George       Narborough
Feather    Alfred            Sea Palling
Fennings   Edward John       Hempton
Fickling   Miss Martha       Saham Toney
Fillenham  Walt. Edmund      Gaywood
Finch      Matthew           Garveston
Flatman    Charles John      Booton
Flowerdew  William           Walcott
Flowers    Baker             Kirby Cane
Forster    Samuel Joseph     Cawston
Fox        David             Forncett St. Peter
Fox        Thomas            Horsham St. Faith's
Fox        Miss Maria        Binham
Fox        Mrs. Harriet      Cromer
Funnell    Robert            Bracon Ash
Futter     William           Tuttington
Galloway   Thomas            Oxburgh
Gardner    William Amos      Billingford (near Diss)
Garrett    Charles           Frettenham
Garwood    Miss Lucy Ann     Houghton
Gaul       James             Ingworth
Gaze       John              Halvergate
Gibbs      Samuel Arthur     Rollesby
Gibson     Thomas            Kenninghall
Godfrey    Arthur William    Seething
Goldsmith  Charles           Great Fransham
Goodman    George            Little Dunham
Goodwin    Miss Charlotte    Plumstead
Goose      Mrs. Margaret     Horsey (Waxham)
Gotts      Mrs. Robert(sic)  Aylmerton
Gotts      Mrs. Ann          Honing
Grand      George            Colton
Gray       Miss Emma         Paston
Green      Reuben            Woodbastwick
Green      Mrs. Frances      Hunworth
Green      Mrs. Emma N.      West Lexham
Greene     Miss Annie        Castle Rising
Groom      Ernest J. H.      Beetley
Groom      Mrs. Sarah Ann    Holkham
Grunow     Mrs. Isabel       Flitcham
Gunn       Christopher       Wimbotsham
Haggith    Robert            Bacton
Haggith    Arthur Jabez      Mundesley
Hall       James             Drayton
Hall       Herbert Arthur    Fersfield
Hall       James             Middleton
Halls      Arthur            Yarmouth (Cobholm Island)
Hammaway   John              Downham (Railway Road)
Hamnell    Paul              Swardeston
Hanley     Zachariah         West Walton (Highway)
Harbour    Albert            Flordon
Harrington George            Stokesby
Harrison   William Lancelot  King's Lynn
Harrison   William, jun.     Strumpshaw
Harrowven  Henry             Catton
Harvey     James             Hethersett
Harvey     George E.         Witchingham
Harvey     Mrs. Eliza        Tivetshall St. Mary
Hazell     March             Hempnall
Hazell     Tryphena          Walsoken (Town)
Hazlewood  Simeon            Quidenham
Henden     Mrs. William      Sidestrand
Herring    Robert            Tottington
Hewitt     Mrs. Elizabeth    Swafield
Hipper     Robert Wm. Henry  Edgefield
Hipperson  Arthur            Shouldham
Holliday   William           Scarning
Holman     Charles Fen       Dereham (Norwich Road)
Hooper     Harbord           Martham
Horn       James             Barton Bendish
Horn       James             Denver
Horne      James Joseph      Longham
Horne      William Pratt     Stoke Holy Cross
Howard     Edward            Swanton Abbot
Howard     Harry             Thetford
Howes      George            Brisley
Howlett    Mrs. Mary         Stow Bardolph (Stow Bridge)
Hubbard    James             Beighton
Hubbard    James             Rushford (Shadwell)
Hudson     Edward            Cley
Huggins    Robert            Hockering
Inman      James Henry       Upwell
Jacobs     Samuel            Brancaster
Jacobs     George Harry      Sedgeford
James      Frederick Wyatt   Yarmouth (Northgate Street)
James      Mrs. Susan        Congham
Jarrard    John              Stradsett
Jones      Samuel            Lingwood
Juby       Mrs. Sarah Ann    Hedenham
Kemp       Mrs. Sarah        Heacham
Kemp       Mrs. A.           Hempstead
Kent       Joseph            Gillingham
Kerrison   Robert            Elmham
Kersey     John              Wrenningham
Kingaby    Robert            Hingham
Kirby      George            Tasburgh
Laight     William           Acle
Lawrence   Frederick Barret  Garboldisham
Laws       John              Costessey
Laws       Miss Martha       Fincham
Leeder     Charles           Field Dalling
Leverett   Edward            Thurton
Lewis      Miss Ruth         Salthouse
Lincoln    Mrs. Ellen        Moulton St. Michael
Linden     Arthur            Briningham
Linder     John              Melton Constable
Lines      Philip            Dereham (Baxter Row)
Lock       Stephen, jun.     Downham
Long       Herbert W.        Bale
Long       John              Lyng
Love       Henry             Elsing
Lovett     Mrs. Eliza        Little Fransham
Lowe       Thomas R.         Dereham
Lown       Miss Mary         Sheringham (Upper)
Lugg       Lewis S.          Yarmouth
Lyndo      Stephen           Repps-with-Bastwick
Lyndoe     Harrison          Wereham
Mace       George M.         North Walsham (White Horse)
Macrow     Miss Emma         Diss (Victoria Road)
Madgett    Frederick         Roydon (near Diss)
Maidstone  Leonard           Great Plumstead
Mallett    Mrs. Sarah        Ranworth
Mann       William Henry     Sandringham
Marsh      Henry             East Winch
Marsters   Matthew           South Wootton
Mason      Mrs. Maria        Crimplesham
Mason      Mrs. Jessie       South Raynham
Matthews   Arthur            Great Cressingham
McCreedy   Harcourt          Aylsham
Meale      Luther George     Foxley
Mee        John              Stoke Ferry
Merrison   Benjamin Winter   Brundall
Middleton  Frederick Wm.     Mulbarton
Minns      Charles Robert    Tilney All Saints
Mitchell   George            Swanton Morley
Morris     Mrs. Sarah Ann    Burgh St. Peter
Moy        John              Roughton
Muffett    William           East Bilney
Munford    Robert            Swannington
Murrell    John              Caston
Murrell    Mrs. Clara        Carbrooke
Muskett    William           Newton Flotman
Muttitt    Alfred William    Aldeby
Narborough William Matthew   Wiggenhall St. Mary Magdalen
Neave      James             East Tuddenham
Nelson     William           Besthorpe
Newing     Ernest Newman     East Rudham
Newstead   James             Rackheath
Nicholds   Mrs. Elizabeth    Castle Acre
Nicholson  George Harrison   Yarmouth (Southtown)
Noble      Mrs. Emily        Bressingham
Norgate    Walter            Stibbard
Norman     Arthur            Sutton
Nunn       Mrs. Elizabeth    Thompson
Osborne    George            Pentney
Osborne    Richard Noah      Surlingham
Ottaway    Robert James      Saxthorpe
Overton    Walter            Docking
Page       William           Attleborough
Palmer     Arthur John       Feltwell
Palmer     Alfred            Pulham St. Mary the Virgin
Palmer     Albert Henry      Wortwell
Parfect    Mrs. Mary Elizbth Morley St. Peter
Parfect    Mrs.              Wymondham (Suton)
Parker     Walter James      Thorpe St. Andrew
Parlett    Robert            Marham
Parnell    Nathaniel         West Lynn
Patrick    William           Gayton
Pawson     Joseph B.         Denton
Payne      Robert Gamble     Bodham
Payne      William           West Runton
Peake      Mrs. Phoebe       Rushall
Pearce     William Funnell   Diss
Pease      John              Barnham Broom
Pegg       Orris Robert      Hindolveston
Pengelley  Thomas Ernest     Fakenham
Pestell    Mrs. Harriet      Edingthorpe
Pettitt    John              Hockwold
Phoenix    Walter Charles    Deopham
Pollard    Samuel            Potter Heigham
Pooley     William Cook      Topcroft
Porter     Barley Page       Southery
Potter     Henry             Holme-next-the-Sea
Preston    Mrs. Eliza        Beeston
Puxley     William           Runton
Pyke       William           Gresham
Racey      William           Emneth
Randell    James             Trimingham
Raven      James T.          Foulsham
Rayner     William           Brinton
Rayner     Mrs. Lydia        Hardwick
Reeve      James             Terrington St. John
Reeve      George            Walpole St. Peter
Reeve      William           Winfarthing
Regester   William           Great Dunham
Richardson Miss Martha Ann   Great Ryburgh
Riches     James Vincent     Burnham Overy Staithe
Riches     Arthur            Hardingham
Riches     George Benjamin   Watlington
Richmond   James R.          Weston Longville
Rivitt     Edward            Southburgh
Rix        Henry             Beechamwell
Rix        Henry George      Eccles
Roberts    William Philip    Hainford
Robinson   Walter Beart      Brockdish
Rolfe      George            North Walsham (Spa Common)
Roll       Mrs. Ann          Thurne
Rope       Mrs. Lucy Morriss Horning
Roy        Alfred Edward     Coltishall
Roy        Herbert G.        Helhoughton
Royall     John Richard      Woodton
Rudd       Miss Lydia A.     Reepham
Ruddock    Simon Peter       North Lopham
Sales      Thomas            Cantley
Salmon     Joseh B.          Yarmouth (South Gorleston)
Samson     Mrs. Mary Ann     Wiggenhall St. German
Saunders   Alfred Charles    Banham
Saunders   William           Burgh (Aylsham) 
Saward     Mrs. S. E.        Wolferton
Scutts     Charles           Scole
Seaman     George Henry      Mattishall
Sewter     William           Sculthorpe
Sexton     Mrs. Joseph       Knapton
Sharman    Robert Tripp      Toft Monks
Shephard   Mrs. Rebecca      East Barsham
Sheringham Mrs. Rosamond
             Anna            Letheringsett
Shinkfield James             West Winch
Sidell     Mrs. Mary         Westwick
Simmons    Thomas            Saxlingham Nethergate
Simmons    Elijah            West Somerton
Smith      James Richard     Croxton
Smith      William           Morley St. Botolph
Smithson   Horace            Ketteringham
Softley    John              West Acre
Softley    Frederick         Thuxton
Southgate  Samuel            Hunstanton (Railway)
Southgate  Miss Jane         Wells
Sparrow    Mrs. Ann          Colkirk
Spink      Geo. David John   Weybourne
Spink      Mrs. Harriet Lucy Felmingham
Stacey     Jonathon          Haveringland
Starr      Frederick         Long Stratton
Stearman   Walter Marler     Smallburgh
Stedman    Allen Bertie      Thursford
Steel      James             Harpley
Steel      George            Weeting
Stimpson   William           Witton (near Norwich)
Stone      George            Keswick
Stott      Mrs. Mary Ann     West Raynham
Stoveld    William           Watton
Stubbings  Mrs. Julia        Barford
Sturgeon   George Charles    Norwich (Castle Meadow)
Sutherland Thomas Edward     Thornham
Sword      Samuel            Little Melton
Sycamore   Thomas Reuben     Geldeston
Tann       Ephraim           Tacolneston
Taylor     Miss Elizabeth    Alburgh
Taylor     Mrs. Elizabeth    Guestwick
Thing      James Neale       Whissonsett
Thomas     Richard Edwin     Rougham
Thompson   Robert            Felthorpe
Thompson   Thomas            Wighton
Thompson   Miss Jane         Itteringham
Thrower    Alfred Bernard    Heydon
Tillott    Misses Emma
             and Anne        East Wretham
Titlow     Henry James       Swaffham
Tooke      Robert            Burgh St. Margaret
Townshend  William           Ingoldisthorpe
Tricker    Frederick Wm.     Carleton Rode
Trudgill   Edward            Aslacton
Tuck       Miss Susannah     Walsingham (Great)
Turner     James             Hickling
Tye        Mrs. Sarah        Gressenhall
Tyrrell    Henry Robert      Scoulton
Upton      Frank             Northwold
Wade       Mrs. Margaret     Hevingham
Wales      Arthur            Ringstead
Walker     George            Little Ellingham
Walker     John              Hilborough
Walker     Miss Sarah Burton North Creake
Walker     Mrs. Sarah Ann    Tattersett
Ward       Edward John       Hoveton St. John
Warren     John Joseph       Hockham
Watkins    Mrs. Elizabeth    Wormegay
Watts      George            Brampton
Webb       Frederic Merton   Baconsthorpe
Webster    James             Stow Bedon
Weddup     William           Burgh Apton (sic)
Wegg       Miss Mary Ann     Cockley Cley
Wells      Thomas            Ingham
Wells      Henry             Northrepps
West       Miss Maria        Tibenham
West       Mrs. Elizabeth    Great Massingham
Wharton    George            Wymondham (Spooner Row)
Whitaker   William           Warham All Saints
Whitehand  James             Ashwellthorpe
Whiting    John W. G.        Yarmouth (North Denes)
Whybrow    Mrs. Sarah        Stow Bardolph (Barroway Drove)
Wicks      George Robert     Shotesham All Saints
Wightman   Hugh W.           Catfield
Wiles      George Frederick  Terrington St. John (Fen End)
Wilkins    William           Great Ellingham
Williams   John Llewellyn    New Buckenham
Willimont  Walter Henry      Syderstone
Wilmot     Hilton            Wymondham (Market Place)
Woodcock   Thomas            Briston
Woods      Walter            Buxton
Woods      Arthur            Ditchingham
Woods      Mrs. Emily        Hunstanton (Town)
Woolston   Mrs. Emily        Hemsby
Worrell    William           Grimston
Wright     John              Blofield
Wright     Isaac             Earsham
Wright     Charles           Sporle
Yallop     Richard Fryer     Brooke
Yallop     Frederick Wm.     Norton Subcourse
Yallop     Arthur            Ormesby
Youels     George            Shelfanger
Young      Mrs. Margaret     Titchwell
Youngman   Charles Fred      Blofield Corner
Youngman   Miss Anna
             Elizabeth       East Ruston
Youngs     Enoch             Upton (with Fishley)