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Norfolk Hundreds

White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845


Is a tract of rich soil, and highly diversified country, extending 15 miles in length from east to west, and varying from 8 to 5 miles in breadth; being bounded on the north by Brothercross, North-Greenhoe, and Holt Hundreds; on the east by Eynesford; on the south by Launditch; and on the west by Freebridge-Lynn and Smithdon Hundreds.

It is watered by the Wensum, and several brooks, which form the source of that river, flowing eastward through a fine vale, by East Rudham, Fakenham, Great Ryburgh, &c.; and from Little Snoring, Barsham, &c., another stream flows northward through the adjoining Hundred to the sea, near Stiffkey.

Henry I. gave Gallow and Brothercross to the Earl of Warren and Surrey, who then held Norwich Castle. Gallow is supposed to have its name from a hill near Dunton, where the Hundred Court was held.

It is in Docking and Briningham Police Divisions; and contains 31 parishes, of which 18 are in Burnham Deanery, and 13 in Toftrees Deanery; the former in the Archdeaconry of Norfolk, and the latter in that of Norwich. Petty Sessions are held at the Crown Inn, Fakenham, every alternate Saturday. Mr. John Overton is clerk to the magistrates.

The following enumeration of the 31 parishes shews their population in 1841, the annual value of their lands and buildings, as assessed to the County Rates in 1843, and their territorial extent.

PARISHES. Pop. Annl.
Bagthorpe    78  680  750
Barmer    611,1021,280
Barsham (East)  2401,5781,048
Barsham (North)    891,5601,005
Barsham (West)    861,6761,520
Broomsthorpe    10  434  430
Dunton & Doughton  1471,8001,549
* Fakenham2,1668,1021,997
Fulmodeston-with- }
  Croxton             }
Heloughton  3562,2861,638
Hempton  447  912  370
Houghton (New)  3031,0361,120
Kettlestone  2191,300  629
Pensthorpe    19  790  724
Pudding-Norton    25  990  755
Rainham (East)  1242,5541,607
Rainham (South)  1241,2401,036
Rainham (West)  3802,1481,270
Rudham (East)  9944,3383,779
Rudham (West)  4902,9402,438
Ryburgh Magna  5212,3601,488
Ryburgh Parva  1761,268  873
Sculthorpe  5913,4042,049
Shereford    89  940  823
Snoring (Little)  2931,8761,518
Stibbard  4532,1601,421
Syderstone  5042,4082,308
Tatterford    591,338  960
Tattersett  1602,4401,757
Testerton    23  850  621
Toftrees    841,6121,166

TOTAL +9,66961,28242,480

[There is more information about individual parishes]

* Fakenham return includes 8 persons in Alethorpe, which is extra- parochial, and has 237 acres, assessed at £260 per annum.

+ Gallow Hundred had 9,378 souls, in 1831. It was assessed to the Property Tax at £54,190 in 1815; and at £67,868 in 1842.

UNIONS:- All the above parishes are in WALSINGHAM UNION, except Bagthorpe, Barmer, Broomsthorpe, New Houghton, East and West Rudham, and Syderstone, which are in Docking Union.(see page 633. [this is in Smithdon Hundred description])


Some placenames in the transcription (of pages 646 to 647) above are given below together with their standard spelling :-
Barsham (East)/East Barsham,  Barsham (North)/North Barsham,  Barsham (West)/West Barsham,  Dunton & Doughton/Dunton cum Doughton,  Fulmodeston-with-Croxton/Fulmodeston,  Heloughton/Helhoughton,  Houghton (New)/Houghton or New Houghton,  Rainham (East)/East Raynham or Raynham East,  Rainham (South)/South Raynham or Raynham South,  Rainham (West)/West Raynham or Raynham West,  Rudham (East)/East Rudham,  Rudham (West)/West Rudham,  Ryburgh Magna/Great Ryburgh,  Ryburgh Parva/Little Ryburgh,  Snoring (Little)/Little Snoring

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