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White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845


Is of an irregular oval figure, stretching seven miles northward from Norwich, and about twelve miles in length, from east to west; being bounded on the south by the river Wensum and the city liberties; on the east, by Blofield and Walsham Hundreds; on the north, by the river Bure and South Erpingham Hundred; and on the west, by Eynesford Hundred.

It gives name to the Deanery of Taverham, in the Archdeaconry of Norwich. A great portion of it has a light, loamy soil, resting on beds of marl and chalk, and having an undulated surface, highly cultivated, and studded with many handsome mansions; but to the north of St. Faith's and Horsford, is a large steril tract of flat sandy heath, enclosed by an act of Parliament, passed in 1790, and now having many rising and thriving plantations.

The following enumeration of the 18 parishes of this Hundred shews their population in 1841, the annual value of their lands and buildings, as assessed to the County Rate, in 1843, and their territorial extent.

PARISHES. Pop. Annl.
Attlebridge    9410001206
Beeston St. And.    461018  609
* Catton  6502880  904
* Crostwick  147  944  636
* Drayton  37215241284
* Felthorpe  57413082201
Frettenham  28520861512
* Hainford  57025441755
+ Hellesdon (part)  7613021163
* Horsham and }
  Newton Saint }
  Faith @         }
  334 }
* Horsford  59333843770
* Horstead-with }
  Staninghall       }
* Rackheath  27626141980
* Salhouse  64225201456
* Spixworth    5217921209
* Sprowston123547002569
* Taverham  21117802021
Wroxham  36319361433

Total !811841,08430,600

[There is more information about individual parishes]

+ Hellesdon parish is partly a hamlet, in the County of the City of Norwich (See page 52.[see History of Norwich section])

! Horsham includes 137 persons in St. Faith's Union Workhouse.

@ Taverham Hundred had 7695 souls, in 1831. Its annual value, as assessed to property tax, was £27,422, in 1815, and £45,772, in 1842. It is in Catton Police Division. TAVERHAM HUNDRED AGRICULTURAL ASSOCIATION holds its meetings at Rackheath; and J. Longe, Esq., is its honorary secretary.

* ST. FAITH'S UNION has for its Workhouse the old House of Industry at Horsham St. Faith, which was built in 1805, for Coltishall; and the thirteen parishes marked * in the foregoing table, which were incorporated in that year for the support of their poor. This house has 10 acres of land attached to it, and has been altered since 1836, at the cost of about £1000. It has room for 330 inmates, but has seldom so many as 200.

The Union comprises 30 parishes, embracing the 18 parishes of Taverham Hundred; St. Mary's-in-the-Marsh, in Norwich (see p. 52[this is in the History of Norwich section];) Honingham, in Forehoe Hundred; Booton, in South Erpingham Hundred; and nine parishes in Eynesford Hundred. (See page 344. [this is in Eynesford Hundred description])

It comprises an area of 75 square miles, and in 1841 had 11,556 inhabitants, of whom 5610 were males, and 5946 females. The average annual expenditure of its 30 parishes, from 1832 to 1835; was £10,525; but in 1838, it was only £5837; and in 1839, £6227. Their total expenditure, solely on in and out-door poor, was £6054, in 1842; and £1997 in the quarter ending Dec. 1844.

Fras. John Blake, Esq., of Norwich, is Union Clerk and Supt Registrar; W. C. Hotson, Esq., auditor; Rev. A. S. Warner, chaplain; Messrs. Wm. Durrant and Rt. Richards, relieving officers; and Mr. T. C. Swann and wife, master and matron of the Workhouse. John Longe, Esq., is Chairman of the Board of Guardians. The Union is divided into two districts, and employs five surgeons.

Petty Sessions are held at the Shire Hall, Norwich, every Saturday; and Roger Kerrison, Esq., is clerk to the magistrates.


Some placenames in the transcription (of pages 777 to 778) above are given below together with their standard spelling :-
  Beeston St. And./Beeston St. Andrew,  Catton/Old Catton,   Horsham and Newton Saint Faith/Horsham St Faith (Newton St Faith)

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