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Norfolk Newspapers
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These are transcriptions from Norfolk newspapers, and of Norfolk-related articles from other newspapers.

They are listed by paper and by date, not by topic - remember to look through the complete list in case similiar events have been transcribed from different papers. You can also search all pages, via Contents and Search above.

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January 2008

Transcribed Extracts from Norfolk Newspapers

Eastern Daily Press

1909 June 12th
Funeral of Archdeacon Arthur Bayly Crosse.
1913 December 24th
Death of the Rev. C.H. Crosse.
1913 December 27th
Funeral of the Rev. C.H. Crosse.

Lynn Advertiser

Extracts from the Lynn Advertiser, 1881-1900
Marriages and Deaths for Selected Surnames.

Norfolk Chronicle

1780 January
Apology by William Pooley to Jeoffery Towler; Theft by William Broughton of a horse from Thomas Vincent; Sale of the horse by Mary Parlet; Advert by Sarah Sayer.
1780 February
Theft from Eli Smith; Advert of a boarding school by A.S. Alderton.
1780 March
Inquests on William Skinner and Thomas Bowles; Deaths of John Lock and John Neve.
1780 April
Desertion by James Chapman; Legacy for Mary Leicester; Disappearance of Robert Gibson; Execution of Jonathan Sawyer; Non-payment of fine by William Prime; Deaths of Mr Raven, Elizabeth Fell and Mrs Eldridge; Death of John Skinner; Publication of "The Lover's New Guide"; Charges against Jonathan Norman; Sale of a messuage in Hemsby.
1780 May
Inquest on William Reeve; Marriage and deaths; Advert by Ann Pigge; Estates of William Field and Edward Bodham; Adverts for coaches; Death of George Bidwell; John Cunningham committed for stabbing Thomas Gusterson; Sale of the effects of Thomas Utting; Apology by William Oliver; Ships taken by French privateers; Smuggling; Advert by John Gittens; Sale of tulips; Lottery tickets; Theft from William Ladle; Conviction of Dublack.
1780 June
Fatal accidents to the sons of Thomas Catten, and to Isaac Groslin; Notice to creditors of Thomas Miller; Reprieve for John Stangroom; Adverts by Ralph Coulson and Robert Chalker; Theft by Philip Snell; Marriages and deaths; Sale of estates in Tibenham; Bonds on the death of Catharine Buckle; Adverts by Philip and Elizabeth Batchelor, and Mr Rivett.
1780 July
Wounding of Lieut Beevor; Exchange of French officers; Estates in Cambridgeshire; Smuggling; Estate of Francis Green; Thefts by Elizabeth Pulley and Elizabeth Adams; Deaths; Escapes of James Snelling and William Potter; Theft from John Alexander; Property to be let; Advert by James Landy; Theft from Mr Branwhite; Sale of messuages in Banham; Advert by Mr Phillips; Desertion by William Woods; Advert by John Shelly; King's Lynn artillery company; Conviction of Hannah Blake; Theft by Jeremiah Harvey.
1780 August
Deaths of Sheldrake and Wickham; Theft by Elizabeth Howes; Marriages; Deaths; Society for the relief of debtors; Press gang at Cromer; Assize convictions and acquitals; Theft by Robert Andrews; Fire in Cambridgeshire; Adverts by John March and Mr Saunders; Absence of Daniel Robertson; Attack by highwaymen; Illness of Ann Jeffrey and Mary Wells; Sales of estates in Suffolk and Norfolk.
1780 September
Fire at Dilham; Advert by P. Humphrey; Missing horse belonging to Joseph Pannise; Marriages; Deaths; Sale of public house at Rockland St Peter; Sale of windmill at Oulton; Sale of inn at Bury St Edmunds; Smuggling; Fire at Gimingham; Theft from William Jay; Adverts by Ann Foster, Mary Pigge, and Mr Bull; Thefts of swans; Advert for pupils.
1780 October
Theft by Thomas Hudson; Defraud of William Adams; Marriages; Deaths; Advert by Mrs Lidgould and Mrs Chapman; Separation of William Jewell from his wife; Escapes from prison; Advert by William Terry; Coach to London; Book by Charles Swift; Advert by John Dugmore; Ship taken by French; Bury St Edmund's theatre; Advert by Honor Clarke; Theft from Richard Reeve; Viscount Townshend; Ball at Norwich; Display of "Gigantic Child"; Accident to Susan Gooch; Estates of Martin Fox and Thomas Bond; Adverts by John Flowerdew, William Sexton, William Coleman and William Murphy; Desertions of William Jameson and John Jacobs; Advert by Samuel and Joseph Gouldsmith.
1780 November
Marriages; Deaths; Advert by Matthew Read; Sale of estate at Scole; Shop in King's Lynn; Wolterton estate; Adverts by S. Booth, Obadiah Silcock and William Griffiths; Manor courts at Long Stratton; Sale of stock of William Nottley; Sale of house and land at Dickleburgh; Advert for "The Ladies Friend"; Price of wheat; Convictions for reeling false yarn; Highwaymen; Advert by William Hilling; Advert for Macro King; Charity notice; John Gibbs missing; Meeting of merchants; Horse stealers Rumney and Maddle; Anthony Brett missing; Advert by Charles Hawksley; Theft from Hunstanton Hall; Reward for apprehension of attackers of William Dickins; Food given to poor and to prisoners; Advert by Robert Larke; Creditors of William Rix; Sale of buildings and estate at Hoe.
1780 December
Convictions for embezzling wool and reeling false yarn; Injury to James Allison; Marriage; Lost dog belonging to Mrs Head; Conveyance of Christmas parcels to London; Sale of wreck at Yarmouth; Epitaph to William Money; Theft from Samuel Cunningham; Fire in Cambridgeshire; Deaths; Advert by Thomas Gunton; Volunteers for East India Company; Advert by John Bardwell; Sale of estate at Banham; Sale of land and property at Brisley; Debts of Thomas Kendle; Bermuda; Inspectors of yarn; Newbery's publications; Advert by the widow of Collings John Butler; Privateer off Yarmouth; Highwaymen; Thefts from James Crowe, Francis Sillis, John Matthews, Mary Plummer, George Hilton, Mr Cannel, and Nicholas Parker; Advert by James Forster; Sale of shop in Wisbeach; Advert by Sam. Higham; Sales of house in Cley, and estate at Great Snoring; Sale of ship at Wells; Advert by T. Greenough.
1781 January
Thefts from James Altherton, Mr Hudson, and Benjamin Randal; Marriages; Deaths; Advert by Mr D'Arnouville; Estate of John Root; Missing servants of Benjamin Nuthall; Farm at Swannington; Separation of Robert and Ann Mitchell; Sentences at county sessions; Theft from Mrs Townshend; Sale of house and furniture of Thomas Ransome and William Coye; Tolls on the Downham and Fincham Turnpike Road; Avoidance of toll payment; Gifts to prisoners; Fire in Essex; Death of Thomas Galloway; Estate of Robert Brown; Surgeon wanted for privateer; Volunteers for a Royal Independent Company; Sale of wherry.
1781 February
Norwich Quarter Sessions; Privateers off Yarmouth; Threat to burn Lynn; Marriage; Deaths; Payment of debts to George Boorne and Thomas Neve, and sale of their stock; Families of missing men chargeable to Mitford and Launditch Union; Death of John Money; Defence of Yarmouth; French privateer; Wreck of the Trinity victualler; Smugglers.
1781 March
Smugglers; Thefts by Rhoda Horth; Inquest on Thomas Kemp; Marriages; Deaths; Escape from gaol by William Faux; Yarmouth Independent Companies; Theft from John Smith Browne; Cock fighting; Bankruptcy of David Pye; Adverts by Thomas and Robert Ransome, and Richard Garrett; Sale of French privateer; Lime burning; Thefts from servants of John Hall; Victory over Dutch; John Pye appointed as Notary Public; Privateers; Committals to Norwich Castle; Convictions for reeling false yarn; Norfolk Militia; Sales of premises at Cley; Poem in memory of John Money; Advert for Freeman's Remedy; Sale of ship at Yarmouth; Sale of stock and furniture of Francis Hicks; Assizes for Norfolk, Cambridge and Huntingdon; Executions at Chelmsford; Advert by Ann Mitchell; Cricket Society; Advert by John Durrant; Protection against swindlers; Defence of Norfolk; Attempted escape of prisoners at Yarmouth; Theft by Thomas Lee; Theft from Mr Norton; Accidents to Mr Lee and Mr Barker; Inquest on Richard Cooper; Advert by James Tagg.
1781 April 7th
Reprieve for John Ewston; Inquest on Francis Parkerson; Selected deaths; Estate in Stokesby; Adverts by William Holmes, Mary Titter, and Thomas Marshall; Surgeon needed for the hundreds of Mitford and Launditch; Theft from John Knight; Apprenticing children in the hundreds of Launditch, Mitford and Forehoe; Ship Betsy; Auction at Tittleshall.
1781 April 14th
Christopher Sayers; Prisoners landed at Yarmouth; Executions of William Skipper, William Fletcher and Michael Moore; Theft from George Ward; Selected deaths; John Baldeston Gray; Support of poor children and the families of militia men in the hundreds of Launditch and Mitford.
1781 April 21st
Swaffham workhouse; Privateer off Lowestoft; Murder by Eleanor Ecklestone; Inquisition on Ann Strowger; Selected marriage and deaths; Desertion by William Wright.
1781 April 28th
Cases at the Norfolk Sessions; Advert by Mr Beart; Protection of trading ships between London and Yarmouth; Sale of the Flea privateer; Sale of the Standard Inn at Wells; Sale of estate at Clenchwarton; Sale of Mount Amelia mansion at Ingoldisthorpe; Advert for medicines by J. Crouse.
1781 May
Theft from Mr Smith; Trial of William Archer; Theft from John Crabtree and Thomas Aggs; Marriage; Deaths; Advert for a Collection of Prologues and Epilogues; Performances at the Theatre Royal; Adverts by John Reeder, Ann Love, Charles Chandler and John Sayers; Escape by James Gooch; Theft from William Capendell; Creditors of John Springfield; Payments for Substitutes to serve in Norfolk Militia; Meeting of the Humane Society; Adverts by William Hunter, Peter Amyot and Thomas Harrison; Creditors of Richard Cross, Edmund Sims and William Cooper; Apartments at Eaton.
1781 June
Advert by John Jowit; Sale of household effects of William Hunter; Sale of estate, manor and advowson at Bagthorpe; Smuggling; Marriage; Deaths; Evidence of burial of Elizabeth Oliver; Concerts; Advert by John Day; Black Lyon Inn at Walsingham to let; Sale of household effects of Edward Mann; Accounts of the Humane Society; Rain; Thefts from William Robert Mingay and Mary Ollyett; Loss of a watch belonging to Samuel Shalders, and a dog belonging to Mr. England; Theft from Mary Copland; Fire at Mr Garret's shop; Price of mackerel; Creditors of James Lindoe and Mary Marsh; Advert by John Skoulding; Associations in Taverham and Holt Hundreds for apprehending horse stealers; Sale of John Simpson's shop; Accident to Mr Riddlesdell; Committal of Edward Youngs; Adverts by Rev. T. Taylor and William Beare; Estate in Crimplesham; Creditors of Mary Saddleton and Charles Taylor; Committals of Samuel Creasy and Stacey Anderson; Attempted escapes of pirates at Yarmouth; Adverts by Sarah Gostling and Francis Gostling; Tax on male servants.
1781 July
Trustees of Turnpike from Norwich to Scole; Thefts by James Gooch; Marriages; Deaths; Adverts by W. Murphy and John Yallop; Trustees of Turnpike from Norwich to New Buckenham; Mill to let; Sale of household effects of John Howes; Advert for a book; Discovery of an orb behind the sun; Kidnapping men for military service; Norfolk Sessions; Refusal to pay farming rents; Wreck of brig off Yarmouth; Creditors of William Money and William Mendham; Trustees of Turnpike from Norwich to Watton; Loss of horse at Strumpshaw; New sheriff; Defences at Yarmouth; Thefts by James Harvey; Accident to Mr Woolby; Advert by Thomas Newman; Men needed to work on defences at Yarmouth; Adverts by John Jarmin and Samuel Bream; Tenements in Panxworth and South Walsham; Fine of William Bond; Adverts by John Frewer and John Chasteney; Coach to London; Swaffham Races; Advert by William Horth; Farm at Felthorpe; Sales of silks, a cutter, and curios from the Pacific.
1781 August
Accident to William Brookbank; Fine paid by S. Peach; Marriages; Deaths; Meeting of the Order of Gregorians; Norfolk and Norwich Assizes - Grand Jury and Sentences; Thetford Sessions; Money for prisoners; Sale of estate in Mendham; Prisoners for Debt; Accident to Elizabeth Reyner; Duties on windows and houses; Escape by John Todd; Advert by Rebecca Dison; Sale of tenements in Norwich; Cawston Sheep Show; Estate in Norwich; Daniel Bloom chosen as a Common Councilman; Cucumber weighing 58 pounds; Plums; Thefts from Henry High and Jeremiah Ives Hardy; Advert by Henry Hall; Killing of swans; Mary Wright now living with John Hawes; Creditors of Thomas Nasmith; Advert by Marsh, Gilbert and Miles.
1781 September
Accident to Captain Harman; Death from drink; Preserving apples and pears; Marriages; Deaths; Adverts by Samuel Bream, Richard Clarke, Ransome's & Co., and William Mann; Thomas Utton to be gamekeeper at Wheatacre Burgh; Fire at Foulden; Sale of mill at Sheringham; Sale of household effects of Thomas Nasmith; Sale of estate at Alby; Discharge of prisoners; Execution of Samuel Creasy; Advert by John Aldrich; Coaches; Humbleyard Petty Sessions; House to let at Weston; Inn to let at Downham Market; Theft from William Thaxter; Adverts by Bartholomew Sewell and Samuel Dawson; Debts to Hannah Fairchild and William Cooper; Petty Sessions for Forehoe and Clavering Hundreds; Market at New Buckenham; West Norfolk Regiment; Duel; Smuggling; Thefts from Robert Harvey and Mr Robins; Robert Grice convicted; Defences at Yarmouth; Advert by Henry Bircham; Coach from Lynn to Norwich; Creditors of Thomas Dersley; Corporation of Norwich; Richard Eaton to be Rector of Elsing; Attacks near Norwich; Thefts from Thomas Spice, Charles Ward and George Rudderham; Horse missing from Letton; Advert by Hannah Garland; Norfolk and Norwich Hospital; Adverts by John Warriner, and Ann and Mary Pigge; House to let at Wells.
1781 October
The Fleet cruising off the Texel; West Norfolk Regiment in Hull; Theft from Thomas Back; Accidents to James Culver and John Adcock; Marriages; Deaths; Adverts by Philip Hubbard and John Toll; Farm to let at Heacham; Sale of household effects of Richard Gardiner; Theft from Henry Matchett; Missing box belonging to Elizabeth Garner; Advert by Mary Titter; Trustees of Turnpike from Norwich to Scole; Theft from Mr Mallett; Accidents at Yarmouth; Reprieve of John Sheppard; Minister of St Peter Mancroft; Adverts by F. and J. Rivett, Mr Cobb, and Judith Bond; Robert Empson missing.
1781 November
Thefts from Timothy Cunningham and James Sillett; Will of John Shadalow; Advert by John Branch; Sale of shop at Gissing, and estate at Edgefield; Advert by John Lewis; Inclosure at East Dereham and Hingham; Advert by Mr Norton; Anniversary of the Gunpowder Treason; Curate at Yarmouth; Smuggling; Theft from James Smith; Marriages; Deaths; Election of minister at St Peter Mancroft; Sale of house and effects of Robert Leverington; Trustees of Turnpike from Norwich to Scole; Advert by Philip Pentin; Death of Ensign Smith; Origin of the Lottery; Fire at Freer and Co.; Inquest on James Pointer; Advert by Freer and Co.; Norwich State Lottery; Sale of estates at Little Snoring, Colkirk, and Hempton; Farms to let near Downham; Advert for Owen's Books; Appointments of Rev Henry Harington, and Rev Mr John Walker; Lieutenant Richard Gardiner promoted; Defences at Yarmouth; Farms to let at Wacton; Sale of effects of John Franks; Sale of estates at North Walsham; Sale of the stock of the Misses Pigg; Advert for books.
1781 December
Sale of houses and lands of Francis Hicks; Advert by Mrs S. Livock; Windmill for sale at Shouldham; Coach to London; Associations in Wayland and adjoining Hundreds for apprehending horse stealers; Convicts; Execution of pirates; Marriages; Deaths; Accident near Bayfield; Poaching; Attack on Mr Potter; Theft from Robert Purdy; Election of an Alderman; Adverts by James Quantrill, Miss Bennett, and Nathaniel Nicholson; State of public affairs; Presentations to Capt. Nasmith and Capt. Waghorn; William Payne hung in chains; Smuggling; Thefts from Thomas Redhead, a poor woman, Mr Phillip, and Ambrose Dawson; Creditors of William Tompson; Adverts by Ann Rudd and Jonas Silvey; Thomas Tomes missing; Advert by Judith Bond; Sale of effects of Robert Beck; House to let at Little Walsingham; Appointment of Rev John Buxton; Dutch hospital ship; Inquisition on Henry Gibbs; Committals to gaol; Theft from Thomas Athow; Accident to Mr Flewpot; Balls and Assemblies; Poachers at Blickling; Theft from James Youngs; Accident on Barton Broad; Gifts to prisoners; Advert by R. Punchard; Sale of Windmill at Hindringham; Theatre at Yarmouth and Norwich; Debtors of Henry Coxford; Advert by John and Mary Hamnal.
1782 January 5th
Murder of Jacob Blyth; Poachers at Rainham; Theft from Robert Franklin; Prisoners joining East India Company; John Edge convicted; Master Crotch not dead; Deaths on Barton Broad; Gifts to prisoners and the poor; Marriages; Deaths; Adverts by Spratt and Adams, and C. Tooke; Creditors of Timothy Heywood, and Elizabeth French; Poachers at Barwick; Advert by William and James Fisher; House to let in Norwich; Origin of New Year's gifts.
1782 January 12th
Dutch hospital ship; Inquest on Sarah Titter; Marriage; Deaths; Advert by William Butter; Adverts by Thomas Penrice, and Mrs Wright; Creditors of Gilbert Massey; Debtors of Henry Garner; Sale of effects of William Newton; House to let in Norwich.
1782 January 19th
The King's Birthday; Appointment of Rev Cyrill Clough; Norfolk Sessions; Tygress on show; Committals to the Castle; Accident to boy Wright; Death; Death of Mr Stevens' son; Theatre Royal; Adverts by Mr Waddy, John Pooley, and Robert Newborn; Creditors of Rev Grigson Heyhoe, Richard Camps, and Stephen Danser.
1782 January 26th
Inquisition on Mrs Seech; Thefts from Mrs Postons, and others; Deaths; Wax Works; Advert by Ann Gostling; Vacancies for surgeons; Creditors of Joseph Burrell and Wacey Dunham; Adverts by Mary and Ann Sherrell, and Mr Hardy.
1782 February 2nd
Press gangs; Inquisition on Mr Lamb; Escape by Mr Dix; Marriages; Death; Theatre performances; Adverts by Susan Jermyn, and Richard Moore; Creditors and debtors of James Barsted; Legacies from Thomas Shuckworth; Book advert.
1782 February 9th
Theft from Richard Twist; Theft by William Suffolk; Gift to prisoners; Inquest on Robert Cock; Deaths; Adverts by Solomon Levi, and Oxley and Co; Ann Warf missing; Sale of estates in Swanton Morley and Beeston; Missing dog belonging to Edward Hall; Sale of effects of John Whaley.
1782 February 16th
Gilbert's Bill for Poor Relief; Quarter Sessions for Poor Rates; Dutch ports blocked with ice; High Sheriff of Norfolk; Wager for men to pull a cart of barley; Gifts to prisoners; Marriages; Deaths; Debtors of Peter Elwin; Creditors of Cornelius Van Driel; Norwich Subscription Ball; Norwich Theatre Royal; Norfolk Militia; Adverts by Thomas Church, and T. Hirst; Sale of Mills at Little Cressingham.
1782 February 23rd
Export of wool; Sermon by Rev Walker; Legacy from Coulson Bell; Medicine to cure the bite of a mad dog; Marriage; Death; Advert by Mr Browne; Adverts by Mr Barth, and Thomas Brett; Sale of a farm in Wymondham, and a messuage in Norwich; Sale of estate with fishponds in Norwich.
1782 March 2nd
Norfolk Woollen Manufactory; Brig Sally of Hull; Legacy from Rev Adamson; Smuggling; Dutchmen taken to Yarmouth prison; Inquests on Mary Lee, and Edward Jakes; Deaths; Advert by John Rogers; Theft from Thomas Marshall; Turnpike Roads from Norwich to Scole, and from Norwich to Thetford; Advert by John Adcock; Lease for house and shop at King's Lynn; Advert by Wright Smith.
1782 March 9th
Greyhound coursing; Theft from Mr Jarvis; Deaths; Edward Frary missing; Greyhound stolen; Advert by Robert Tomlinson; Advert by Esther Thurlow; Farm to let at Langmere; Messuage to let at High Shottisham; Sale of stock of Yaxley Adams.
1782 March 16th
Charles Weston elected an alderman of Norwich; Death; John Ewston committed to Castle; Shipwrecks off Yarmouth; Brig Sally of Hull; Fire at Swardeston; Marriage; Deaths; Creditors of Robert Plummer; Coaches to London; Advert by Mary Gostling; Houses to let at North Walsham, and Salhouse; Sale of mill at Downham Market.
1782 March 23rd
Oppressive taxation; New French and Spanish ships; Advert by Joseph Gunton; Election of Common Councilmen; Overseer of Yarmouth defences; Norfolk Assizes; Thetford Assizes; Wreck of the Hopewell of Wells; Wager for men to pull a cart of barley; Marriage; Death; Adverts by T. Hirst, and Mr and Mrs Peterson.
1782 March 30th
Thefts from Mr Tompson, and James Culling; Marriage; Deaths; Advert by S. Bradford; Timber washed on shore at Yarmouth; Bakery and house to let at Aylsham; Turnips wanted by Mr Peterson; Apprenticeship for a parish boy; Marshes to let at Halvergate; Estate for sale at Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen.
1782 April 6th
Prisoners conveyed to houses of correction; Smuggling; Accident to George Clark; Marriages; Deaths; Horse possibly stolen; Adverts by W. Yallop, Nathaniel Bolingbroke, and Edward Symonds; Adverts by Mary Bulling, T. Hirst, Robert Lemon, and Miss Cropley; Sale of house and effects of Miss Downes.
1782 April 13th
Taxes on dogs and gambling; East Norfolk and West Norfolk Regiments; Norfolk Sessions; Attack on Elizabeth Broughton; Four calves; Deaths; Tea Warehouse; Bundle of clothes lost; Inn to let at Pulham Market; Debtors of Humphrey Baley; Sale of houses, shops, inns, stalls, etc in Norwich, Skeyton and Brampton; Sale of houses, shops, etc in Wells.
1782 April 20th
Tenements for sale at Wells; Shop and pasture to let at Watton; Dragoon Guards and West Norfolk Militia; Marriage; Deaths; Norwich Theatre Royal; House to let at Little Ormesby; Sale of effects of Nicholas Paul; Advert by Samuel Beeken; Sale of effects of Mary Marsh.
1782 April 27th
Sale of Advowsons near East Dereham; Dragoon Guards and West Norfolk Militia; Norwich Sessions; Conviction of Samuel Baldwin; Attack on Robert Fox; Theft from Jermyn Patrick; George Clarke drowned; Marriage; Deaths; Adverts by Joseph Fearman, and J. Brigham; Money to lend on mortgages; Sale of effects of William Hall; Debtors of Mary Kirby.
1782 May 4th
Advert by Augustine Postle; East Norfolk and West Norfolk Regiments; Sermon by Rev Mr Francis; Theft from John Leggatt; Smuggler Robbs apprehended; Accident to Robert Gathergood; Deaths; Volunteers to defend the county; Adverts by Lydia Watts, and Spratt and Adams; Advert by Benjamin Parker.
1782 May 11th
Militia ready in case of attack by Dutch fleet; Norfolk Militia; Appointment of Thomas Moore; Flower Show; Attack on Amy Jarwood; Accident to Samuel Tubby; Marriage; Deaths; Advert by Messrs Sheriffe and Gooch; Adverts by Thomas and Lloyd Hirst, and John Hill; Bankruptcy of Charles Chandler; Sea Baths at Yarmouth; Farm to let at Hunworth; House to let at Hickling; Sale of house and stock of Charles Chandler; Sale of tenements at North Walsham.
1782 May 18th
Raising of Corps for the defence of Great Britain; Militia; Smuggling; Theft from Mr Lewis; Deaths; Theft from Robert Partridge; Debtors of Grantham Killingworth; Inoculation against smallpox at New Buckenham.
1782 May 25th
Advert by John Alderson; Coach to London; Sale of malthouse at Burnham Overy; Sale of cargo at Yarmouth; Good news about the war; Defeat of the French fleet; Militia; Thefts from William Blake, and Mr South; Deaths.
1782 June 1st
Capture of ships in West Indies; Rev Michael Brown; Theft from Anthony Rupture; Change of name of John Horne; Defence work at Yarmouth; Fleet off Cromer; Theft from Sir John Wodehouse and Mr Burton; Contests at Blofield; Bale oak; Marriages; Sale of flowers; Sale of estate at Scarning; Sale of farm at Caister; Sale of estates at Langmere and Shimpling.
1782 June 8th
Celebration of the King's birthday; Cattle starving; Influenza; Sailors for the navy; Marriage; Deaths; Sale of house at Happisburgh; Advert by Martin Crocket; Adverts by Mr Watson, and Robert Cooke and Robert Howlen; Sale of school at Kenninghall; Sale of messuages at Wymondham.
1782 June 15th
West Norfolk Regiment; Master Crotch, a child prodigy; John Fuller freed; Attack on Lawrence Ormand; Theft from John Barnard; Convictions for reeling false yarn; Marriage; Deaths; Caution about tradesmen's estimates; Concert at Bunn's Pantheon; Fireworks at Quantrell's Gardens; Advert by Dr I. Leon; Sale of effects of John White.
1782 June 22nd
Sales of houses at Aylsham; Debtors of John Peterson; Diss Association for apprehending horse stealers; Sale of estate at Deopham and Hingham; Starling Day as new Mayor of Norwich; Rev William Yonge; West Norfolk Regiment; Theft from Hardwick carrier; Influenza; Marriage; Deaths; Advert by Mr Peterson; Bankruptcy of Walter Phinn; Reward for information about theft from Hardwick carrier; Licences for hawkers and pedlars; Sale of ship at Yarmouth.
1782 June 29th
Advert by Watson and Co; House to let at Wells; Bounties for seamen entering the navy; Baronets should provide men to serve the King; Southgate committed to prison; Theft from William Brooke; Accident to Clare Wegg; Marriages; Death; Sale of household effects of Mrs Molden; Concert at Bunn's Pantheon; Adverts by Rev H.C. Manning, John Lake, William Stangroom, and James Frost.
1782 July 6th
Advert for Ridley's Asthmatic Pills; Defence of Yarmouth; Militia; Thefts from John Bird, and William Southgate; Attempted escapes from the Castle; Launch of ship at Yarmouth; Crops affected by weather; Marriages; Deaths; House to let at Thurning; Seamen needed for the navy; Advert by Sun Fire-Office; Sale of messuage at Attleborough.
1782 July 13th
This issue is missing from the microfilm.
1782 July 20th
Debtors of Richard Bull; Farm to let at West Wretham; Dutch fleet; L'Escroe privateer taken off Lowestoft; Beacons; Norfolk Sessions; Crew of French lugger imprisoned; Bequest by Elizabeth Branthwayt; Rev John Royle; Purple socotrine aloe on show; Crew of L'Escroe committed to Norwich Castle; Attack on Mrs Potter; Theft from Mr Moore; Accident to Rev Dr Smyth and his son; Birth; Marriage; Death; Advert by Thomas Parslee; Concert at Bunn's Pantheon.
1782 July 27th
Advert by William Wardlaw; Sale of effects and stock of Walter Phinn; Water frolic at Hickling; Lord Townshend's volunteer troops; Dutch fleet; Whalers at Lynn; Norfolk Assizes; Officers of the West Norfolk Regiment; Accidents to Mr and Mrs Marshall, and the son of Mr Warden; Marriages; Deaths.
1782 August 3rd
Publication of Every Man His Own Gardener; French privateers; Militia; Defences at Yarmouth; Irish State Lottery; Committals to Norwich Castle; Deaths; Advert by Messrs D'Aubin and Poinsot; House and Dying works for sale in Norwich.
1782 August 10th
Sale of effects of John Clark; Debtors of John Clark; House and land to let at Brancaster; Death of Samuel Day; Thefts from Mr Bartram, Mr Denmark, Mr Clift, and Mr Harwood; Gifts to prisoners; Fire at Emneth; Marriages; Concert at Bunn's Pantheon for the benefit of the widow of Edmund Mann; Desertions from East Norfolk Regiment and 93rd Regiment of Foot.
1782 August 17th
Celebrations for the birthday of the Prince of Wales; Raising a ship's company; Crops affected by caterpillars; Game birds affected by wet weather; Bequest from Rev Dr Berney; Deaths; Dinner for Wyverston scholars; Next of kin of John Hearn; Advert by Joseph Trundle; Sale of land at East Ruston; House to let at Thorpe-next-Norwich.
1782 August 24th
Sighting of the Dutch fleet; Thefts from Ann Leach and Jane Ward; Pirates pardoned by the King; Convictions of Samuel Blyth and John Smith; Accident to Mr and Mrs Bokenham; Marriage; Deaths; House and malthouse to let in Norwich; Advert by John and Anne Curties; Creditors of John Gallaway, and Thomas Seppings; Sale of windmill at Wacton.
1782 August 31st
Warning to poachers at Saxthorpe; Jeremiah Ives to be Sheriff of Norwich; West Norfolk Regiment; Defence of Norfolk; Thomas Taylor and John Narborough committed to Norwich Castle; Thefts from Benjamin Webber, and from a grocer's servant; Fire at Feltwell; Death; the Russian fleet; Candidates for Sheriff of Norwich; Advert by W. Chettleburgh; Sale of tenements at Fakenham and Hempton; Sale of houses, tenements, shop, etc at Yarmouth.
1782 September 7th
Lord Townshend's (and others) volunteer troops; Defence of Yarmouth; William Palgrave to be Mayor of Yarmouth; Rev Thomas Hutchinson; Influence of the planets on the weather; Committals to Norwich Castle; Fire at Feltwell; Death; Advert by Mr Gosnold; Dog found; Sale of house in Norwich.
1782 September 14th
Militia; Naming of regiments; British fleet sailed to relief of Gibraltar; Search for the Dutch fleet; Mr Grimwood's maid-servant committed to Norwich Castle; Elizabeth Springold stabbed herself; Marriages; Deaths; Advert by William Dove; Houses, bakery, and windmills for sale at Banham, Winfarthing, and Repps; Sale of the stock of Edmund Nurse.
1782 September 21st
Sir Edward Astley's Melton Volunteers; Suffolk subscriptions for a man-of-war; Marriage; Deaths; Silver watch lost; Houses and shops to let and for sale in Norwich; Buxton Mills for sale; Household effects and farm stock for sale at Gissing; Sale of farm and messuages in Gressenhall and Edgefield.
1782 September 28th
State of the crops; Norwich householders to provide street lighting; Poachers at Aylsham; Anniversary of their Majesties' coronation; Militia; Messages via rocket, cannon and beacons; Yarmouth Volunteers on duty; Snake at Ludham; Death; Sale of farm stock at Horstead; Sale of farm stock at St Faith's; Sale of house and malthouse at Hempstead; Sale of estate at Burnham Thorpe and Burnham Overy.
1782 October 5th
Richard Saffory elected mayor of Thetford; Protection of fishing boats; Suffolk subscriptions for a man-of-war; Accidents to William Smith and John Becket; Theft from William Davey; William Griffith fined; Inquest on Elizabeth Springall; Drownings near Happisburgh; Deaths; Bankruptcy of John Alderson; Advert by Mr Chicheley; Adverts by Henry Burcham, and Joshua Byron; Sale of farm stock at Taverham; Sale of messuage at Wreningham; Sale of farm stock at Elsing.
1782 October 12th
Messages via rockets and beacons; Storm damage; Committal to Bridewell in Norwich; Sudden death; Subscription Assemblies at Aylsham and Lynn; Adverts by Robert Ollyet, and Samuel Capper; Book published; Ensigncies for sale; Sale of tenements at Beighton; Sale of tenements and land at Briston; Verses on the death of John Tooke.
1782 October 19th
Norwich elections; Robert Beevor to be a cadet at Woolwich; Thefts from Thomas Hubbard, Anthony Tills, The Old Men's Hospital, the King's Head Inn, and William Beezer; Marriages; Death; Advert by George Gynne; Adverts by Thomas Reeve, and John Lowl; Debtors of James Elgar; Sale of house at Yarmouth; Sale of farmhouses, lands, cottages, etc at Heacham and Sedgeford.
1782 October 26th
Lord Townshend's Norfolk Rangers; Rev Bartholomew Edwards; Attack by French cutter; Evans the pirate; Thefts from Mary Stannard, a post-boy, and C. Matthews; Marriages; Deaths; Sale of farming stock and household effects at Caston, Brisley Green, and East Bradenham; House to let at East Dereham; Sale of house and land at Witton.
1782 November 2nd
Trial of Joseph Evans; Holt Volunteers; Snow in northern England; Theft from Ives and Co; Marriage; Death of Captain Townshend; Deaths; Thomas Forster missing; Theft from Henry Utting; Owners names to be on coaches and wagons; Advert by Elizabeth Mayer; Francis Dack and Edward Rodwell missing.
1782 November 9th
Militia winter quarters; Defences at Yarmouth; Thomas Barber; Ships driven on shore; High price of wheat; Attempted theft from Mrs Ives; Thefts from a maid of Miss Morris, John Barrett, and Mrs Bishop; Committal of Samuel Potter and Thomas Forster; Inquest on Thomas Fish; Birth; Marriage; Deaths; Coach to London; Warning to trespassers on the land of Mrs Moore and Lady Harris; Militia exercises and gifts from landowners.
1782 November 16th
Creditors of Robert Sago; Dutch harbours will be frozen; Militia movements; C. Bryant's book; Strange fish on shore at Waxham; Marriages; Deaths; Philip Ayton Lambley missing; Man traps at Barningham Hall; Debtors of Jonathan Turner, and James Loose.
1782 November 23rd
This issue is missing from the microfilm.
1782 November 30th
Price of corn; Court case about Wells harbour; West Norfolk Regiment; Master Crotch, a child prodigy; Hard winter in 1682; Marriages; Deaths; Advert by Thomas Tilbury; Francis Buttill missing; Debtors and creditors of William Donne; Hickling Courts Baron to be held; Advert by John Atwood; Sale of farm at Carleton Rode; County Pensioners.
1782 December 7th
Legacy from Elizabeth Poynter; Theft from Thomas Gilbert; Theft from William Girling; John Sayes fined; Accidents to Sarah Fuller, and Robert Lown; Marriage; Deaths; Concert; Subscription Ball; Advert by John Ansell; Land and mill for sale at Edgefield; Theft from Thomas Gilbert.
1782 December 14th
Ports to be open for import of grain; Ship Sundsvall on shore at Winterton; Marriages; Deaths; Loss of the ship Hector; Cargo of ship Sundsvall for sale; Sale of house at East Dereham; Concert at Yarmouth; Administration of the effects of James Loose; Stolen goods in the house of John Betts.
1782 December 21st
Price of corn; Men sent to sea; Thefts from W. Walton, and William Algar; Deaths; Sale of the effects of Francis Colvin; Creditors of Francis Colvin; Stolen goods in the house of John Blanchflower; Creditors of Frances Bridges; Candles for sale.
1782 December 28th
Royal Assent to Bills; Ports to be open for import of grain; Marriage; Attack on the Moulton carrier; Inquest on William Brokenham; Theft from William Bray; Gifts to prisoners and the poor; Driver of John Ellis's cart fined; Theft from Noah Baker; Cow with two heads; Adverts by Isaac Maltby, and Sarah Dye; Tenement to be let or sold in Norwich; Apology to John Ashmanall.
1783 January 4th
Plea to support the theatre; Marriages; Deaths; Attempted theft from Mr Heath; Theft from James Wigg; Debtors of Thomas Woolsey; Creditors of Thomas Heasel; Sale of estate at Hindolveston; Advert for blacking; Public house to let at Old Buckenham; Farms, cottages, lands, etc for sale in Topcroft, Denton, Hempnall, and Norwich; Debtors of John Chasteney; Advert for book of songs and music.
1783 January 11th
Smuggling; Thefts from Messrs Bacon and Marshall, and Elizabeth Minns; Gifts to prisoners and the poor; Comedy performance; Sale of estate in Norwich; Debtors of Timothy Titter; Debtors of Philip Carver; Books published for the housewife and the serving maid.
1783 January 18th
Purchase of corn for the poor; Norfolk Sessions; Smuggling; Theft from Robert Howlett; Attempted escape by Captain Roberts the pirate; Accident to James Howes; Death; Privateer.
1783 January 25th
Norwich and Lynn Quarter Sessions; Thomas Beales committed to Norwich Castle; Marriages; Deaths; Exhibition of needlework; Holt Jubilee; Advert by Elizabeth Shepherd; Elizabeth Curtis eloped; Debtors of Stephen Riches; Sale of bakery and windmill at Diss; Debtors and creditors of Denny Palmer; Sale of houses at Acle; Sale of household effects and farming stock of John Mite; Sale of house, public house and cottages at East Dereham; Windmill to let in Norwich; Poem on the death of the boxer Slack.
1783 February 1st
Peace with France and Spain; Army to be reduced; Great increase in trade; Bells of St Peter Mancroft rung to celebrate peace; Celebrations at Loddon; Ambassador to be sent to the United States of America; Gifts for the poor; Smuggling; Theft from James Burkin Burroughes; Deaths; Advert by Joseph Bell; Advert by Isaac Frost and John Carter; Lyng and Taverham Paper Mills.
1783 February 8th
Smuggling; Thefts from Thomas de Vear, B. Brograve, and Mrs Hambling; Attempted theft from Mr Butcher; Inquest on a female infant; Marriages; Deaths; Performance at Norwich Theatre Royal; Exhibition of needlework; Adverts by Rev P. Peach, and William Barton; Advert by John Lock; Debtors and creditors of Richard Harvey.
1783 February 15th
Peace with the Dutch; Army to be reduced; Performance at Norwich Theatre Royal; Lynn Mart; Smuggling; William Land fined; Thefts from the Gibraltar, Mrs Towell, Mr Bidwell, a linen draper's shop, and William Chase; Attacks on Mrs Woolmer and Mrs Lulman; Mary Harmer committed to the city gaol; Samuel Matthews poaching rabbits; Marriage; Deaths; Adverts by W. Bolingbroke and R. Williams, and John Hubbard.
1783 February 22nd
Smuggling; Thefts from John Brady, Siely and Wright, Henry Ashley, Mrs Emmett, and the Greenland Fishery public house; Joseph Beeton hanged; Marriage; Deaths; Adverts by Miss Peterson, Martha Smith, and John and James Wilkins; William Hayton missing; Sale of house, lands and windmill in Forncett St Peter; Sale of houses and land at Grimston, Congham and Roydon; Book published about eclipses.
1783 March 1st
Rev Lancaster Framingham; New bridge in Norwich; West Norfolk Militia; Committals to Norwich Castle and city gaol; Marriages; Deaths; Adverts by Richard Bacon; Advert by Charles Chapman; Price of wheat; Sale of houses in Norwich; Sale of houses, barns, land, etc in Gooderstone and Oxburgh.
1783 March 8th
Marriages; Deaths; Committals to Norwich city gaol; Thefts from John Morris, and the Blue Bell Inn; New bridge in Norwich; Adverts by the New Fire Office Company; Advert by Joshua Smith; Shop to let at Burnham Market; Advert by Elden Earls; House to let in Norwich; Brigantine for sale at Yarmouth; Thefts from John Morris, and the Blue Bell Inn.
1783 March 15th
Disbanding of East and West Norfolk Regiments; Theft from James Bransby; Deaths; Committals to Norwich city gaol; Adverts by W. Dove, and Mr Stevenson; Advert by John Robinson; Debtors and creditors of James Kirby and Thomas Sturley; Houses and land to let at Norwich and East Rudham; Drainage engine and horses for sale; Marsh to let near Yarmouth.
1783 March 22nd
Marriage; Deaths; Norfolk Assizes; Attempted escapes by pirates; New bridge in Norwich; Employment of discharged seamen and soldiers; Response to attack on Norwich Theatre Royal; Adverts by Ann Drake, and William Wilkins; Advert by William Curtis; Creditors of William Cann; French cutter to be sold at Yarmouth; Sale of household effects and stock at Feltwell.
1783 March 29th
Smuggling; Deaths; Committals to Norwich Castle; Tea, Geneva and embezzled yarn seized; Executions of Abraham Carman and Henry Cabell; Fire near Needham; Bell ringing at Kenninghall; Mill to let at Felmingham; Adverts by Elizabeth Studwell, Henry Hawke, William Cubit, and John Lovick; Creditors of John Reeve; Advert by Benjamin Gunton; New India Warehouse in Norwich.
1783 April 5th
Inquisitions on Robert Leech, Samuel Ellis, and Henry Young; Deaths; Convicts conveyed to houses of correction; Carman and Cable to be executed; Common Councillors for Mancroft Ward; Advert by Benjamin Jaggers; Creditors and debtors of Robert Massingham; Farms, land, public house, etc, for sale and to let at Great Massingham and Grimston; Publication of The Norwich Directory; Sale of the Distillery at Yarmouth; Theft from John Clarke.
1783 April 12th
Freeholders should register to vote; Election of Common Councillors for Mancroft Ward; Election of MP for Yarmouth; Marriages; Deaths; Committals to Norwich Castle; Thefts from John Freshfield, and Alderman Harvey; Carman and Cabell executed; Association for prosecuting warren thieves; Norwich farmers protest at mode of levying money for maintenance of the poor; Legatees of Edna Moore; Creditors of John Knights; Farm, cottages and lands to let at Fincham; House to let in Norwich; Theft from Thomas Porter; Creditors of John Buck; Messuages, land and mill for sale at Bawdeswell.
1783 April 19th
Wheat and flour from New England; Performance by Mr Sharpe; Scrutiny of the result of the election of Common Councillors for Mancroft Ward; Mr Barrett manager of Norwich Theatre Royal; Marriage; Deaths; Committals to Norwich Castle and Yarmouth gaol; Norwich Theatre Royal; Advert by Arthur Browne; Advert by Dr Moyes; Sale of farm, land and houses at Pulham Market; Sale of farms and land at Aylsham Burgh, Brooke, Kirstead, Surlingham, Wramplingham, Barford, and Garvestone; Trade with America; Advert by Charles Hawkesley.
1783 April 26th
Norfolk Militia; Smuggling; Marriages; Deaths; Committal to Norwich prison; Fire in Norwich; Bail for prisoners; Committals to Norwich Castle; Adverts by Benjamin Rust, and John Curties; Hawking; Repairs to steeple of St Martin at Palace in Norwich; Creditors of Jonathan Fountain Wrench, and Thomas Foley; Joseph Cullum missing; Sale of house in Norwich; Smuggling; Protests by sailors in London.
1783 May 3rd
Reduction in the army; Foreign seamen to be discharged from the Royal Navy; Possible discharge of debtors; Good harvest expected; Scrutiny of the result of the election of Common Councillors for Mancroft Ward; Jeremiah Ives Harvey and Robert Partridge to Court of Aldermen; John Money sworn in the commission of peace; Rev Mr Day of Horsford; Marriages; Deaths; Norfolk Sessions; Thefts from Francis Blomefield, and William Bull; Advert by Dr Moyes; Concert for benefit of the Scots Society; Advert by Grace Tagg; Plan to extend the Wymondham Bridewell; Debtors of William Tokelove.
1783 May 10th
Common Councilmen; 10th Regiment of Foot; Marriage; Deaths; Fire in Norwich; Thomas Durrant committed to Norwich Castle; Adverts by W. Fisher, J. Holtaway, and Charles Touse; Yarmouth Sea Baths; Debtors and creditors of Matthew G. Cooper, Henry Jacob, and Robert Dye; Bankruptcy of Thomas Page and John Christian; Buyers of wool will check fleeces.
1783 May 17th
Brig found abandoned; Smuggling; Marriage; Deaths; Inquest on Mr Rump; Dragoons; Theft from Mr Delf; Adverts by C. Christian and S. Wright, and William Burt; Estate for sale at Deopham; Horse missing from Costessey; Book published about stenography; Ass races at Trowse.
1783 May 24th
Dr Lewis Bagot to be Bishop of Norwich; George James Riddell killed in a duel; Marriages; Deaths; Smuggling; Thefts from James Baddison, John Bray, John Chambers, Mr Bradford, and James Edwards; Adverts by James Reynolds, and Johnson Lee; Estate for sale at Gunthorpe; Blacksmith's shop for sale at Salthouse; Farm and land for sale at Bunwell Green.
1783 May 31st
No more regiments to be disbanded; Anniversary of the Restoration of Charles II; Legacies from Sir Thomas Churchman; Marriage; Deaths; Fire at Cawston; Theft from Mr Johnson; Adverts by John Dobson, and Mr Page; Creditors of Solomon Colls; Theft from Robert Johnson.
1783 June 7th
Letter to encourage trade by forming a society of merchants; Death; Attacks on a boy, and on Jonas Levi; Thefts from Mr Bird, and John Holmes; Advert by Francis Gostling; Debtors of Samuel Mason and Robert Woods; Creditors of Francis Wright; Shop and land for sale at Smallburgh; Estate for sale at Hempnall; Effects of Bridget Lincoln.
1783 June 14th
Books published; Gift to the poor of Little Walsingham; Celebration of the King's birthday; Common Councilmen for King's Lynn; Marriages; Deaths; Thefts from Roger Kerrison, Joseph Oxley, and William and John Sims; Advert by A.B. and H. Tooke; Parish rates for St Martin at Oak in Norwich; Farm and land for sale at Yaxham; Public house and tenements for sale in Norwich; Theft from Joseph Oxley; Good foreign trade for towns of northern England.
1783 June 21st
Dr Lewis Bagot to be Bishop of Norwich; Installation of Jeremiah Ives as Mayor of Norwich; Thomas Watson elected as alderman of Fyebridge ward; Turnips; Marriages; Deaths; Smuggling; Advert by Dr Moyes; Parish rates for St Martin at Oak in Norwich; Concert at Bunn's Pantheon; Adverts by Charles Bryant, and John Syer; William Frankland missing.
1783 June 28th
Theft from Mr Paul; Thomas Watson sworn as an alderman; Marriage; Death; Advert by Mr Rivett; Adverts by Mr Lake, and Mr Smith; Coach from Briston to Brandon; Debtors of John Swanton; Wine vaults to let at King's Lynn; Messuage and land for sale at Bawburgh; Trunk stolen from a ship at Yarmouth; Farm and land for sale at Runham.
1783 July 5th
Government needs to borrow 2 million pounds; Boy killed at Upton; Marriage; Death; Theft from Thomas Baldwin; Crops affected by the weather; House and blacksmith's shop to let at Fakenham; Estate for sale at Dersingham; Marshes for sale at Wheatacre Burgh; Advert by E. Crane; Sale of household effects of Margaret Smith; Sale of houses, shop, and land in Norwich; Master Crotch, a child prodigy.
1783 July 12th
Rev Horatio Dowsing; Deaths; Adverts by William Beloe, and Richard Marshall; Concert at Quantrell's Gardens; Adverts by William Bolingbroke and Robert Williams, and James Goodaire; Sale of Reymerston Hall, and a barn, for their building materials.
1783 July 19th
Rev John Towers Allen; Gilbert Brownsmith and William Fester to be Sheriff and Under Sheriff; Lack of rain; Weather reports; Gratuity for Rev White; Marriage; Deaths; Inquisitions on Robert Bishop, and Richard Suckling; Theft from John Talbot; George Thurston fined; Norfolk Sessions; James Brooke committed to Norwich Castle; Turnips; Men re-enlisting into the Militia.
1783 July 26th
Tithes for the support of the clergy; Death; Inquest on Samuel Wright; Advert for medicine; Surrogates to return Licence Bonds; Adverts by Robert Routh, W.C. Woodbine, and William Horth; Advert for Thomas Layton; Lenwade Bridge Association against felonies; Advert by Mr Akers; Land for sale at Toft Monks; Sale of household effects and farming stock of Robert Norton; Sale of house and granary at Yarmouth; Sale of cottage at Mulbarton, and public house at Elmham; Sale of horses and carriages in Assize Week.
1783 August 2nd
Plague at Constantinople, Crimea, Poland, etc, and ships to be quarantined; Fleet to be recommissioned; Ships to be repaired; Navy consists of 624 ships; Cutters to enforce quarantine against the plague; Rev Horace Hammond; Stamp Duty; John Harmer paid to prevent prosecution; Freemen of Norwich; Recipe to prevent fly damage to crops; Inquest on John Gibson; Clothes stolen; Death; Walsingham Quarter Sessions; Attempted escape by Thomas Forster; Goldspink whipped; Thefts from Elizabeth Gowing, and Isaac Cannell; Advert by R. Ward; Concert for the benefit of Mr Manini; Debtors of William Barton, and of Walter Colquhoun; Advert for Henry Houchen; Advert for a housemaid.
1783 August 9th
Fleet being recommissioned; New taxes; John Corsbie to be Governor of the Bethel Hospital; Lambs at Fransham fair; Marriages; Inquisition on William Norton; Robberies on the river between Bungay and Yarmouth; Theft from Mr Dawson; Attempted escapes from the Castle; Advert by James Seeley; Advert by George Pigman; Sale of house at Blakeney; Marsh to let at Snettisham; Sale of the library of Samuel Mason.
1783 August 16th
John Herring chosen as a Common Councilman; Appointments of Lieutenant William Gordon and Lieutenant Arthur Beevor; Marriages; Deaths; Theft from a woman; Inquisition on Samuel Price; Loss of the brig Friendship; Whaling; Assizes; Susannah Edwards and Joseph Fuller committed to the Castle; Theft from Mr Brettingham; Suspicious persons to be reported to the mayor; Advert by a Quaker; Advert by Mr Curtis; Debtors of Philip Maris.
1783 August 23rd
Damage to a tabernacle; Marriage; The jury, convictions and acquittals at the assizes; Case between Rev Jacob Mountain and Rev Lancaster Adkin; Trial of Mr and Mrs Falconer; Theft from Samuel Wilson; Bankruptcy of James Poole; Sale of farm at Dickleburgh; Sale of sailcloth, ropes and lines at Yarmouth; Sight of a meteor.
1783 August 30th
Election of John Day as Sheriff of Norwich; Anthem to be performed at Yarmouth; Church at Ormesby St Michael; Death; Accidents to Arthur Todd, and Elizabeth Harrison; Theft from John Wilkerson; Money for prisoners; Distinguished visitors to Yarmouth; Frigate Mirmidon at Yarmouth; Advert by Edward Mugridge; Creditors of John Hopking; Debtors of Robert West; Advert by Mary Buxton; Commissioners of the Aylsham Navigation; Advert by Thomas Newman; Sale of manor, estate and land at Wicklewood; Books published.
1783 September 6th
Relief of the poor in Lakenham; Wheat sown by machine and by hand; Thefts from Mrs Tompson, a young woman, and Mr Matthews; Robert Fox to be executed; Deaths; Great Yarmouth mayor, churchwardens and chamberlain; Distinguished visitors to Yarmouth; Meteor seen by John Bryant; Creditors of John Ewing; Petty sessions for hiring servants at Attleborough; Adverts by R. Oldman, Francis Mack, and Henry Crack.
1783 September 13th
British officers to serve in Russia's army and navy, and Mediterranean fleet; Independent MP returned in 1780; Grocers to sell discoloured salt; Death of William Bewley; Deaths; Thefts from Mr Rist, Rev Charles Topping, and John Patteson; William Smith committed to the Castle; Execution of Robert Fox; Confirmation of 400-500 people at East Dereham; Smuggling; Brig William and Mary of Lynn; Sloop Fanny lost; Ship of war Speedy arrived off Yarmouth; Adverts by John Day, Elizabeth Peterson, Thomas Burrell and Arthur Reddy; Sale of houses, cottages and land at Wiggenhall St German; Theft from Rev Charles Topping.
1783 September 20th
Contagion at Constantinople; War between Russia and Turkey; Sale of farmhouse and stock at Hingham; Ransome and Co; William Woolverton to be master of a charity school; Distinguished visitors to Yarmouth; Better facilities needed for visitors to Yarmouth; Shipping at Yarmouth; Dutch Fair at Yarmouth; Swaffham Races; Accident to Joshua Howes and James Fickling; Thefts from Aaron Polack, and a woman; Deaths; Tribute to Mr Bewley; Advert by John Clover; Sale of houses, public house, and land at Tibenham and Banham; Lydia Teasdell missing.
1783 September 27th
Smuggling; Rescue of Captain Jefferson; Mr Barolett accused of murder; George Clarke to be mayor of Thetford; Accident to James Smith and William Cook; Inquest on Lydia Teasdell; Deaths; John Abell and others stole fish owned by William Clarke Woodbine; Thefts from Peter Isaac, Frances Murrell and Hannah Brereton, Ann Hammond, and Rev Christopher Smears; Concert at Aylsham with singing by Miss Leak; Diving Cap invented by Mr Wright.
1783 October 4th
Gilbert Brownsmith and John Day sworn in as sheriffs; Thefts from Mr Tompson, and Mrs Fenn; 9th regiment of foot and light dragoons to leave Norwich; John Cary, mayor of Lynn; W. Taylor, mayor of Yarmouth; Smuggling; Mr Barolet to be freed; Accident to John Seamans; Inquest on Henry Middleton; Marriages; Deaths; Wheat from Holland; Theft by David Aaron; Advert by Joseph Fearman; Farm for sale at Ashwellthorpe; Sale of effects of John True; Apprentice wanted.
1783 October 11th
Ball given by Major Money; Meteor seen; Marriage; Deaths; Escape of Mark Turner and William Cornwell Page; Sentencing of William Smith alias Clark, John Abell, and John Smith; David Aaron, and James Buncle to be in custody; Creditors of John Aggs; Adverts by Booth and Son, E. Manning, and Sarah Coates; Houses, brick ground and lands for sale at Reedham and Stockton; Sailcloth factory to be sold at Yarmouth; Apology by William Morse; Charlotte Lafield missing.
1783 October 18th
Marriage; Deaths; Fines for fireworks offences; Theft from Mr Sillis; Conviction of John Matthews; William Smith to stand in the pillory; Adverts by M. Waller, and William Bollingbroke; Lecture and experiments by Mr Lowe; Gamekeeper appointed at Bodney; Rewards for recapture of Mark Turner and William Cornwell Page.
1783 October 25th
France bankrupt; Sale of ten thousand volumes of books and music; Rev Erasmus Druery; Rev John Ramsay; Resignation of Edward Bacon as Recorder of Norwich, and election of John Chamber; Marriages; Smuggling; Accident to Mr Beacham, Mr Curtis and Mr Adams; Thefts from Mr Smith, and Thomas Barker; Adverts by Mary Butter, and Christopher Sherwood; Creditors of William Jennis; Sale of house and effects of Robert Rogers; Elopement of Jane Feather.
1783 November 1st
Steam rowing boat; Rev Hardy Robinson; Rev Thomas Lechmore Grimwood; Dragoons and light horse; the Norwich and Norfolk Club in London; Marriages; Deaths; Thefts from Abraham Wing, and Jane Springall; Adverts by Miss Rudd, J. Woolford, and Christopher Sherwood; Lamps in Norwich being broken; Advert by Robert Norman and Charles Bottomly.
1783 November 8th
Marriages; Deaths; Light dragoons to assist against smugglers; Keel sunk at Yarmouth; Mr Errington drowned at Yarmouth; Enclosing of Mousehold Heath; Advert by Stephen Barnes; Tan office to let at Briston; House, malt house and granaries to let at Setch; House to let in Norwich; House, lands, and public house for sale at Hempton; Sale of effects of John Platten; Book by Samuel Cooper; Horse missing from Sall; Henry Sizer missing; Horse stolen at Wheatacre All Saints.
1783 November 15th
Prince of Wales at the House of Lords; Rev William Nelson; Nominations as sheriffs for Norfolk; John Chamber elected Recorder of Norwich; Marriage; Death; Fire at Long Stratton; Mill burnt at Yarmouth; Abel King drowned; Smuggling; Yarmouth Theatre; Norwich Theatre Royal; Advert by John Catchpole; Debtors to Samuel Barber, and Marian Mallett.
1783 November 22nd
Charles Harvey elected as Steward of Norwich; William Yarrington admitted as attorney; Rev Dr Poyntz; Windmill patent for Benjamin Wiseman; Marriages; Deaths; Smallpox at Wymondham; Thefts from Mr Botwright, a cobbler, Mr Perowne, a glover and breeches maker, and Rev Mr Hirst; Pardon for John Hewston; Committals of Thomas Flowers, and the wife of Southgate; Theft from Jabez Taylor; Advert by William Fodder; Sale of brewhouse, house and effects of William Gooch; Sale of coalyards, malthouses, granaries, marsh, workshop, and share in Yarmouth Theatre of Henry Gooch and Thomas Cotton.
1783 November 29th
Rev John Dennison; Accidents to Master Brown, Robert Haycock and Captain Fairweather; Collection at Swaffham; Marriage; Deaths; Francis Jeary committed to Norwich Castle; Food for prisoners; Assemblies at Aylsham and East Dereham; Advert by Mr Vernon; Creditors of Thomas Seppings, Thomas Manclarke and Roger Manclarke; Sale of house and shop in Yarmouth; Sale of ships belonging to Henry Gooch and Thomas Cotton; James Hewes missing.
1783 December 6th
Rev Jacob Mountain; New bridge in Norwich; Deaths; Thefts from Mr Crane, William Atthow, Joseph Randall, and Sarah Bradbury; Ball in Norwich; Performance by George Saville Carey; Horse possibly stolen; North Walsham corn market.
1783 December 13th
Montgolfiers' balloon; Performance by Mr G.S. Carey; Air ballons in Norwich and Yarmouth; Court of Guardians for the poor should use the New Mills; Rev Mr Beloe to be Master of Emmanuel Hospital in London; Christmas celebrations; Marriages; Deaths; Smuggling; Lottery keeper fined; Thefts from Samuel Chambers, the New Mills, Mr Tagg, and William Woodbine; Advert by William Pitcher; Assembly at Fakenham; Advert by James Adams and William Bacon; Fakenham corn market; Francis Taylor deserted.
1783 December 20th
Subscribers for prosecutions of felons in Blofield and South Walsham hundreds; Joseph Sherer to be Patent Searcher; Marriages; Deaths; Thefts from Joseph Randall, Samuel Barber, and Samuel Strike; Adverts by Miss Peterson, Lydia Watts, George Gynne, and Mr Holtaway; Creditors of Clarke Miller; Meeting of the yarn makers; Clarke Miller to surrender to the Commissioners; Horse stolen from John Druery.
1783 December 27th
Ordinations; Rev Thomas Weatherhead; Baronetcies for John Lombe, Thomas Durrant, and Thomas Beevor; Marriages; Deaths; Thefts from Samuel Cubit, and Mrs Chapman; Conviction for chopping underwood; Sale of a baking office, and a windmill; Creditors of John Dixon; Adverts by Martin Crockett, John Ebden, and John Squires; Farmers and merchants to meet at Walsingham; Baking office and windmill to let at New Buckenham; Wrestlers Inn to let at Yarmouth; Debtors of John Orton; Exhibition of wild beasts.
1811 March 2nd
Prisoners in City Gaol and Bridewell; Marriages and Deaths, Yarmouth shipping; Notices to creditors.
1811 March 9th
Winnould fair; Cattle and corn markets; Inquisition - Henry Sharman; Births, Marriages and Deaths.
1811 March 16th
John Francis fined; Shipping lost; Inquests on Mary Overton and Ann Watts; Births, Marriages and Deaths.
1811 March 23rd
Cattle and corn markets; Fire at Culley's warehouse; Births, Marriages and Deaths.
1811 March 30th
Marriages and Deaths.
1811 May 4th
Commissions; Collections for prisoners; Cattle market; Norfolk Sessions; Births, Marriages and Deaths; Yarmouth news.
1812 December 26th
Loss of the Alban; Loss of nine pilots at Gorleston, etc.
1813 January 9th
Notices of meetings; Sales of timber; Sales of estates, etc.

Norfolk News

1845 February 1st
Births, Marriages and Deaths.
Walsingham, North Walsham, Holt, Blakeney and Cley, and Cromer.

Norwich Mercury

1867 January 19th
Fincham: Inquest into the death of George Aylmer.
1879 February 8th
Baconsthorpe: Inquest into the death of George Newstead.

Transcribed Extracts from Out-of-county Newspapers

London Chronicle

Death of Rev Thomas Williams.

Newmarket Journal

1928 October 20th
Wedding of Miss Lilian Catchpole and Mr Benjamin Burgess.

The Times

1786 April 1st
Rev Avarne; Rev Gibson; Inquisitions on William Hazelwood and on Susannah Gooch.
1790 July 27th
Cases in the Admiralty Court against Engle Knights and Mark Watson.
1791 January 3rd
Lighthouses at Happisburgh.
1796 December 30th
Ship News: Ships on shore from Happisburgh to Corton.
1798 November 20th
Ship News: Yarmouth, Plymouth, Portsmouth, and Deal.
1805 October 29th
Eagles at Cantley.
1818 May 26th
Suspension of the rector of Reedham with Freethorpe.
1849 April 26th
Attempt to exhume a corpse at Reedham.
1860 April 27th
Explosion of steam engine at Tunstall.
1863 July 6th
Suffolk Agricultural Society.
1881 May 3rd
Drownings at Yarmouth.
1892 February 27th
Birth of twin girls to Mr R.P. Fyson.
1896 January 16th
Marriage of the Rev Charles Wilford and Miss Gertrude Crosse.
1909 June 9th
Obituary of Canon Arthur Bayly Crosse.
1912 February 29th
Marriage of Mr William Coxen and Miss Kathleen Doncaster.
1913 September 29th
Timber fire at Yarmouth.
1922 December 21st
Marriage of Lieut Rupert James and Miss Dorothy Crosse.
1923 January 13th
Marriage of Mr Herbert Denny and Miss Dorothy Broke.
1924 August 18th
Forthcoming Marriage of Mr Noel Hughes and Miss Mary Crosse.
1928 July 2nd
Application to move gravestones at Freethorpe.
1928 July 17th
Cock fighting.
1941 September 30th
Death of Ellen Wilton Campion.
1945 February 2nd
Colman family cricket team.
1950 June 19th
Obituary of Mr E.T. Boardman.

Beccles Weekly News, and Beccles and Bungay Weekly News

Births, Marriages and Deaths, and various other extracts.
There are many entries for Norfolk people.